A light to behold.
  • 65 years old
  • Born on June 11, 1949 in Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on October 3, 2014 in California, United States.

This website, a loving work in progress, was created in memory of Linda Person, 65, born on June 11, 1949 and passed away on October 3, 2014.  She will live in our hearts forever.

A celebration of Linda's life will take place on October 30, 2014 on the Health Sciences Campus of the University of Southern California.

Posted by Jackie Bowers Hibbs on 12th June 2015
Linda was my Maid of honor in my wedding July 26,1969! Linda and I were very close in high school. She dated and wore Joel's letter sweater before me! We would do come as you are breakfast parties. I remember going to get her at 6:00 am.. And drove around town in my convertible inpj's and hair curlers!!! RIP dear friend... .any memories!
Posted by Emily Sleichter on 12th June 2015
I haven't seen Linda for a very long time and I'm so sad she passed away. After reading some of the tributes she was a wonderful gal and will be in the hearts of many. Without a doubt she had a "gift'
Posted by Diane Berg Madill on 11th June 2015
So sorry to hear of Linda's passing. We were friends in middle school and high school and I remember her fondly. Sadly we lost touch thru the years. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
Posted by Ken Cribbs on 20th December 2014
Linda was an amazingly skillful clinical nurse specialist, a gifted educator, a devoted advocate for patients, and an all-around wonderful, compassionate woman with an infectious sense of humor. I knew her both when she lived here in the Aloha State and later when she was at USC Norris. I will miss her as a friend, teacher, and shining example for nurses and clinicians all over the world.
Posted by Sandy Yanko on 27th October 2014
The first time I had a meeting in Linda's office she had the beautiful singing of Charlotte Church playing in the background, a very calming effect. We later shared an office and She helped me through many a stressful day with her calm, good humor,
Posted by Thelma Ramos on 22nd October 2014
Working with Linda was a blessing indeed. She was someone I could come to re: any work related questions/challenges since she was our nursing educator. I enjoyed talking to her; she was always charming and often injected humor in our conversations. I can't even remember a time when she would get upset; she was always calm and friendly to all. I will certainly miss her smile and presence in the Day Hospital.
Posted by Elizabeth Sales on 21st October 2014
Memories, maybe beautiful and yet..... I remember our last conversation, Linda was admitted at the Hospital, she was on bipap but yet we shared stories and laughed together about our experiences as a nurse. You are one great nurse dear Linda. The lives you've touched and not only nurses you've shared your knowledge with, will forever miss you. RIP my dear friend, love you always.
Posted by Sharon Steingass on 19th October 2014
Linda was an amazing oncology nurse and friend. It has been an honor to have had the opportunity share a part of her life. We will all miss her amazing smile.
Posted by Jeffrey Gitelle on 19th October 2014
From the day I met Linda, to the day she died, my life was definitely enhanced. I know that she knew that, which gives me some solace. I think about her every day.
Posted by Aura Marroquin on 18th October 2014
*Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. ~ Author Unknown
Posted by Maria P Belarmino on 17th October 2014
Linda was a friend to everybody. I had never seen her in a bad mood, lose her temper or being upset with anything. She always had a ready smile, calm and peaceful aura in her even in the midst of a MAT call. She was a good encourager, always willing to help. We will surely miss you, but you are home now. God bless you.
Posted by Anne Warren on 16th October 2014
Linda was a wonderful friend and confidante. She always took the time to listen to us and support us. She was one of the nicest people I've ever met. She was also a great nurse and educator. I will miss her very much.
Posted by Alicia Syres on 16th October 2014
The thing I will miss most about Linda is her quiet calm and her smile. She also had what I would describe as an impish style to her wit. Her passion for education was not limited to the staff, on several occasions she made herself available to lecture to the Norris volunteers. She was also a great support for our survivors making sure that the Clinics Department was represented at the Festival of Life. We will miss her.
Posted by J. Rincon on 16th October 2014
Linda was amazing ! Always cheerful, attentive and very helpful. I was actually surprised that she knew more about sports then I did, she had a subscription to a sports magazine, after reading it she would come to my desk and drop it off so that I could catch up on my sports. She always talked about Hawaii and the love she had for her dog. The one thing I will remember the most is when she would come to my desk, she would say "Juan I did it again", "can you open my door? I locked my keys inside again". We wil miss you Linda ! You had a good hart, and you cared ! Regarding the "Code Blue"....."I beleive".
Posted by John Austin Nockles III on 16th October 2014
I am so fortunate to have known Linda over 18 years working together at Norris Hospital... I remember a wonderful party she hosted at her home in Altadena where she made me feel part of her extended Family! Linda's calm and gracious demeanor was a gift she shared with everyone she encountered.
Posted by Carol Marcusen on 16th October 2014
I always enjoyed Linda and her support as a colleague. Linda was ever gracious and willing to educate about oncology care. Linda was warm and genuine, a good person. I have been very fortunate to have known and worked with her over these many years.
Posted by Max Meza on 14th October 2014
I will always remember Linda's kind and giving spirit. She was such a support to me when I needed a quick reference on a drug effect or an update. I valued her years of oncology wisdom. Linda was always giving and never asking for anything in return. Rest in peace.
Posted by Linda Wills on 14th October 2014
I worked with Linda as a fellow nurse educator. I also am from Marshalltown and we graduated from high school the same year, though public versus catholic high school. She was such a kindred spirit, as I shared her love for Hawaii as my husband is Hawaiian and both of our boys live in Hawaii. She was such a supporter of oncology nursing, I feel very blessed to have known her and share feelings with her family in their loss. I will not be able to attend the memorial but will be close to the ocean on that day. A flower will be placed in the water for you may friend.
Posted by Betsy Gitelle on 14th October 2014
I will never forget Aunt Linda's hula dance at your wedding. I will never forget her presence, her joy, her poise, her beauty, her grace. Aunt Linda's love for you both shone through. I offer my deepest sympathies.
Posted by Mandana Afaghpour on 14th October 2014
I always remember Linda with her smile on the chemo class. She was so calm that all of our stress would go away. She thought us with love of nursing and it was shining through her class. I will miss my mentor forever. Heaven gained an angel on October 3 , 2014. She will greatly missed. Rest in peace and God bless.
Posted by Tracey Solitare on 14th October 2014
Linda had a smile on her face wherever she went. She always had something positive to say in the most difficult situations. Her support for nursing was fantastic. She will be truly missed.
Posted by Dusty Whitted on 14th October 2014
I will miss the times when I could just pop into Her office to ask for guidance or share my frustration. She always had a smile or laugh to get me over the hurdle. I do believe the morning she passed she came to Norris to say goodbye by setting off the CODE BLUE system in the Day Hospital at 0630. No one was able to find the cause. The area was closed. You will never be forgotten!
Posted by Linda Bailey-Theders on 14th October 2014
I always enjoyed Linda's quiet way of leading, and her gentle and warm demeanor. I greatly appreciated her words of support after a particularly trying time in my life. She was a good mentor, and set an excellent example of how compassion fits into nursing.

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