Let the memory of Lindsey be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on August 6, 1945 in San Diego, California, United States.
  • Passed away on July 22, 2014 in El Cajon, California, United States.

This page was created in lou of a memorial service in memory of, Lindsey A Cerney, 68. He was born on August 6, 1946 and passed away on July 22, 2014 at home and now at peace. We will remember him forever. He was a father to many, a mentor, a friend. A State wrestling champion from Mission Bay High School. A Surfer, Fishermen, Bowler, Pro-Am Golfer, Cancer Advocate, Nice Guy. A workaholic and founding member of Jet Products in San Diego, CA.... His short stay on this earth was nothing short of memorable. His presence on earth will continue to ripple in the pond of life for many who really knew him.

Posted by Angie RaeCerney on 22nd July 2015
It has been a year since you left for Heavens Gates. Hearts are on the mend, but never will they fully heal. You were an inspiration to those who were blessed to know you. Your love and passion lives on in your Children. You are missed and loved deeply! Meet us at the gate when we get there and we will Bar BQ!
Posted by Robert Shannon on 16th September 2014
Lindsey, my best fishing buddy and friend. Lindsey taught me how to live by disguising it in fishing lessons. I was thinking of him often and was trying to find time to go see him. Family life sure takes up a lot but we need to listen to that little voice sometimes that says just go. I will never forget the time he was praying in the corner with the biggest Wahoo on the littlest pole on the shogun. He never gave up and put that bad boy on the boat. He was like that, never gave up, on people or fish. Even when I cut off a big dorado off his line, He was a kind sole. And will be missed by many, this big guy included. God speed Lindsey.
Posted by Tom Older on 1st August 2014
Lindsey was like a big brother to that I never had for a lot of years. He looked out for me when he felt he needed to, he mentored me and held me to a higher standard when that was appropriate too. Lindsey was a great man and a great friend. I am much better for having known him. Although we have not had much contact in the last few years I have thought of him often and wish now that I had tried harder to keep in touch with him and Sue. My sympathies to the entire Cerney family. May God grant you peace knowing that Lindsey is no longer in pain and that you will see him again.
Posted by Gerry DiStefano on 30th July 2014
To my brother Mark and his family, we mourn with you at the loss of a family jewel. We pray he rests with his Heavenly Father and that you all experience God's love and comfort during the days ahead.
Posted by Cheryl Cerney on 28th July 2014
I believe that what comes first is Family. I believe we should all live in harmony. I believe in making the most of a beautiful day, and it is not the end until everything's okay. I believe that the sun shines after the rain. I believe if you don't get hurt you will never gain. I believe in not doing things the easy way. I believe that being selfish does not ever pay. I believe that dreams do come true. I believe there is destiny for me and you. I believe that good things come to those who wait. I believe that Love never arrives too late. I believe that something good comes from something bad. I believe that for tears of happiness there are tears of sad. I believe everyone has a Gaurdian Angel, and the good you do will be rewarded well. I believe sometimes there is no explanation. I believe money can't buy people's affection. I believe you do not know what you have until it's gone. I believe a new day arrives with every dawn. I believe absence makes the heart grow fonder. I believe you will lose if you sit and wonder. I believe every experience teaches you a lesson, and nothing cures better than a hearty laughing session. I believe that to learn you have to live. I believe that to love someone you have to give. I believe one moment can change your life, and there is still help when you are in strife. I believe everyone has one true friend. I believe love helps a broken heart mend. I believe in the power of song, and things will change before too long. I believe living is the best experience. I believe in not laughing at other people's expense. I believe it is hard to watch a Lover leave, and when they are gone all you can do is breathe. I believe in me, and I believe in you, because through the power of "belief" I believe you can find relief. I believe when I die some people will grieve, but it is OK because..........I BELIEVE - Author unknown Thank you Dad for teaching me these things and so much more - I Miss you!!!! I Love you Daddy, Your Daughter Cheryl
Posted by Cheryl Cerney on 28th July 2014
We received the news on Wednesday evening that Cheryl's father passed away at an early age. Lindsey loved his little girl very much and they are so very much alike. I pray for the Cerney family and share in their grief. My baby is a strong woman, but like many of us gal's, she is a daddy's girl and is having a extremely difficult time with the loss of her Daddy. I love you baby, my arms are open and my shoulder is free, when ever you need a strong embrace or place to rest your tears. - My Wifes Message left for me on FB that was meant for this page. Thank you Baby
Posted by Ron Spears on 27th July 2014
I can't say enough of how Lindsey touch our lives. Especially mine. He showed how strong will, principals, integrity,dependability accompanied by a good work ethics. He was one of a few people in my life that help me turn around and see how to be a good hard working American citizen. I saw him more like a father figure in the industrial world. His jokes and the way he laughed even when the joke was on him. A great man leaves this world only to touch the hearts of those in heaven. God will bless this man with external life and I know his name is written in the lamb's book of life. He will forevermore be in my heart. And to his family Lindsey was on of the greatest man I ever knew. He has contributed to who I am today. Lindsey We will miss you but you will always be a part of my life. Thank you for everything.
Posted by Silvia Millan on 25th July 2014
Lindsey. You were to me a light in my life. You were my mentor all I am in my life is thanks to you . You hired me and protected me from every body like if I were your own daughter . Thanks Lindsay I will miss you Silvia Millan..

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