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Educator, Co-worker and Scout supporter

Shared by Colleen Russo on November 8, 2020
I met Lisa in the mid-90s when my daughter started school and I became a school and PTO volunteer. In 2000 I started as a substitute teacher at MEC where I became Lisa’s co-worker.  I was excited to have those days to work in the library with her.  Even after my son moved onto the middle school, and I moved onto full time work in another district, I still had the opportunity to see Lisa as she was an avid supporter for the scouting program and helped my son to get to his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.   I am thankful to have had the pleasure to know this wonderful and generous lady.  


Shared by Shelley Fayewicz on November 4, 2020
Lisa's house was always filled with pictures. She loved taking pictures and surrounding herself with photos that brought her so much happiness. When she moved earlier this year, several piles and boxes of pictures were discovered. Her phone is filled with touching pictures of times that clearly meant so much to her. I'd often text her pictures of moments that were sure to bring her joy. And several times, when visiting within a day or 2 of first sending her those photos, she already had those pictures printed, framed and perfectly displayed within her house. It always made me smile to know those pictures meant so much to her, that she made it her priority to print them almost immediately. 

And while she was always excited about those photos, there is so much more to it than just the physical picture. Maybe she was in the photo, but often she was just so happy about what the photo contained. But the pictures were always of people she loved and special moments that were captured. She always derived so much joy from the happiness of others. Lisa lived for making memories. And she was great at it. She lived in the moment. She spread positivity and happiness. And she always had a reminder about what is important in life - "Making Memories!" 


Shared by Kristyn Fayewicz on November 4, 2020
On March 5th, 2019, I came to terms that it was time to let my cat Isaac go. He had been sick for a while, stopped eating, and could no longer walk. On the drive to the vet, I instinctually called Mom, because that is the first thing I would always do when I was upset - call Mom for comfort and guidance.

Mom was still 2 months fresh into the mourning of her husband at the time. She was at work. When I told her what I was doing, she put on her coat and told her boss that she had to go. “My daughter needs me.”

Mom met me at the vet, where we said goodbye to Isaac together. She held me while I cried. I kept apologizing to her - he was only a cat, not my husband. She told me “Honey, grief is grief. It doesn’t matter who it was. If you loved them, your hurt is valid.” 

She was there in my time of need, like she always was. And this is probably the hardest thing I’ve been dealing with this week - not picking up the phone to call her and tell her I’m sad. That I need her to hug me. But I like to imagine that in the last 4 days when I find myself really losing my grip, that she’s sitting on the bed next to me, holding me, telling me it’s okay to cry and that I’m strong and will be okay

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