Highway 78

Shared by Franklin Davis on March 3, 2021
Back in circa 1973, when we lived at 112 Hillside Ave, Newark, NJ. My sister insisted on going with me and a few of our other friends to travel around the neighborhood like we always did as kids but this time I didn’t want to take her with us.  I didn’t want to bring here along because we were going to what is now Highway 78 but at that time it was just mountains of dirt, mud, debris, construction material, etc., etc.  So she cried and cried until I agreed to bring her along.  Well, as usual I agreed and so we went.  During our fun time of climbing the mountains of mud hills she somehow lost one of her shoes.  We searched for the missing shoe and of course we wasn't able to find her missing shoe in all the mud... also because she could not remember when and where she actually lost it.  Kids right?  Oh no, I’m in trouble.  So now I’m scared and mad.  Of course my sister is worried but not too worried because that was always her nature (because to her we were having fun together).  Well, we did walk home with one less shoe and when we got home to explained what happen to my mother… well,  you guessed it.  I was in trouble and I paid the price with a good old fashion butt whooping.  At the time my sister was so unfazed by this because this was our normal (me in trouble and she was not).  Whenever we would  bring this story up, we would both laugh so hard.  I really miss you Little One.

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