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Lisa Fe -- Photography Lover

Lisa Fe loves photography.   Please visiting the following web site for photos 

 --- New York City from Lisa Fe's eyes:



Lisa Fe's Volunteer Record

This is what New York Care Deputy Executive Director wrote about Lisa Fe:

I’ve looked at Lisa Fe’s volunteer record – she was an amazing volunteer with more 200 hours on New York Cares projects since 2005! She participated on a full array of projects (in different areas of need)  but, as you said, she was a regular on our United Neighbors Meal Delivery Project, as well as kids’ projects, including sorting for Baby Buggy, and our Urban Adventures Projects (accompanying at-risk kids from shelters on adventures to places like the Central Park Zoo and other fun, eye-opening locales).


Lisa Fe at Merrrill Lynch

Lisa Fe's work is highly appreciated by her colleagues in Merrill Lynch.    There are 24 recommendations in LinkedIn for her.  

Here are a few words from her colleague in Merrill Lynch (copied from the LinkedIn):
                “The word dedication would best describe Lisa Fe. I have known her to put in long hours to ensure the services she provides is top notch. It is good to know that she in our company rather than someone else's.”               April 23, 2010 By Tszman Lee
                 “Lisa Fe is a responsive manager as I have engaged her on some projects. She was always trying to provide the best customer response and accurate information on all my project requests allowing me to successfully complete my projects.”              July 27, 2009 By Joe Cheung
                  “Very hard working, polite, friendly, technically sound. She was always overwhelmed with work but would always find time to help out so that one can finish the project on time. She would be an asset to any company or Group that she would work for.”                January 13, 2009 By Aamer Iqbal
                 “Lisa Fe impressed me with her passion and ability towards work. She is always reliable to resolve tough problems and she is also a great team player.”                September 23, 2008 By Yan Li
                 “Lisa Fe is detailed oriented, and very hard worker.”                September 4, 2008 By Al Lewis

                 “There are some people that you work with in your day-to-day activities that you would consider to be indispensable - I would consider Lisa Fe to be one of those people. She is a highly respected and efficient technologist. But, her high work ethic and ability to always "go that extra mile" is a quality that makes her stand out among her peers.” September 15, 2008  By Brian T. Rowe,

                 “Lisa Fe is our focal point for the monitoring infrastructure that supports our 6000 Solaris and Linux servers at Merrill Lynch. She is always extremely attentive to the needs of the system infrastructure folks (of which I am one) and is always helpful in assisting us with issues and suggestions we have regarding the monitoring infrastructure.”                March 30, 2008 By Brad Segal

Lisa Fe was very kind, caring, bright, cheerful and hardworking.   She was widely loved by her friends and colleagues.   Her death shocked everyone around her.

Lisa Fa will live in our hearts forever.     

•             Vice President at Merrill Lynch (1998 - 2010)

•             Volunteer for New York Cares projects since 2005

•             Assistant Vice President at PaineWebber (1995 - 1998)
•             Independent IT Consultant at PaineWebber
•             Graduate Teaching Assistant at Stevens Institute of Technology
•             Stevens Institute of Technology

•         North Bergen High School