My one and only love

Shared by Glenn Zachar on November 26, 2010

It did not take much time for me to fall in love with Lisa Fe. Her beauty, physically, and inwardly, and her many wonderful qualities were immediatly apparent. Every thursday evening she would arrive at my apartment. I was always greeted with a big bright smile, a kiss, and bags of food, gifts, knitting supplies and books that always necessitated more than one trip.  When I reflect upon our year together, I realize that I neglected family and friends during that time, so much did I love being just with her. Lisa Fe somehow found time for me, as well as her many friends, and her family.  I came to be very careful about mentioning things that I needed or wanted because when i did, the next time I saw her, there it would be. To Lisa Fe, the happiness of others far superseded her own. We got together with friends of mine, who had recently gotten engaged, people she was meeting for the first time. Lisa Fe had an engagement gift for them. It was the only engagement gift that they received.  We enjoyed a pleasant evening.  Soon after they left I was sent a text message that said " We love Lisa Fe"  Those who were not fortunate enough to have Lisa Fe touch their lives, will think that much of what has been written, has been overstated. The opposite is the case, there are not enough words to do her justice. She is the most beautiful soul that any of us will ever know.  I loved every moment we spent.  We never had a disagreement, or a harsh word. I have lost the love of my life.  I remain in body only: everything else has left me. I think of nothing but her, and pray every day, that we will  be together again. With My one and only love.  Glenn

Lunch with Lisa Fe

Shared by Arun Manicka on September 17, 2010

This photo was taken near a restaurent at

95, Greene st, NJ.  She always had time for everyone. Sad to hear that you are no more.

An energetic girl

Shared by Yan Li on July 31, 2010

Last time Lisa Fe and I were together was at 570 Washington Street about 3 or 4 years ago. We were discussing something about work – a database monitoring tool. Later on I left Merrill but she and I kept contacting through electronic tools. I had never expected the next time we met would be at her funeral. 

The first time I met her was at Stevens Institute of Technology more than 20 years ago. I was a teaching assistant then in charge of a few undergraduate work study students in a computer lab. She was one of them and the only one I remember. She was always full of energy in study, work and exercise.  Sometimes we had to carry heavy computers and printers here and there and she did better than those boys and never complained.
Once I was jogging on campus and met her jogging too. I asked her what other sports she liked and she told me “fencing”. I did not even know the English word “fencing” at that time. She then warmly invited me to a competition. How beautiful she was with the white uniform and the silvery foil – just like a modern “Mu-lan”!
Later on we both left Stevens and got into the real world and might never meet again.
However, the world is small.
A decade later, I was working at Merrill. One day, I was changing in the gym at the World Financial Center and saw a girl with great shape in navy blue top and shorts. She turned and we both yelled with big surprise. That was Lisa Fe – still looked like a teenage.  
Then she impressed me again: full of energy, full of passion, full of heart.

She left us too early.However, life is not about quantity but about quality. She had lived so well with high quality.

Shared by Carol Wheatly on July 30, 2010

Dear Friends,
So many of you have written to express your sorrow and share your moments with Lisa Fe.  Words really can't capture her essence: thoughtful, gentle, sweet, kind, compassionate, generous, fun-loving, adventurous, courageous, curious, wise, hardworking, organized, efficient, speedy...There aren't enough adjectives to describe her.  Just this range of adjectives that leaps to mind reflects her many shades and dimensions.  In everything that she did, she gave of her self--whether it was baking for friends and family, volunteering as a reader to young children, delivering meals to the elderly, sorting baby clothes for New York Cares, finding deals for friends, knitting blankets for loved ones, responding to work emails during dinner...She lived many rich lives in her 39 years.  She has touched many lives around the world, and the cries for her loss are echoing throughout.  As we mourn for her, let us also celebrate her joy in life, her compassion for others, and her love for family and friends.
In remembrance of, and as a tribute to, her, we have set up two funds in her name.  In lieu of flowers, please make donations to any of the following 2 organizations:

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
P.O. Box 1000
Department 142
Memphis, TN 38148
(800) 822-6344
Tribute # 26372378 (Please be sure to reference this number.  With each donation, a card will be sent to her parents, reminding them of the continued giving in Lisa Fe's name.)
New York Cares
214 West 29th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Please be sure to write Lisa Fe's name in the Memo portion of the check, so that funds would be in her name and directed to the specific causes that Lisa Fe gave so generously to over the years.  Her parents will also receive regular notification of donations made in her name, as well as a reporting of the lives benefiting from the donation. 
This is what New York Care Deputy Executive Director wrote about Lisa Fe:
I’ve looked at Lisa Fe’s volunteer record – she was an amazing volunteer with more 200 hours on New York Cares projects since 2005! She participated on a full array of projects (in different areas of need)  but, as you said, she was a regular on our United Neighbors Meal Delivery Project, as well as kids’ projects, including sorting for Baby Buggy, and our Urban Adventures Projects (accompanying at-risk kids from shelters on adventures to places like the Central Park Zoo and other fun, eye-opening locales). 
Online dedicated tribute page to Lisa Fe via New York Cares for online donations:

Best regards,

Shared by PING HUANG on July 30, 2010

Lisa Fe's memorial service took place on Friday, July 30, 2010

at the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

7615 Broadway, North Bergen, NJ 07047


Surrounded by family and friends, she rests in peace in  Fairview Cemetery,

500 Fairview Ave, Fairview, NJ 07022.

May God bless her soul and rest her in peace forever in the gardens of heaven.

Shared by Dylan Ftera on July 30, 2010

Lisa Fe and I not only lived across the street from one another on Boulevard East.  We also went to grammar school, high school, and college together as well.  Interestingly, she was also the person I would most frequently bump into in the years that followed.  I had seen her some years back going to a restaurant where I had just dined with my mother.  Just a few months ago, I went to see an apartment in Chelsea and there she was with her boyfriend seeing the same apartment!  I will always remember going to alumni weekend at Stevens for our 10 year reunion, and we were just about the only two from our class who were present.  It was great reconnecting with her at our 20-year high school reunion as well.  I recall engaging with her and her boyfriend the most that evening.  Basically, although we did not spend a whole lot of time together, our lives always seemed to parallel.  She was a kind and genuine spirit, and the pictures of her smiling face at the service last night captured her exactly as I will always remember her.   She was an amazingly giving spirit as well, as I have learned in the past week about all of the volunteer work she was involved with.  Perhaps her work on Earth is over, but her generous spirit will transcend.  Rest in Peace, Lisa Fe.

ML Christmas Calls 2005

Shared by Lana Taylor on July 30, 2010

One of the many volunteer work Lisa Fe and family participated in. 

Rest in PEACE!

Shared by Prakash Bhuyan on July 28, 2010

We have lost one of the purest, best souls we could know too soon and our world today is far less bright.

But we all need to realize

Our time on this world is finite and fleeting

We are all the briefest of lights in a vast world

Lisa's light was too brief to us because she shined so brightly.

The best any of us can hope for is that we inspire goodness and leave a legacy that improves our world.  Lisa lived that dream every day.  She remembered every birthday and every Christmas.  She was there when my girls were born and as they grew.  She lived a good life full of the love of friends and family and gave it back seven-fold.

She passed from this world in happiness - I believe that.  She had met someone special and was doing the things she always loved to do.  As a doctor I have seen death in so many ways.  I know that Lisa was taken instantly and with happy thoughts on her mind.

As she looks upon us, I know she wants us to use the few moments we have in this life to make a difference, and bring light to the world.

Let us take strength from each other and send our light into this world as Lisa would have.

Prakash Bhuyan

Such a brightspot....

Shared by Mothler Dalexis on July 28, 2010

Lisa Fe,

My heart is heavy right now as I just learned this sad news. We haven't spoken in a while but you were such a great colleague and teammate. I will never forget your smile and energy. Even long after we were not teammates you always reached out to me via Instant Messenger  "just to say hi". I will never forget around each upcoming holiday I would get a random IM from you wishing me and my family "Happy holidays". Without fail you always remembered and you reached out.

My deepest condolences to all your family and friends. Having only known you as a co-worker and already making an impact on me, I can't fathom how those that were close to you are feeling.

Forever missed. Forever remembered. Rest n peace Lisa Fe.



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