This is how I remember Lisa, it's from before cancer. She never grew her hair out this long again after losing it the 1st time to chemo...once it was short she decided that the maintenance of long hair was more trouble that it was worth.
Lisa Thompson
  • 50 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 27, 1961
  • Date of passing: Feb 27, 2012
Let the memory of Lisa be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lisa Thompson, who passed away on February 27, 2012 at the too young age of 50. We will remember her forever.

We hope to create a living and evolving memorial to Lisa by sharing stories, tributes and remembrances. Please share a story, remembrance or photo about Lisa with us on this site.

While you do need to formally register to add anything, there is no advertising or spamming associated with registering. You may leave brief tributes below or longer stories on the "stories tab".

In accordance with her wishes, Lisa will be cremated and her ashes spread at sea near the Marin County coastline. She loved visiting our local beaches.

We are holding a memorial service on March 25th from 3-5:30PM at the Mill Valley Community Center (Cascade room). 

In lieu of flowers, donations to the "Sarah and Jennifer Thompson Education Trust", a college fund for Lisa's daughters, would be appreciated. A trust account has been established at Wells Fargo Bank, account # 2656813264. Deposits can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank branch, or the routing/aba # for wires is 121000248. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Sarah K on 27th February 2017

"I was just in Hawaii, where you were when we last spoke. Is sent some flowers into the sea in your memory."

This tribute was added by Miss Julia on 27th February 2017

"How can it be five years already? Seems just like yesterday I heard her laugh and oh that smile!"

This tribute was added by Miss Julia on 27th October 2016

"Will carry Lisa's smile through out the day today!"

This tribute was added by Jackie Davis on 27th February 2016

"Thinking of my volleyball mom buddy!  I'm so happy that I was lucky enough to meet you and become your friend. I miss you and think of you often. Sending lots of love and hugs."

This tribute was added by Lisa Ouse Hicks on 27th February 2016

"I think of Lisa very often and feel her calm, loving presence. She was so helpful to me, so giving. We are all so blessed to have had her here with us. See you when I see you, Lisa!"

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 27th February 2016

"Though I miss Lisa terribly, I appreciate this opportunity to take some time to look through the photos of her and the stories. It is not the best substitute for really visiting w/ her, but it's something."

This tribute was added by Miss Julia on 27th February 2015

"A beautiful person with an infectious laugh! The room, halls, playground and any other place she went lit up when she appeared! Her positive influence carries on through the lives of all the students and adults who were lucky enough to know her!"

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 27th October 2014

"I always wished we could have known each other better.It was so obvious that you were such a light in this world . I think of you as my father's "other daughter" he loved you so much. Rest well until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Susan Glissman on 27th October 2014

"Happy Birthday Jen and Lisa.  Thinking of Lisa always brings a smile.
She could put an optimistic spin on anything and everything,  You never left Lisa's presence without a renewed sense of hope.  Lisa was a blessing to all who came to know her.  She loved her daughters and husband and was so proud of them."

This tribute was added by John Thompson on 27th October 2014

"Happy birthday Lisa. Because you share you birthday with Jennifer, I always reflect on how your girls are doing today. They are doing great and you should be proud of the job that you did raising them. I love you."

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 27th October 2014

"I miss you most of all this time of year. The last couple of years you were here I would hang out at your house for Halloween. It was always such a good time just to be together and watch the kids have fun.
But our kids are older now. Can you believe our first born are 18 and in college now?! Well, happy birthday anniversary my friend. It would be better celebrated together over Halloween candy and Fall comfort food, but I know your spirit is here."

This tribute was added by Keri Getchell on 27th October 2014

"I met Lisa at our knitting support group.  I loved that beautiful smiling face, lovely personality and her colorful knittings.  Our times in our knitting class were too short,  just like her life.  One day she was gone with the wind. I wanted to see her more and more.  I will always miss Lisa."

This tribute was added by Clifford & Lee Ann Nitschke on 28th February 2014

"We have sang the "Hymn", How Beautiful Heaven must be, for many years.  We know, when Lisa entered Heaven, and into GOD'S arms, Heaven became even more Beautiful!  God bless your soul, as you watch over your husband and your daughter's.  We love you, we miss your bright smile.  Peace and Love, be with you."

This tribute was added by Miss Julia on 27th February 2014

"It's raining. We are all down the 1st and 2nd grade wing. Lisa is on the bench with her knitting needles, a smile on her face and she is doling out advice. How is one person so wise? All is good in the world."

This tribute was added by Laurie Gould on 27th February 2014

"My family will always remember Lisa as such a special friend and mother.  She will live on thru all the great memories she created for the rest of us."

This tribute was added by Avril Fallat on 27th February 2014

"Remembering you dear Lisa and all our happy memories xx love to your girls"

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 27th February 2014

"I see Lisa in her girls' eyes and smiles whenever I see them around town. There is such a strong and protective light around them. I hope you feel it too Sarah and Jen and John."

This tribute was added by Marie Kennedy on 27th February 2014

"betting she is keeping her family in her sights... all the while knitting up a storm for a great cause!"

This tribute was added by Clifford & Lee Ann Nitschke on 28th October 2013

"You are in our thoughts always.  We miss you and the kids very much. We know that you are in the arms of our Lord. We know that you and the Lord are watching over your family.  Happy Birthday Lisa.  We love you. We know that you have been reunited with your parents also. God Bless you until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Leslie Wang on 27th October 2013

"Lisa, I think of you often, and miss you always.  It's your birthday, and I can just imagine that you are happy, and at peace.  Smiles and love to you."

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 27th October 2013

"I know you are flying around up in heaven wearing a grin and your angel wings.Happy Birthday to you Lisa."

This tribute was added by Liza Mathews on 27th February 2013

"Much love to the Thompson Family -- we truly miss Lisa and speak of her fondly and often. She left a legacy of love."

This tribute was added by Camilla Barrett on 27th February 2013

"Lisa, my dear friend - I think of you often. Miss you!"

This tribute was added by Mike Kozak on 27th February 2013

"I think about Lisa quite often when I need a smile. One all around beautiful person. We all MISS HER............."

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 27th February 2013

"Lovely,Lively Lisa.Always smiling and forever missed.It seems like forever, and like yesterday at the same time.You are thought of often and  by us all."

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 27th February 2013

"So it's been a year since you left us Lisa. Your daily presence, smile and laughter are greatly missed. But while you were here you made such a difference in our lives and made the world so much brighter that the image and memory of your smile and voice will always be strong.
I miss you my friend."

This tribute was added by Avril Fallat on 28th October 2012

"Hello dear Lisa, I know youre up there!! Even from Australia hope my happy thoughts reach you.  Hello John, Sarah and Jen, all my best wishes and love to you, everyone has such fond and loving memories of your Lisa.  I hope youre getting on ok. Love and hugs, Avril and Will"

This tribute was added by Marie Kennedy on 27th October 2012

"Hey Lisa, We lost Annie on the 16th. Have you seen her? Think of you often.Happy Birthday sweet friend."

This tribute was added by Sara Garcia on 27th October 2012

"I think of Lisa often and I am especially thinking of her today. I miss her infectious smile and laugh and witty sense of humor. She was the best kind of friend and I sure do miss her. Happy Birthday Lisa!"

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 27th October 2012

"Happy Birthday Lisa ! I know you are watching over John and your beautiful girls as they grow into the lovely young women they are becoming. Too see them is to see you again.You are  thought of so often.You were one of a kind and so missed. I admired your strength and ability to show such grace in your worst of times. In my own struggles I often ask " How would Lisa handle this?""

This tribute was added by Sarah K on 27th October 2012

"I miss Lisa. I sometimes visit the place we met to 'chat'.  My thoughts are still with you and the girls John."

This tribute was added by John Thompson on 27th October 2012

"I think of Lisa every day and miss her terribly. She would be happy to see that the girls and I are making it on our own. I'm sure she is watching somehow and is happy to see that the seeds she planted are still growing as she hoped they would. I love you and miss you Lisa, happy birthday!"

This tribute was added by Leslie Wang on 27th October 2012

"Thinking of Lisa today....she would have smiled to know that I made it back to Maui, and managed something of a food tribute in her honor.....ahi poke, seaweed salad, malassadas, loco moco, and of course, spam musubi.  Aloha, Lisa."

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 27th October 2012

"I knew I was feeling Lisa's presence for a reason... it's her birthday.
Lisa is never far from my's hard not to think of her when I see Jen walking to school, when I pass the house, in so many places. And now especially on her birthday and w/ Halloween coming up. We had some fun Halloweens! I will be seeing her smile that night."

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 12th May 2012

"This Sunday will be the families first Mother's Day with out Lisa.I hope it they can concentrate on what a wonderful mom she was while she was here and not dwell on the terrible truth that she is gone.She can see every thing Sarah and jennifer are doing and I feel certain she has her Lisa smile on !"

This tribute was added by Camilla Barrett on 8th April 2012

"I think of Lisa almost every day, sometimes with tears in my eyes and sometimes with a smile on my face. Mostly with a smile on my face as I remember all the happy moments we shared with our girls.

Lisa used to say good bye to me in Swedish, so now I say "Hej då" my dear friend..."

This tribute was added by Kathleen Clancy on 6th April 2012

"I will always admire Lisa's calm and serene face and nature.  She was the perfect fit for a playground full of active children.  We all felt her special energy and know that it will live on forever in everyone she touched.  I know she will watch over us with her beautiful smile.
Bless you Lisa"

This tribute was added by Karen Mace on 23rd March 2012

"I can still envision Lisa's beautiful smile, hear her soft voice and remember her warm welcomes.  Whenever we would drop our dog Gretchen off for care Lisa was there to greet us and always had time to visit.  We will never forget her love and kindness and we shall miss her greatly. Karen, Bruce, Julia and Sage Mace  Gretchen too!"

This tribute was added by Birgitta Zinn on 13th March 2012

"Dearest Lisa,
I can't believe that you are gone. You where so full of joy & laughter. I was so lucky to have you by my side as our daughters where growing up. Thank you for all that you where Lisa ~ I will keep you in my heart forever. Sleep tight beautiful Lisa <3 Love to John, Sarah & Jenjen <3"

This tribute was added by Marie Kennedy on 9th March 2012

"I met Lisa about two years ago. We had a common friend in our knitting community. Two things we had in common. We both lived on Lakeside Dr and loved dogs. Nala and I miss you. May you be forever knitting for others!"

This tribute was added by Debbie Freitas on 8th March 2012

"Lisa, I miss you and I have been looking for you for a long time. This just can't be. Gary, please tell me this isn't true. I was soo looking forward to the laughs we could have like the ones when growing up. As we grew up together, we shared many laughs and lots of getting into trouble. So many memories that I will always cherish. My heart goes out to you John, your daughters, Gary and fa"

This tribute was added by Patty Fitch on 7th March 2012

"Lisa was someone we never wanted to say goodbye to. She was easy, accepting, funny, thoughtful, complementary and so giving. I will remember our walks to school together with our dogs and young children. She loved Max and is with him now, safe and sound.  We will miss you, Lisa. Love to John and her girls."

This tribute was added by Anne Neckar on 6th March 2012

"My dear friiend, Lisa!!  I have soooo many fond memories with you...your wedding, having babies together, celebrating BDays, crab  feeds, "dog" parties, mountain biking, and so much more.   I will always remember you for your kind and loving heart, your sweet smile and quick wit.  You will be deeply missed!!"

This tribute was added by Kitt and Warren Weagant on 6th March 2012

"When Lisa worked for us at Command Productions in the 1990's, she filled our offices with sunshine and mirth.  We have such fond memories of her Wedding and her excitement on having her first child.  She was a treasure, a beautiful spirit and a true friend.  We know her memory will live on forever in those who knew her.  Our thoughts and prayers to John, Sarah and Jen."

This tribute was added by Avril Fallat, Sydney Australia on 6th March 2012

"Ahh dearest Lisa, a beautiful & loving mother, wife, sister, daughter, auntie & friend. A kind and radiant light extinguished far too soon, Lisa is forever stamped in my heart as the instigator of the new mom's group in July 1996 & spending almost 24/7 with our new babies & each other. Treasured girl, heaven is all the richer for your presence, whilst we will cherish you always."

This tribute was added by Ann Hall on 5th March 2012

"My daughter Mary and Sarah were best friends during a period of time in elementary school and that's how I met Lisa. She is warm, friendly, has a good sense of humor, invites you into her home, and is available to be a girlfriend. She's easy to enjoy. Love and peace to John, Sarah and Jen."

This tribute was added by alan locke on 4th March 2012

"Gary and the Giant's/Card's game... after the game & dinner we dropped by to see Lisa, it was my first time to meet her and now last.  The impression she left and the bond of family made me very grateful to be a part of their lives, thoughts and prayers to your family and friends!"

This tribute was added by Sarah K on 4th March 2012

"From the moment I met you, Lisa, I felt at home when we were will be missed.

My thoughts are with you John, Sarah and Jen."

This tribute was added by Helen Kieffer on 4th March 2012

"I had the good fortune of meeting Lisa as a "Marin Juniors" parent.  I liked her right away, as her kind nature and goodness were readily apparent.  She has left a positive mark on my family, and we are blessed to have known her."

This tribute was added by Laurie Gould on 4th March 2012

"In 1996, a random group of new moms showed up for a mother's group, and I was fortunate to meet Lisa there.  I remember her as the instigator of so many social activities that kept us sane.  Knowing Lisa changed my life, she was so generous in spirit and mind.  She so loved her girls and John.  Thank you for sharing her with us, unbelieveable that she is gone."

This tribute was added by Rosa Thomas on 4th March 2012

"I remember Lisa's wit and wisdom as she watched over the students on the Neil Cummins playground. Always relaxed and easy going, she respected each and every little soul for  their unique place in the school community. Lisa's legacy includes all the love and care she gave to our community's children. To Lisa, our love and gratitude."

This tribute was added by wendy mckinley on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa was the first friend I made in marin, at the dog park with her dog Max and my dog Joe.  She was pregnant with Sarah and I was just a single girl from the city.  I saw her as a role model.  When I had kids of my own kids of my own Lisa looked after them at Neil cummins.  I am going to miss her."

This tribute was added by Amy Young on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa was so kind, welcoming and funny.I cherish the many times we have spent over the years visiting while our kids played. Lisa was always there for me during my roughest times.One of my strongest connections with Lisa will always be our mutual love of Disneyland.I will always feel her spirit there when I go to visit.We won't be the same without her. Much love & peace to John, Sarah & Jen"

This tribute was added by Catherine Guthrie on 3rd March 2012

"I think of Tube Town when I think of Lisa! She introduced it to me when the kids were small. I was always a bit overwhelmed by the place and amazed at how calm she was. She just sat at the table smiling, and would take every child's request in stride. She was never flustered or tired. Lisa was the definition of grace and ease."

This tribute was added by Felicia Farrell-Martin on 3rd March 2012

"I remember when Sarah started her pet sitting business, and all the animals you would have at your house and the smile you would get on your face when you would talk about the animals. Your patience and the ever standing twinkle in your eyes will never be fogotten."

This tribute was added by Alexandra Liebster on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa always had a smile and a kind word. I never saw her angry and I never heard her raise her voice. It was great to just sit with her, drink coffee and chat."

This tribute was added by Layne Dorr on 3rd March 2012

"I feel so fortunate to have been friends with Lisa. She was the best. I think of all the good times we had hanging out and sharing stories. She will be missed but her spirit will be with us all forever. Love you Lisa, John, Sarah & Jen."

This tribute was added by Marilyn Del Ponte-Commins on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa was the kind of special person we all should have in our lives.Her smiling face and positive attitude were such an inspiration to me. I know she is missed and mourned by all who knew her. My thoughts and good wishes are with John and the girls.Life will go on but it will never be quite as good without her.Rest easy friend."

This tribute was added by Bill Gaul on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa touched so many with her warm smile and always seemed to have time to listen to others.  Her love and positive outlook extended well beyond her family and friends. Perpetually a dog lover, especially Tuffy where she made him a second, loving home. She will be sadly missed by us all, but always remembered in our hearts and memories...."

This tribute was added by Brian Barrett on 3rd March 2012

"Lisa was a gift to this world. Always full of positive energy with a delightful sense of humor and a casual and friendly style. We had so much fun on your visit to Idaho and will always cherish our fond memories of her. Our hearts are broken for the void that she has left yet we can still feel her positive energy helping to guide us all through this difficult period."

This tribute was added by Mike Kozak on 3rd March 2012

"" I will always remember her unwavering spirit, even on the toughest days. Her smile could turn my bad day totally around. Her spirit and friendship will be in my heart always. Gonna' miss you, Aloha......."

This tribute was added by Sara Garcia on 2nd March 2012

"I saw a red Pilot today and instinctively looked for you and waved. I could almost hear you laugh at me and say, "I've had chemo, what's your excuse!" I will miss that quick wit and always ready smile. You have left an irreplaceable hole in this community."

This tribute was added by Anna Taylor Gravley on 2nd March 2012

"Lisa was imbued with such a rare kindness.  No wonder children love her so much! She gave so much to my daughter, and at a time when I didn't have it to give her myself.  I am eternally grateful for that.  RIP, Lisa -- you were too good for this earth!"

This tribute was added by Anja Lie on 2nd March 2012

"If Love could have saved you, you would have lived forever...
Lisa lives on through her husband and her beautiful daughters,
Anja Lie"

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