His Life

And so it begins...

When Charles was born, he was muscle bound from day one!  Born with a head full of curly hair, we the parents knew his official name would be Charles, meaning strength or of strong character.  But since his father's name was also Charles, we wanted to give him his own identity to build his legacy on, so Chase became his nickname.  He didn't even know his actual name wasn't Chase until he got to kindergarten (but that's a long ways away).
Right off the bat Chase was a curious fellow, and loved to figure out how things worked.  Legos were his toy of choice, and he built whatever he could see in his mind's eye.  He was a balanced person, often sitting quietly thinking or underneath a car "helping" his Dad change the oil.
He was extremely smart, often "getting" things before his peers and sometimes his parents!  He loved to figure out puzzles- whether they were the ones you put together piece by piece or a Rubik's cube- Chase looked forward to every challenge and never missed a chance to challenge himself to do better.