Let the memory of LJ be with us forever, a loving mother, sister, aunt, and friend
  • 53 years old
  • Born on August 25, 1963 in Ada, Oklahoma, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2017 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

We have created this website as a place for you to share stories and pictures of our mother. This website has a lifetime membership and will be used for her children to remember their mother through your encounters with her. Pictures posted to this website will be used for a slideshow presentation at her life celebration.

LJ's life celebration will be on April 8, 2017 at 3:00 pm at the Ed Lycan Conservatory located at 3400 NW 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK. Festive wear is encouraged.

In lieu of flowers and gifts, we ask that you donate to a trust created for Lily and Wesley Lacina's college fund set up at:

Oklahoma State Bank 
PO Box 848
Guthrie, OK 73044

For more information, you can contact Katye Fry or Lisa Brown at Oklahoma State Bank at 405-260-2265

Thank you for all for being a part of LJ's life 

Posted by P J on 20th May 2017
My sincere condolences to the family. Your loved one apparently lived life joyfully and really loved people. God has promised to bring about a time when we can see our loved ones again. Revelations 21:3,4. At that time all mankind will enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. May you find comfort from the God of all comfort
Posted by Jean Lacina on 10th April 2017
The Memorial For Linda was beautiful. I do believe she enjoyed watching and listening. Lily & Wesley and with so much help from Amy you all did a great job of paying tribute to your Mom and Aunt. Have had so many say how beautiful it all was and I know I was happy that I had Linda in my life for over 20 years and as I sat at the hospital with her I would squeeze her hand and tell her "you know we will be there for those 2 kids". She would sometimes squeeze my hand back. Wesley and I sat with her before she went to last surgery and I said "Linda you have been through so much and you still look so lovely, I would be looking like I was 100 plus years. She graciously said "no, you always look so young, how old are you, like 62?" God Bless you Linda for making me feel good and making me laugh". Once again, the Lacinas are all going to be here for Lily and Wesley in all the years to come. Rest in Peace! Jean
Posted by Susan Lacina on 8th April 2017
I have many memories of Linda as she was my sister-in-law. As many have said she had a great love for her children, flowers and gardening, and cooking. She introduced us to a sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving one year that was fabulous and we have had it every year since. But, the one thing that Linda and I bonded over was decorating! She had an eye for it and every time we got together we discussed our newest projects. Fabrics to recover vintage pieces of furniture, paint to brighten a room, latest decor finds at great prices!! I loved that she had bright salmon colored couches and that Lily's first bedroom had sunshine yellow carpet!! I loved that she wasn't afraid of color!! May her spirit and love of color live on in her wonderful children. She will be missed.
Posted by Penny Haley on 5th April 2017
In 1974, my family visited our second cousins (the Kirkpatricks near Fay, OK). My Dad, Larry Wieser, is a cousin to Linda's mom, Dorine, and our grandmothers Genevieve and Edith were sister-in-laws and best friends. While there, Linda and I just clicked ... she was 11 and I was 12ish. I didn't see her again until 1982 - the summer between my sophomore and junior year in college at Stillwater. A month or so later she moved in with me and my friend Kim Kirn - and that cemented a lifetime bond. We had so much fun ... that particular period of life (young adulthood) is so dynamic, I will always treasure this shared history. As we got older, we stayed close, we were a part of each other's life events (she was my Maid of Honor) and we both knew we could always count on each other, even from afar. I do wish this past year had been different for her and the kids ... that Steel Magnolias line "laughter through tears" comes to mind - because getting her to do her funny outburst laugh became my goal every time we talked ... (her niece Amy does this!) I'm still reconciling that I can't go meet up with her in Stillwater - let alone talk to her (well, I still do, truth be told). I have and always will admire how free spirited and fun she was, and yet so very authentic. I see her warmth and charm in her kids and it fills me with so much joy that I sometimes go from sad to happy in the same thought. Her spirit will continue to live within all of us - what a great legacy to perpetuate!
Posted by Jean Lacina on 2nd April 2017
To Lily & Wesley, my sweet grandchildren. I am so thankful that Linda reached out to me when she became so in need of support for all the app'ts etc she had. I don't believe I will ever forget the courage she had and her strength wanting to get well so she could be with you. We shared names, we shared love for you two, we shared so many memories. Your Aunt Debbie and I would always say "Linda has such beautiful complexion and teeth and hair." Most importantly she had a love of you two, birds, wild flowers. She leaves us with lots of memories. Love you, Nanny
Posted by Beth Switzer on 30th March 2017
Linda was so beautiful. Loved those dimples she had! My mom & dad, Kent & Gene Kirkpatrick became guardians of her & her older sister Joani after their parents passed away from cancer. Their mother was my mom's sister Dorine. Mom really loved Dorine. I remember going to visit their family on their ranch in Ada. Dorine & Wesley passed away within 7 months of each other & left 4 small children. After a few years of living with Wesley's family & then living with our grandparents, the 4 kids ended up getting split up. Gary & Leslie went to our other aunt & uncle, Wilford & Darlene Widney & Joani & Linda came to us. Linda would have been in the 2nd grade & Joani in 4th with me. Our family became a family of 8 & decided we needed a station wagon to haul us around! We were all very close in age & had alot of fun playing together. Mom & dad graduated 6 kids in 5 years! I have good memories of playing together at our home in Fay. We spent alot of time outdoors making mud pies, playing on our monkey bars & swings, softball, basketball, playing dress up, & riding our miniature pony. I hope that Linda got to tell you some of her childhood days with us! She was so proud of you & loved you so much, Lily & Wesley!
Posted by Valerie Humphreys on 30th March 2017
I grew up in Fay and Thomas and went to school with Linda. She was such a sweet girl. We lost touch after school, but I will always remember her sweet smile and those dimples.
Posted by Debbie Weinbel on 30th March 2017
When I think of Linda I think of her two children and flowers. Linda loved her kids more than anything else in her life and she was very proud of who they have grown up to become. Linda also loved flowers and gardening. She even named Lily after her favorite flower. She had a big laugh and a gorgeous smile that will be missed.

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