his Life

logan jace sellers

A life taken from us too soon! a precious babyboy loved by many! this tragic story has saddened a world of people but just remember justice will be served for our babies. this will never again go unnoticed! we are a stubborn family and we will do all in our power to make sure these child abusers are put behind bars for life or get the death penalty! it saddens my heart to know that a judge will only give a murderer 30 years and they can get out on good time in 15 years and he will be able to walk the streets again free logan can no longer walk on this earth so this monster shouldnt and we are going to do everything in our power to keep him locked away so this doesnt happen to another innocent child! make sure you all support the justice for logan and baby justice cause and law we need to get this passed for long term sentencing! i love you LOLO forever! rip lil man! <3 

The life of LOLO

Logan was brought into our hands on April 27, 2009 on a monday he had the prettiest smile the chubbiest cheeks and the most heart felt laughter. his favorite colors are blue and green as logans older brother rian says! anytime i saw logan he was messy in the face with food from feeding himself, smiling, playing, and having fun! Logan got to experience one thing some people have never got to do, he got to go to the beach last year with his mommy brother and sissy even though he didnt like te water in sure he had lots of fun! before LOLO passed away on october 10, 2011 his Aunt lacey and I got to take logan to the park and get on a train ride a hay ride and do things like face paing he loved it.... im glad we could be there to make him smile one last time before he left this world to be with jesus! there is so much more to write i could go on and on about LOLO but ill write more later! i love you so much logan jace forever and ever lil man.... rip <3