His Life

Reminiscing of Logan

My grandson Logan, was a 6th grade student at Wilson intermediate school. He was 12 years old at the time of his untimely passing. Logan was the oldest of his dad's 3 children. Kaylee and Justice Hall are his siblings. Logan was preceded by his dad Jon  Wesley Hall, Jr. He loved playing sports, football and basketball was his favorite sports. Logan was a team player always ready to play and compete!. He would always get his team pumped up and ready to play. My grandson was loved by many people, friends,family, teachers, and coaches. He was a typical 12 year old boy. November 24th 2017, which was Thanksgiving day changed our lives forever. We never seen such pain and heartache coming. The unexpected and unexplained goodbyes is by far the worst, we will never know why? Why Logan was taken away from us so soon? So sudden? I will always have these thoughts in the back of mind. I pray for peace and understanding everyday. Somehow some way, one day I will find my peace with the loss of my grandson. We love you Logan, we all hurt for you. We miss your smile, your presence, your hugs. Hearing your voice yell across the room. You are truly missed. You will always be in our hearts. Love you always and forever. Mama, pops, uncle steven, auntie mon, braylen, maiko,Jordyn, kaylee, and justice and his special friend whom he looked up to as a big brother Kane Mac.