Posted by Monchelle Thomas on November 24, 2019
My sweet baby.. I can’t even began how much your auntie misses you! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t look at your picture and shed tears! You were such a great kid LoLo. We raised you to be the best and excel in anything you put your mind and heart to do and you did just that!! I miss your voice and you constantly talking alllll the time lol.. I’d give anything to hear your voice again and to hear you say “hey mon-t watch me do this” or “mon-t I got to tell you something”.. we miss you dearly sweet baby!! And I pray and hope you and your daddy continue to watch over us especially granny... losing your dad was hard on us but when we lost you our world did a complete 360.. it hit us hard LoLo and it truly hit granny the hardest. Please continue to watch over us and come visit us sometime like you use to, you and my big bro! We're spiritual family and even though you’re not here physically we will always know your presence and feel you in spirit!! Auntie love you baby and I hope to see you again one day!! ❤️
Posted by Steven James on March 1, 2019
What’s up my nephew this yo uncle steven just letting you know that I’m thinking of you and your dad. I love nd miss y’all at the same time. Keep y’alls spirit with us nephew I just wanted to let you y’all aren’t forgotten about. Tty again LO LO. Uncle steven
Posted by Sherry McCray on February 26, 2019
My dear precious gr. nephew, Logan, aunt Sherry loved you and your dad dearly, inspite of what people thought or said, even now. I wasn’t around you all the time, but you was always in my thoughts, because you were headed for big things in sports, but God’s plan was different. You are shining from Heaven now and we got to get our lives and hearts together to see you again. R.I.H til we meet again. Love Aunt Sherry

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