Little Logan

Shared by Jill Connolly on October 28, 2011

Logan Jace Sellers,

Logan was only 2 yrs old when Brain Miller ended his short life here on earth.

Logan is a angel of Child abuse. He was abused for months behide closed doors and out of sight of all. He was beaten, punched, thrown down stairs, thrown againest walls and the floor. The day of the last injury Logan had been taking a nap. When he woke up he choose to stay in the bedroom and play. He played with 4 of his cars on the bed. When sissy woke up mommy's boyfriend ( Brian Miller) came in to get them. He saw that Logan had made a mess ( that what he called it) with his cars on the bed. He picked him up and took him down stairs where he slamed his head to the floor with his big mean hands.. That is the day the angel came to save him... Logan's little story I spend a few days in the hospital hoping I would come back I would react to light or chew on my coreds and shed a tear from above, but the pain in my head the pain in my body was just to grand. The lord above gave me his hand. I am a angel now cant you see I can fly high just like a bubble bee. Mommy and Daddy  love you so much and please dont cry I am here just look to the sky. G-ma and dee dee you will see I will be here just listen for me the wind that blow the rain that fells will be me up here playing as i loved. We will meet again I know I will wait for you when god says it time to go. I will play for now and wait and see I will show you things you thought you would never see. The clouds in the sky the snow that will fall will be sent from all of the angel you all have loved.

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