Lois DeMone passed away peacefully in her Cherry Hill, NJ home on October 15th, 2020. She was our hero and an icon to so many. She fought her fight against cancer with such determination and dignity. The most incredible warrior and someone we will always idolize.

We love you Mom and Mom-Mom endlessly and we know you are now at peace watching over all of us. Lois was a remarkable women, an extremely devoted Mother to Lois and Richard Vespe, Dana DeMone and Grandmother to Dene, Nicholas and Carsen Vespe. A loving sister to Victoria DiCianno and deceased Theresa Wigand, and a caring special Aunt to many nieces and nephews.

Lois was also the most loyal and compassionate devoted friend you could have ever asked for. She was also the heart and soul of LCRT Salon where she worked for 40+ years. Her smile was infectious and no matter where she went, her radiance lit up the room. While she had unmatched style and always impeccably dressed, it was her beautiful heart that always shined brightest. She was a kind soul with unparalleled generosity. Lois touched the hearts of everyone she met. Her wonderful positive energy and extreme love for life will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate to know her. Her style, her grace and her beautiful face will be forever etched in our hearts.
We love you Mom, you will always be in our hearts. 

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions be made in Lois DeMone's name to The Cooper Foundation, 3 Cooper Plaza, Suite 500, Camden, NJ 08103 or online and select "Pink RosesTeal Magnolia Fund 2020" or to Discovery Ministries Inc, PO Box 76, Haddonfield, NJ 08003 http://dmi-nj.-org
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Posted by Vicki DiCianno on July 7, 2021
I wish I had you to talk to about my Eric he has brain cancer and I am a broken hearted mother I miss you so so much❤️
Posted by Dana DeMone on May 30, 2021
Hi Mommy How is it up there in Heaven? I had a dream that was real you came to me and told me that u were enjoying your new life... I asked you tell me about your new life and you told me Dana it’s the fountain of youth.. No one is old everyone is happy all the time..I said Mom you were Happy all the time even if there was something bothering you. You always smiled and when u did it was Just Pure SUNSHINE... I then sat down next to you and begin to Thank you for who I am today because with unconditional love and just the MOM And DAD your were... You are just my IDOL ... Then I woke up and you told me Dana I love you I said Mom OCEAN SEA SKY LOVE ... You blew a kiss and so gracefully walked away..
Dana Lynn DeMone
Posted by Tony Frisco on May 29, 2021
Thinking of you today. Remembering twenty years or more of us together on Memorial Day and this being the first one without you.
Love, Tony
Posted by Tony Frisco on May 9, 2021
I know you and your Mother are sharing this Mother’s Day together in heaven.
Miss you both, Tony 
Posted by Lois Vespe on May 9, 2021
Happy Mother’s Day Mom. We love you more than words could ever describe and we miss you infinity. Life isn’t the same without you but we are trying to be like you and be positive and be happy and cherish all the good memories. I would do anything to see you today. Love u so much.
Posted by Pat Marchese on May 9, 2021
Happy heavenly Mother’s Day to my dear friend. Missing you very much!! I can’t say call me but wishing I could so I listen to my messages you left me until then RIP
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on May 9, 2021
To my beautiful sister every mother’s for the passed few years we where together having fun at the casino. My heart is full of pain I miss you so much life is not. The same without you your where the best mom ever I love you sis so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Dana DeMone on May 9, 2021
Mommy Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven.. I just miss you so much...
Ocean Sea Sky Love,
Dana Lynn
Posted by Roe Beau-Verzella on April 18, 2021
Lois, I see your photo but you not being here, in this world, is difficult to imagine. This world was a much better place with you in it. Your presence was a force that was magnetic, and your caring and generosity came through your every pore and there was always seemed to be magic, wherever you were. I will always carry you and your wonderful family, in my heart, forever.

Although, most would agree, you are likely in a better place than here, but that's not enough. Most of us are not that magnanimous to have that satisfy us from missing your voice, smile and presence in the room. I miss all of those things and know how much your family misses them.

I pray they can feel you and that you can manage to send them signals, loud and clear, that you are around them, listening and protecting them.

I love you, honey. If you have the extra time, feel free to send me a sign, too!

Posted by Vicki DiCianno on April 16, 2021
Such a beautiful couple my heart is broken for Them both I can’t help my saddness fir losing my sister I miss her so so so so much
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on April 16, 2021
My beautiful sister I am so lost witoyou I miss your beautiful smile and your warm heart but sis I did it we are helping in Lisa’s Army I am giving all of what I can to them we put it in there gifts to people with cancer I told you I would do it. sisters love I call it I aour sisters jewelry will go in gifts to people who are suffering with that horrible disease of cancer.RIPMy loving sister I miss you so.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Dana DeMone on April 12, 2021
Love you both so much!!
Posted by Dana DeMone on April 12, 2021
Mommy & Daddy you are together again... I am just looking at the picture just posted ... My Wedding Day you gave me the most beautiful Wedding!!! All I can say I miss you both more than any words !!! My Soul just is with u both!!!! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK
Posted by Denise Pereau on March 29, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday to my darling friend! I'm sure you're partying with the angels and helping them to stay organized. I miss seeing your face at the front desk at LCRJ Salon upon arrival. The staff is always very helpful and kind but your absence is a hard reality. Your very presence, one of beguiling charm and fashionable impression was inspiring to all who entered during your tenure, never to be duplicated. Your friendship over the years gifted me with cherished memories. Your support, a beacon of light during some of my most trying moments, will never be forgotten. I'm sure many feel the same as I do each of us mourning the loss of your brilliant smile, your shoulder to lean on and the sound of your voice. Oh that voice! I love you Lois and till we meet again, I'll be jealous of the angels and their time spent with you. Hugs and kisses, Denise
Posted by Tony Frisco on March 28, 2021
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart, Tony
Posted by Lois Vespe on March 28, 2021
Happy 80th birthday Mom. Your memory is strong !! We think about you daily and we LOVE you always.
Posted by Rita Debenedictis on March 28, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven beautiful cousinRay’s first call on his and your birthday was to you for twenty years or more you are so missed
Posted by Pat Marchese on February 14, 2021
Happy heavenly Valentines Day dear friend!!!miss you rip
Posted by Dana DeMone on February 14, 2021
I love u and miss u every second!!!!!! Ocean Love
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on January 19, 2021
To my beautiful sister each days gets sadder for me I miss you so much.Not having you to Talk to is so hard .My best friend my sister I will always love you and all the things we shared in life . I am sure we will meet again ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Dana DeMone on January 7, 2021
Mom I miss you so much!! It is getting harder everyday without hearing your voice.. The tears just won’t stop Mommy you just cannot image what life is without you here on earth..I love you my guardian angel I know your around me ... Mommy my heart is broken and my soul is aching!!! I am definitely lost without you!!! I miss you now and forever and ever!!!! Ocean Sea Sky Love
Posted by Pat Marchese on December 14, 2020
Missing my beautiful girlfriend more than words could ever express. Yes it took this long for me to write. Just knowing your out of pain and in a better place eases the hurt. Yes we will meet again. Love your longtime friend.
Posted by Lois Vespe on December 4, 2020
Mom I just found this and I know you left it for me to find because it says to my loved ones and I know this is exactly how you feel. Love u infinity miss you beyond explanation
I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done I’d like to leave an echo whispering Softly down the way of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days I’d like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when life is done. We know you are full again and as amazing as ever in Heaven.
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on December 3, 2020
My life is not same without you.I am lost I miss you so my heart is broken and I love you so much .i hope you are an angle because you where on earth one you cared about everyone a nd I love you my dearest sister .I went to the Lisa’s army and I am going to volunteer in your honor for ovarian cancer .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on December 3, 2020
To my beautiful sister every day gets harder I miss you so much to hear your voice again and be together ❤️
Posted by J Walters on November 12, 2020
My deepest condolences to the family on this great loss. Know she is no longer suffering. Keeping the family in my prayers for comfort and healing.
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on November 11, 2020
I miss you so much as each day goes sister my best friend we where three now one.The happy days we three spent together are in my heart you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Nicole Rita on November 5, 2020
It was 1993 I was 21 yrs old and, I had just recently lost my mother due to colon cancer when I first met Lois. I walked into LCRJ to interview for a receptionist when this BEAUTIFUL light came to greet me with the BIGGEST smile I had ever seen. I was stunned by her beauty, class, and grace. We had walked into the office sat down and, started to talk. She said "Before we get to the interview process, tell me about yourself I want to know you first" I told her with tears beginning to well up in my eyes "Well... I had just recently lost my Mom a month ago" She immediately said with a calm sweet voice "Stop there Sweetheart" and gave me the BIGGEST hug I ever got in my life or since. It seemed like hours when we finally stopped hugging. It was so endearing to me and, it's truly something I will NEVER forget. Within 10 min of meeting her she made me feel like my own Mother did "Protected and Safe like nothing could hurt me". Honestly we didn't even really discuss anything after that. She immediately said "When can you start?" I was so happy and, we both cried. That's the kind of person she was to EVERYONE who came in contact with her. Loyal to the bone. She protected and, made everyone feel safe. My heart is broken by this loss but, I know the BEAUTIFUL light shines on us still keeping us safe. I love and miss her dearly and, she will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart. xoxo
Posted by Dana DeMone on November 3, 2020
Mommy took me this long to write to you..My heart just is so broken...You are my Idol you are my Mom my Best Friend my Dad everything ... Growing up having you as my Mom was just something that could never be written you had Breakfast Lunch Dinner for me and my sister you worked to make our lives as perfect as possible.You Succeeded on every level . You are more than a Hero to me... I am so Lucky and so blessed that I had such a Strong Role Model...... Mom u have made me such a Strong Women just by watching and believing in everything you have ever done.. You just had this energy that was just electrifying...You were a Soul that was definitely just one of a kind... You have always been there for us no matter what ... Your Love just was just all I ever NEEDED!!You have given me LOVE that Just can really move any Mountain...It didn’t matter I knew that My Mom was always there for me ... I have definitely Lost a part of My Soul My Heart I sent it to Heaven with you ...I feel you I actually hear you all the time ... Mom you and I had a Special Relationship that has given me such Strength and Courage for me to be OK !!!!! I will never be the same without you here, but I will continue to make u Proud of me !!!! Mom I always told you Mommy Ocean Sea Sky Love ... You know what that meant .... For Now my Beautiful Mother I LOVE U OCEAN SEA SKY LOVE ...
Your Daughter,
Dana Lynn DeMone
Posted by Diane Cannon on November 2, 2020
We have lost someone who held a special place our heart although no one else can truly share the sadness we feel now our memories of our loved one bring us peace and reassures us that love endures forever. With tender thoughts and prayers we celebrate our loved ones life,a life that touched many with gifts of kindness,caring,and love. I will always keep memories of Lois in my Heart. She was a Jewel,and to know her was to Love her.We all need a time for tears,Not for the one who is now at peace with God in Heaven.But for ourselves as we realize that things will never be the same.Together we accomplished many wonderful achievements. We raised two beautiful Daughters and were blessed with three wonderful grand children.The times we shared together were unforgetable. When the sun goes down,I dread the darkness closing in. What caries me through the hardest nights is knowing Lois will never be enveloped by darkness and pain again.Rest In Peace my Wife,Love Pat
Posted by Lois Bonanni on November 2, 2020
I an very fortunate to have married into the Bonanni family and have such a wonderful cousin that I loved. 

A little girl asked " what are all the lights in the sky?" Her mother answered "They are the good people who have lived here and passed on to heaven".
Lois is our star looking over us.
love to all her family.  I have always loved being with you all. 
with love Cousin Lois 
Posted by Barbara Crawley on October 31, 2020
Lois was such a kind beautiful person. She will be missed by all. Rest In Peace❤️
Posted by Vicki DiCianno on October 24, 2020
To my beautiful sister and my best friend. We loved each other and will again. Your pain is gone, you’re on your way and I know we will be together again one day. My heart is empty, the phone doesn’t ring and not being with you is the hardest thing. Love you my sis until we meet again.
Posted by Rosemarie Cerniglia on October 23, 2020
To our many years of friendship: A sad moment in our life with your loss.
Always beautiful from fashion style, graciness and your warm heart for all of us.
We will certainly miss you at the Salon but know we will share our love and friendship at another time and place. My deepest condolences to your family. May God give you the understanding for your loss. 

Posted by Pat Nicastro on October 23, 2020
Rest In Peace My St. Mary of Eternal Classmate !
Posted by Tony Frisco on October 23, 2020
“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves memories no one can steal.
Rest in peace sweetheart, Me!
Posted by Mari D’Amico on October 22, 2020
I am so sorry for the loss of your mom! She was a beautiful person inside and out! Always happy to see me and my little girl Dana/AKA Flynnie Lil Lois hope you and your family are doing the best you can at this time. I recently stopped in “Finally” and asked for you that’s when I was told that you were so busy taken care of your mom! I always knew what a great woman you are with a beautiful family, your Mom will if not already will give you a sign that she will always be looking down at you! It maybe a dream a scent of her or even a Daisy! You did a wonderful thing for your Mom♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Posted by John Petruzzelli on October 22, 2020
More like a sister than a cousin. I remember the Sundays at Grandmom's house for dinner, the holiday's with family, the days spent at the movies and the constant love that we all shared. It's hard to imagine this world without you in it. I will always love you. 
Posted by Roe Beau-Verzella on October 21, 2020
Lois, you leaving all of us is an immeasurable loss to everyone that loved you. I can’t imagine the world without your energy, bright smile and stilettos. You were so brave, Lois, and gave us all something to emulate. You were smiles and grace with young Lois and your entire family there with you, until you said goodbye. You will be loved and admired from so many and certainly me, till the end of our times and we all meet again. You are indelible, my friend.
Posted by Holly Reyes on October 21, 2020
Everybody who met Lois loved her or wanted to be like her. She was so unique and special. This is a sad loss. This memorial was done in taste just like Lois had.
Posted by Raymond DeBenedictis on October 21, 2020
The DeBenedictis family has had the great fortune to travel to many beautiful & exciting places , but none more beautiful & exciting as Cherry Hill , New Jersey Lol. We all absolutely couldn’t wait to go see Aunt Lois , Uncle Pat & of course our beautiful cousins little Lois & Dana. From the moment we arrived we were met by Aunt Lois at the door , she was always smiling , absolutely beautiful , dressed to the nines & screaming at the top of her lungs , “ the cousins from New York are here “ . Omg Lol she was so amazing . That is the woman & Aunt I will always remember , beautiful , loving , spirited & kind hearted .
I’m privileged to have had her in my life.
Thanks so much for every special moment you have given to me .

Rest In Peace Aunt Lois I ❤️ U

Ray Ray
Posted by Diana Von Zech on October 21, 2020
God bless your soul Lois, your beauty came from within and lit up a room. I was your sister Teresa’s hair dresser and friend. That’s how we met. You were fun loving and beautiful... I will miss you , much love Diana von Zech
Posted by Tony DeBenedictis on October 20, 2020
We called her Aunt Lois from the minute we met her and always loved being in her presence! Such an incredible, funny, caring, loving, beautiful person inside & out! Always made sure we were happy and put us first no matter what. I always remember wishing we lived closer and had spent more time with Aunt Lois! I’m incredibly grateful to have known and been apart of you, your family, and the memories I will forever cherish! You’re fight was an incredible inspiration and a reflection of your shining personality that will forever be remembered! Love you!
Posted by Kim Long-Hyde on October 20, 2020
Lois was a beautiful person who loved her family very much. As a teen I have fond memories making “special chocolate chip cookies” with little Lois, and how much Lois loved them! She was a kind, caring person who was truly beautiful inside and out. There will be a hole that can’t be filled, without her here. She was one of a kind and unforgettable. Prayers and hugs to Lois, Dana and the rest of the family as you navigate through this difficult time.
Posted by Dawn Carter on October 20, 2020
Lois is so special. Lois and her daughter have a beautiful bond, and it reminded me of my beautiful relationships with my daughters. Lois was beautiful inside and out and I will miss her warmth and beautiful smile. My sincere condolences to Lois's family and friends. I will miss her.
Posted by Alicia DiMichele on October 20, 2020
I honestly can not recall the very first time long ago that I met the beautiful, sharp, kind, and very sweet Lois. What I do remember however, is that every time I saw her she took my breath away with how stunning she was and her aura was just incredible. Her smile could light up anyone’s day. She always had a way of making everyone feel special. I have always admired how she carried herself, extremely classy woman. Lois proudly left her mark. She will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. Xo
Posted by Bob Russo on October 20, 2020
We had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Lois about 25 years ago. Since that day, every time we saw her, we felt better about life! Her smile and kindness were contagious. Her love for life was obvious with every encounter. She was always dressed perfectly and looked beautiful. You only had to meet Lois one time and you would never forget her. She always inspired us to be better and kinder people. Be like Lois, was a good motto. Even in her titanic battle with cancer, she continued to inspire. Her strength, courage and fight were all something unseen in our lives and something we will never forget. In life and in death, she always motivated and inspired. We can strive to be more like her…but she has no equal. She was truly one of a kind, in a league of her own. The world is a little darker today without her bright light! We are so saddened for your loss! BOB & CAROL RUSSO
Posted by Nickie Caccese on October 20, 2020
I met Lois in 2002. She hired me to work the front desk at LCRJ. She looked at me, lowered her thin, black rimmed eye glasses and said, “when can you start?” From that moment, Lois and I shared an instant connection. I was “her” Nickie Brown. Stunningly beautiful on the inside and out, and a sense of style that was unmatched.    I admired her. Lois, you will be missed beyond measure. You will always have a special place in my heart. ♥️
Posted by Lois Vespe on October 20, 2020
Mom, we made you this video during Covid when we couldn’t see you in person and all we wanted to do was make you laugh. We all love you beyond measure and we know you are with us all the time. We miss you so so much but we are so happy to know that you are free of pain and suffering. You are forever in our hearts. Love u infinity
Posted by Ray Debenedictis on October 20, 2020
Where does one begin, the relationship we had was so special, too hard to describe, every family should be blessed with a Lois. She embraces everyone with Love and so much warmth. We have endless memories, we shared a birthday and talked to each other on that day for many years. Many visits to her home, with so much laughter and fun, my kids couldn’t wait to go to Aunt Lo’s. We will all have these memories in our hearts
Love you forever our beautiful Lo, RIP
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Posted by Vicki DiCianno on July 7, 2021
I wish I had you to talk to about my Eric he has brain cancer and I am a broken hearted mother I miss you so so much❤️
Posted by Dana DeMone on May 30, 2021
Hi Mommy How is it up there in Heaven? I had a dream that was real you came to me and told me that u were enjoying your new life... I asked you tell me about your new life and you told me Dana it’s the fountain of youth.. No one is old everyone is happy all the time..I said Mom you were Happy all the time even if there was something bothering you. You always smiled and when u did it was Just Pure SUNSHINE... I then sat down next to you and begin to Thank you for who I am today because with unconditional love and just the MOM And DAD your were... You are just my IDOL ... Then I woke up and you told me Dana I love you I said Mom OCEAN SEA SKY LOVE ... You blew a kiss and so gracefully walked away..
Dana Lynn DeMone
Posted by Tony Frisco on May 29, 2021
Thinking of you today. Remembering twenty years or more of us together on Memorial Day and this being the first one without you.
Love, Tony
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Shared by Nick Vespe on January 31, 2021
Just thinking about the times we went to go see all the Oscar bait movies together, saw some weird stuff that a grandmother and grandson shouldn’t have been watching together, lol, plus you showed me the best way to eat popcorn - with raisonnets mixed in. Love you a lot, wish you were here for me and all the people that still miss you and love you. It would be great if I could report to you some really cool thing that’s goin on but I don’t have anything right now, hopefully soon.
Miss you mommom

Our Story

Shared by Tony Frisco on January 8, 2021

I first met Lois in 7th and 8th grade in 1953/54 at St. Mary’s grammar school. Lois was my first date; we went to the Cambria movie one Saturday afternoon. After 8th grade graduation my family moved to the northeast.

 Lois an I met some 38 years later at an 8th grade class reunion in 1992 again 1994 and 1998. We were together until her peaceful passing in my arms on October 15, 2020 after a long hard (years) fight with Cancer.

  Rest in peace sweetheart, love always and forever Tony

Our trip to St Kitts

Shared by Robin Wigand on October 20, 2020
My Mom, the oldest sister Theresa sponsored a trip to St Kitts so I went with the 3 Golden girls Mom, Aunt Lois and Aunt Vicki and if you ever spent time with the 3 of them together then you know about the craziness and laughs when they are together. First it was my Mom drunk off 1 pina colada then trying to drive a scooter, then Aunt Lois banging her head on the low roof cabana and all hotel staff coming to the beach for the almost knocked out cold blonde bombshell, and Aunt Vicki making friends with a monkey that wore a diaper. We had such a great time together played bingo, gambled, watched the Superbowl it was a trip to go in the memory books and I will cherish that time forever. So happy to have such great memories with my BEAUTIFUL AUNT that I will keep close to my heart which is where she will always be. Love and miss you Aunt Lois