Posted by Michel Azar on June 10, 2021
I had known Lois for over 20 years. I still vividly remember how interesting and inspiring our first encounter was. During the course of our conversation, Lois asked me if I had read Thomas Friedman’s book, “From Beirut to Jerusalem “. Having been born and raised in Lebanon, I felt an embarrassment for not having read the book but , at the same time, I was filled with admiration for Lois great intellect. Over the years , I have come to know Lois as an enlightened person who was well read and well traveled. She was a critical thinker who brought mental bandwidth as well as immense delight to every discourse. Her kindness, her open-mindedness and, above all, her humanity left an indelible mark on every member of my family. Rita, Carmelina, Anthony and I sorely miss her.
Posted by Richard Sawaya on June 8, 2021
I have very fond memories of my first trip on an airplane to San Francisco at the age of 7 where I met Lois for the first time. I remember her helping Ronnie and I clean out the mussels that we got from Fisherman’s Wharf so that we could add them to our shell collection when we got back home to San Diego. As I got older, I valued our many conversations at family get-togethers and enjoyed living vicariously through the photo albums she loved to show of her travels around the world. Rosa and I will miss her and keep her in our hearts.
Posted by Metta Flores on June 8, 2021
We loved Lois, knew her for about 20 years, We will always carry her in our hearts. May God treasure her into his family. Love to the family
Posted by Malcolm Moore on June 2, 2021
Lois was a dear friend of my mother, Mary Lou Moore. I was sole caregiver to Mary Lou 2010-2011 and Lois would come over to spell me for a couple hours a week so I could get away. Lois taught me to have patience and perspective in dealing with an aged parent, saying to me, --It may seem to gone on and on, but it (end of life struggles with a parent) lasts a very short while, so value every minute with your mother--. So I did. Lois' cheer and love help buoy me up. Such a lovely woman.
Posted by Carin Sargent on June 1, 2021
My mother was Lois' first cousin. She remembered Lois as a "difficult" little girl who grew into the nicest person ever. I knew and loved Lois and she was my favorite relative. When I was a little girl she made a clown for me called "Benny". Benny has been with me ever since and he is sitting in my bedroom now. 
Posted by Dido, Nada, and Angela Sa... on May 30, 2021
It’s my honor to share some valuable memories of all the wonderful moments my family and I spent with our beloved Lois.

Lois was considered as a close member of our family. Therefore, we were profoundly grateful when she was present in mostly all our gatherings, adding always a unique touch to our celebrations, and mainly to our conversations.

Lois was constantly sharing her vast and thorough knowledge with everyone, not only with the adults, but also with the youngest members of the family. Her great awareness of various subjects and topics made the dialogue with her extremely interesting, informational, and certainly unforgettable. We all agreed to say that her knowledge was encyclopedic!

Furthermore, Lois was loved by every single person she met. She was so considerate, so caring, and so beautiful that she will always live in everyone’s heart. Although Lois is missed a lot, she will be remembered forever.

Tina sent us multiple pictures of Lois with us, but I am attaching a photo that was taken in November 2017 in our last Thanksgiving celebration to say, “Thank you Dearest Lois for all the precious moments we spent together. We love you deeply! May your Blessed Soul Rest in Peace.”


Nada Sawaya and Family
Posted by jean steyaert on May 27, 2021
From the day I met Lois, when beginning my first job as a Physical Therapist, in 1963, until our final get together in 2019 in Santee, I could count on sharing some great laughs. Lois was everything that Bettina has so beautifully captured in the beautiful picture book, her lovely writing, and the gorgeous rendition of "Amazing Grace" here!
What a wonderful idea to create this fabulous website for all of us to express a memory or thought about Lois. Lois was a dear friend for 58 years! What I will remember most vividly about her is how hilarious she was--she left me with a smile after every meeting and I will smile each time I think of her.
Love, Jean

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