Loni was a force of Nature.
  • 54 years old
  • Born on December 3, 1957 in Syracuse, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on March 23, 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Loni McGrath 54 years old , born on December 3, 1957 and passed away on March 23, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2018
Hello dear sister! Received a wonderful, sweet email from your friend Marissa the other day. She's been thinking of you and seeing signs of you as your birthday approached. And your family, including the boys, remembered you lovingly today. The Food Bank honored you again this year by giving out their annual award in your name. You are loved and remembered dear sis... you live on, deep within all of our hearts. I miss you every day- your laugh, your phone calls, your excited voice about who knows what.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 23rd March 2018
I can hardly believe you've been gone six years Lon... I think of you every day and still feel your generous spirit, hearty laugh, joie de vivre and chattiness :-) I've seen several hawks these past few days and know you are near. Your boys continue to evolve into wonderful young men- I see you in both of them, especially their love of the outdoors and all things in nature. We are all so proud of Jord and Ian and look after them in your absence. Miss you and love you sis..
Posted by Marianne Frisbey on 23rd March 2018
Life is short but we never forget those that make an impact on us! ❤️
Posted by Gunar Mallor on 3rd December 2017
Can't believe it's been five year Loni. Today you're 60 and your whole family is celebrating and around you. Gawd you know I could really use your perspective sometimes while I continue to look over and 'guide' the boys. I'm sure they miss it too. We're bumbling along and we are all still very close...I'm sad whenever i think of you and all you're missing...a big tear that simply can't be fixed. Of course I'm always reminded of you when I'm watching birds or having some bird experience, which I do often. Like the other night when i was outside and heard a couple of owls...and thought how excited you'd have been to hear them. I hope your spirit is at peace and you're ok wherever you've gone...talk with you soon.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2017
Happy Birthday Lon! I wish you were here and we were showering you with 60th birthday wishes and surprises, as we did for your other 'decade' birthdays. I have so many warm memories of birthdays celebrated together with you and the boys. You are always close by and in my heart.. sadness and joy and gratitude for the years we shared together.
Posted by Pam Kennedy on 3rd December 2017
Dear Loni: Happy 60th birthday! I spent your birthday at the Smith College Vespers and then reflecting on our wonderful friendship of so many years. I miss you, Loni.
Posted by Kris Moss on 3rd December 2017
So hard to believe that such a wonderful lfe ended so young .Such fun times we shared growing up in Cazenovia. I continue to think of you and your family. I hope you’re celebrating somewhere your 60th birthday. With much love! Kris
Posted by Cheryl McGrath on 3rd December 2017
My precious sister! If you were here, we would have gathered round you to celebrate 60. Instead, I'll look for you in the birds and butterflies all around. I'll remember your great big, vibrant heart. And yes, I'll miss you terribly. My hope is that there's some kind of celebration going on wherever you are-hopefully including one of Mom's beautiful birthday cakes! I love you so much sis. Tracey and I keep the sister candle burning brightly for you.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 23rd March 2017
I thought of you all day today Lon. And... no surprise... when I drove home from work today, one hawk flew right in front of my car on the highway, then another caught a draft near my car and showed off for a bit and I saw another one as I left my evening class. The words 'look up' came to me after you left us and I've been doing that ever since, as I know that's where you are and your spirit isn't far if I look for you in the birds... Love you so much and miss you. The boys are doing great... you would be *so* proud of them. We all look after them in your absence...
Posted by Julie Armstrong on 23rd March 2017
I woke up this morning, showered, got dressed, looked through by box of earnings to find a pair to put on. Without thinking that it was the anniversary of your death, I picked a pair that were yours. As I put them on I thought of you.. how you are missed.. how I treasure the friendship we had and the memories. Clearly I knew, subconsciously, that this was the day we lost you. You are forever missed and forever in my heart,
Posted by Pam Kennedy on 4th December 2016
Hi Loni. Happy birthday! On your birthday yesterday, we had Devon's baby shower. I kept thinking about how much joy you would have had and shared with us over Devon becoming a Mom. I wish you were here. I miss you dear friend.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2016
Happy Birthday sister! Your dear friends Julie, Beth and Jane and I were remembering you today and sharing our memories. Your family members all shared our favorite pix of you today... we all miss you so much. Your boys are amazing young men. They both remind me of you and have your very best traits. You would be *so* proud of each of them. I know you're with me... I feel your presence in bird experiences I have. Our drive into Cambridge today took us by Dali, one of your favorite restaurants. I have fond memories of our times there together. Love you always dear sis..
Posted by Gunar Mallor on 3rd December 2016
Hi Lon. Happy 59th birthday. Ian, Phil, and I celebrated by walking at the beach, talking about you, identifying birds...had a great encounter with an accipiter. We talk about you often, me and the boys. You're still never far from out thoughts and memories.
Posted by Marianne Frisbey on 3rd December 2015
On this day you are remembered by all who knew you. Each and every day, you are missed by your family and close friends. May peace fill their souls in remembering the wonderful person you are and may peace fill your soul in heaven. Happy Birthday Loni!
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2015
Happy Birthday Lon.. I miss calling you first thing in the morning on your birthday. You were always up and had had your coffee and were giddy for the day ahead... I think of you so often and miss you so much. I thought of you in NYC recently- we did our day trip with DCS. We had so much fun together the years you, and you and Ian, came with us! You and I marveled at the skating rink at Rock Center and reminisced about our years skating on the pond on the Ridge. I love you sister. I know you are close- I see you in the hawks and ospreys that come close. Be at peace dear sister.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 24th March 2015
Miss you every day Lon. I feel your presence all the time in the osprey and hawk experiences I have. Your boys are such beautiful young men; I see you in them in so many ways. You'd be so very, very proud.
Posted by Pam Kennedy on 4th December 2014
I miss you so much, Loni. I still haven't processed you being gone. The last time we spoke was over Skype from a faraway place. You were sitting at the desk in the basement. I can hear your voice and warm joyous giggle. And then you were gone. But not really. I see you in so many places and feel you in my heart. I recently signed up for a Christmas bird count, and I will see you there.
Posted by Loriann Chisholm on 3rd December 2014
Thinking of you often Loni...especially today! Happy birthday! Someday we will bowl on your birthday! Love you and truly miss you!
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2014
I think of you all the time Lon and miss you so much. I have many interesting bird encounters, especially with osprey and hawks. I know that you are there and looking out for me. Gunar is right- your boys are really growing up and you would be so proud of them. I'm keeping an eye on them for you. We are all thinking of you today and send all our love out to you, wherever you are.
Posted by Gunar Mallor on 3rd December 2014
Thinking of you today Lon. The boys are doing really well...growing into the men we knew they could become. We speak of you often and it's still quite difficult. But I think you'd be very happy with how they have coped and grown. I'm still very sad at all the little things you're missing and of course very sad for all they're missing with you. As for us, I speak to you often enough and hope you are able to hear me still. Sorry for some of the yelling :-) We all love and miss you.
Posted by Kris Moss on 3rd December 2014
I was just back in Cazenovia last week. Remembering this wonderful woman , and the fun we had ! She was always so full of life . So sad her life was short .
Posted by Kris Moss on 23rd March 2014
I was blessed to have known this wonderful woman ! Surely missed by many ! Thinking of Gunar, the boys and her family ! Hugs Kris
Posted by Gale McArdle on 4th December 2013
Love you loni...
Posted by Cheryl McGrath on 4th December 2013
Sister Lon-I think of you every day. I miss you so much, but the light you spread, lights my way. Love you.
Posted by Tracey McGrath on 3rd December 2013
I love you sister Lon, and miss you every day. We are lighting candles on an angel food cake for you tonight (your favorite cake), listening to Bonnie Raitt and celebrating your life. I, and so many others who love you, are thinking of you on your birthday.
Posted by Loriann Chisholm on 3rd December 2013
Happy Birthday to my friend Loni. There are so many occasions that you are sorely missed. Loni wanted to have a bowling birthday party and we weren't able to do it...will definitely be doing this. :) miss you!
Posted by Kris Moss on 3rd December 2013
Thinking about a very special woman, who had a full life, that ended way to early . Thinking about the McGrath family today , and many fond memories of Loni. Remembering many special holidays with Loni and the family, and knowing she will be missed by all. Hugs
Posted by Pam Kennedy on 23rd March 2013
Dear Loni, I miss you so much. I still cannot believe you are gone. I love seeing you in photos and hearing, in my head, that wonderful voice and laugh of yours.
Posted by Pamela Pine on 23rd March 2013
Hi, Loni. I think of you often and sometimes see people who look a lot like you, which I can't say I ever noticed when you were around. I miss you and still cannot believe you are not with us here.
Posted by Loriann Chisholm on 3rd December 2012
Thinking of you today...Happy Birthday! Miss you like crazy...
Posted by Tracy Osbahr on 30th May 2012
All of Trout Lake is shocked and saddened at the news of Loni's passing. Even the briefest encounters with her left us laughing, encouraged, thoughtful, or intrigued. What a well lived life she modeled for us all! May all the McGrath family feel surrounded and buoyed by Loni's positive spirit.
Posted by Michael Bedford on 14th May 2012
Oh Loni, am so sad. The hours, days, years we shared. Our children growing up, the Oxfam world. I always hold you dear to my heart. Be at peace.
Posted by Lewis Jeff on 10th April 2012
I was saddened to hear of Loni's passing. Please accept my deepest condolences. I am praying for strength and comfort for the whole family at this time of grieving.
Posted by Marianne Frisbey on 8th April 2012
My deepest sympathy to the McGrath family on the passing of Loni. She will be remembered as a light to all who knew her. (Marianne Frisbey)
Posted by John Barbano on 7th April 2012
To the McGrath's:As I reflect back on my days of growing up in our wonderful town of Cazenovia, it was such a special place with special people. Although I was 4 years older than Loni, and did not know her well, Cazenovia was that much more special because of families like the McGrath's. My heartfelt thoughts are with you for your loss of Loni....John
Posted by Jean Weiskotten on 6th April 2012
Loni and I were childhood friends. Our memories are of birthday parties, sleepouts in the back yard, the rope swing, bike rides, being little girls. We went to the First Presbyterian Church, where we were all family, sunday school, choir, Easter and Christmas. I loved Loni. She was fun, fearless, smart, thoughtful, beautiful, talented in so many ways. I was blessed by her friendship.
Posted by Barbara & Ken Coleman on 6th April 2012
Dearest Hal and McGrath Family - Our sincerest sympathy. Our thoughts and prayers to all of you left behind. May you the Lord strengthen you during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to all of you.
Posted by ROBERT MILLER on 4th April 2012
Loni was my sister-in-law. From the very first time I met her in 2000, she was caring & kind. When she asked how I was, she looked me in the eye & really meant it, every single time - and she listened. Loni had a huge love for people and life. She worked for the common good and got through some really rough times, staying positive & present. Cherished friend, sweet sister, I love you.
Posted by Sue Daggett on 3rd April 2012
When I last saw Loni, we were in our teens--but seeing the words "force of nature" ring true back then as it does now. When through a woman a little more love and goodness, a little more light and truth come into the world--then that woman's life has had meaning. With deepest sympathy.
Posted by Gale McArdle on 3rd April 2012
Loni, you are so beautiful, and always have been in my eyes...I always looked up to you, you are such a leader....and you followed your heart always. Your beautiful red hair, braids and smile I will always remember, and the special times spent at school and week-end adventures....Your home was always so warm and welcoming like you......I love you and your family..
Posted by Mike McGrath on 3rd April 2012
Loni, Can't believe your gone. Always thought we would see you again. Love you in our hearts and minds forever. Your cousin Mike.
Posted by Ellen Hoffman on 1st April 2012
Of Loni's 54 years here on this earth, I realize her time in Sonoma County, CA was but a small blip, but her impact on those of us who knew her, worked with her, partied with her, was profound. She was a vision, with her long red hair, she was a delight, with her easy laughter, she was an inspiration, with her dedication to the causes she cared about, and she as a damn good friend.
Posted by Kris Moss on 1st April 2012
Loni will be missed by many folks whose lives have been touched by her. She gave so much of herself, to so many, and never looked for anything in return. My thoughts are with Gunar, Jordan, Ian ,as well as the whole McGrath family.
Posted by Michael J. Cunningham on 1st April 2012
So saddened to hear of Loni's passing. My thoughts go out to the entire McGrath family.
Posted by Beth McConville on 31st March 2012
My dear, dear friend. Your way of marveling at life is forever a part of me now. I loved the look of awe on your face as you meandered through nature.I loved the humor on your face as you watched your goofy friends interact and the pure joy that lit up in your eyes everytime you mentioned "your boys". My heart weeps but I will carry you with me forever big sister. Peace and my love, Bethie
Posted by Pamela Pine on 31st March 2012
It remains so unreal... How can this be? Of all the people I know, there is no one who showed how much she was listening. She always responded exactly to what you were saying, no matter what was going on in your life. It was a gift she had. I think her spirit visited me before she left. I was going to visit her in May. Her spirit will stay with me always. Gunar, I will see you soon.
Posted by Chris Carr on 31st March 2012
My Gal Pal, My Sister, My Friend, Confidant and Voice of Reason, Trusted Friend to my Girlie Girls. Your absence is immense, yet the love we have for you and your love you have shared with us live on....we miss you Lon; we smile, we sigh, we laugh, we cry and then we embrace just like you always embraced everything about, for and with us. 243, C, B & N

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