Posted by Donna Myhre on January 27, 2022
Will light a candle tonight in loving memory of you. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Donna Myhre on January 27, 2021
You are always in our hearts No matter how many years pass by 2021
Posted by Donna Myhre on January 26, 2019
You are forever missed and remembered. Will light a candle for you tonight another year has gone and our thoughts are still with you
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2018
Happy Birthday Uncle Bubs! I always think of you and Grandma Edna in October when it's her birthday, your birthday and mine all in the same month. I miss the both of you dearly. Celebrate with your mom and give her a BIG hug from me. Love you!
Posted by mervin chantland on January 27, 2017
Always will miss you we had good times when we were very young. God bless you and famuly
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on January 26, 2017
The snow has freshly fallen on the dirty melted ground and It now glistens so beautiful as I look out my back door... yet there is sadness. It's hard to believe it's really been 5 years.  There isn't any words that can make it any better even now. We still hurt, we still miss you and you were such as amazing person. God and Grandma Edna are lucky to have you up there with them... We miss you uncle Bubs. Love you and God Bless!
Posted by mervin chantland on October 12, 2016
Loren many memories when we were children God bless you and miss you
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2016
Another year has gone by.the autumn leaves are beautiful now. I am sure you can see them all. Have a happy birthday in heaven uncle Bubs!  All my love. Kathy
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on January 26, 2016
Many memories of you Uncle Bubs. Our thoughts and prayers are always and forever with you! Love, Kathy and family!
Posted by mervin chantland on January 26, 2016
I hope you catch the big one when fishing in heaven.
Your missed here will see you again God Bless
Posted by Donna Myhre on January 22, 2016
My dear brother in law I will light a candle on Tuesday January 26, 2016 remembering you with love.
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2015
Another year goes by. Happy Birthday Uncle Bubs. Give Grandma Edna a hug for me. I miss the both of you dearly. Love Always! Kathy
Posted by mervin chantland on October 11, 2015
We had a great time when young on fishing trip.Always miss you we will see each other again. God bless you..
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on January 26, 2015
I love you Uncle Bubs! Miss you!
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2014
Uncle Bubs... another year has gone by and how quickly it seems to do that every year. I still never forgot you and everything you shared with me and the people in your life. We miss you and think of you always. Please say Hi to Grandma Edna for me. Hope you two are celebrating together! God Bless you and Love you forever.
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on January 26, 2014
Uncle Bubs! You are forever missed. I still remember my college days when you would come to visit and take Steve and I out for pasta, "al dente" you would always say. We had wonderful talks! Thank you so much for all you did and all you continue to do!! My love, ALWAYS!
Posted by mervin chantland on January 26, 2014
Its seems like yesterday Loren was by my work to see me. Miss him much we will meet again in heaven. God bless you.
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2013
Happy Birthday to my wonderful uncle. You are truly missed and I hope you are having a wonderful birthday in Heaven!! Love you dearly,and miss you tons and tons!!!
Posted by Friedrich Luft on June 20, 2013
I was very saddened to learn of Loren's death. We ran together, talked physiology together, and I was happy to visit in San Antonio about 15 years ago. Loren was a valued associate of my father's at the Lovelace Clinic in Albuquerque.
Friedrich C. Luft
Posted by Larry Chantland on January 26, 2013
A year gone by ,oh how fast . One comment about Loren he loved marionberry pie and ice cream . I went to get some ice cream the other day and there was marionberry ice cream here come all the wonderful memories of our times . Larry Chantland
Posted by mervin chantland on October 13, 2012
Loren is my cousin we went fishing in minn with his dad and bro. when i was young along with my dad and bro Bill. Will always miss him. May God bless him.
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on October 11, 2012
Happy Birthday Uncle Bubs. I know you a celebrating up in Heaven. I am with you always and miss you desperately. Love always.
Kathy Ahlrich
Posted by Jane Long on March 14, 2012
Loren, I am so very glad I was able to visit with you, Bruce and of course Donna last summer. Your family has been such a help to Bill ,
Tobey and I over the years,often by phone. I will miss you dear brother-in-law,rest in God's home. Your friend Jane Long
Posted by Kathy Ahlrich on February 26, 2012
For everything there is an appointed season, and a time for everything under heaven- a time for sowing, a time for reaping; a time for sharing, a time for caring. A time for loving, at time for giving; a time for remembering, a time for parting. You have made everything beautiful in its time... for everything you do remains forever". I love you Uncle Bubs and will miss you dearly. Kathy
Posted by J-Louis BELARD on February 18, 2012
Loren, I'll always remember the way you and your family welcomed us in San Antonio on the occasion of my first to your lab. Your expertise in human physiology was outstanding and your gentle and easy going personality was a bonus.It was an honor to have you as a colleague and friend for so many years. Repose en paix, mon ami!
Posted by MILLA OLSEN on February 14, 2012
I was a classmate of Loren's when the Mahtowa kids came to Barnum. We also grew up together at Salem Lutheran Church and were confirmed together. We visited him and Donna in Arizona and had dinner with him during one of his trips to Torrance CA. He was one of those people that once you meet him, you will never forget him. My heart goes out to Donna and the rest of the family. Milla
Posted by Larry Chantland on February 8, 2012
LOREN is also my 1st cousin always kidded about sending me luta fisk. . and that he was going to send it and come and cook it for us.   .always stopped and seen us in UTAH when he came to HILL AFB while he was in TEXAS. Also the funny trip to see them in MINN.ED you will always remember GEORGE.. I will miss my favorite cousin ,he was a wonderful friend thank you GOD for knowing him\
Posted by mervin chantland on February 8, 2012
Loren the things I remember our fishing trip when we were young with Edward, your Dad, my Dad and my Bro Bill your visit about 6 years ago at my work at GM in Calif you will always be in my heart a great 1st cousins my Mom your dads sister would be so proud of you. May God Bless
Posted by Lee Engen on February 6, 2012
Super UMD roomate,great friend who double dated with me on my first date with, Marlene and also was also in our wedding as a groomsman. Bubs had unlimited energy and great ideas. Our trip to see Bubs and Donna in Indiana and our experiences with them at the Kentucky Derby will always be in our memories. We will miss you greatly and our thankful for our lifelong contacts. Lee and Marlene
Posted by Melanie & Julie on February 4, 2012
So much to say, so much to feel ~
Our hearts ache for your presence,
but we celebrate your transcendence
through such a peaceful transition.

~ Melanie, Bruce and Julie
Posted by Tom Myhre on February 4, 2012
You touched so many lives in so many ways.
The song has been sung, the race has been run, won and lost and lost and won. Spirit freed from the weary frame, free to sail, to fly, or rest beside still waters.  "Der Herr ist mein Hirte, nichts wird mir fehlen. Er lässt mich lagern auf grünen Auen, zum Ruheplatz am Wasser führt er mich." Auf Wiedersehen Bubs. Auf Wiedersehen

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