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Shared by Nichole Kanios on November 4, 2020
I can't remember when I actually met Uncle-Grandpa. Honestly I'm sure it was before I was able to actually form memories...but what I will never be able to forget is the continuous way he would leave people smiling. I could walk in the door and have the worst day and he would always manage to make some joke that made even the most difficult days fun. You could always count on him for a laugh. I still don't quite think that it has hit me that the next time I walk through his door I won't automatically be greeted with an ever-famous Birdism. I am grateful for the continuous encouragement that this man exuded. Every time I left the house he would shout "you're a winner!!" before the door could shut. It was impossible to leave without a smile and a thumbs up :). He was always good at listening, good at laughing, and good at putting things in perspective. I think I will miss his smile most. May his memory be eternal. 

Always with a smile.

Shared by Bob Fleming on November 1, 2020
I was a young man when I first met Loren, I’m guessing it was around’ ‘85.  Thankfully, Loren took pity on this young seller, since he had walked in those shoes himself.  It always amazed me how positive and upbeat Loren was every time we met.  He always had a smile to greet you with.

Ironically, Loren was the first person to squirt hand sanitizer in the palm of my hand.  He told me it would revolutionize cleaning and sanitizing. Boy, could I use him now! 

Shared by Sue Strasel on November 1, 2020
Loren Frendt was a wonderful person to spend time with.  Boomers group was so lively.  Loren had a character which led him to take an interest in whoever was speaking and he always made that person feel like the subject was pertinent and important.  He had a cheerful personality and took his Christian faith seriously.  I cannot count how many times he would remind me that his pags were packed and he was ready to go when his Savior called.
God be with all you as you mourn his passing.


Shared by Donna Frendt on October 31, 2020
Loren was an outstanding Grandpa! Taylor has shared special memories, and this is one that Tyler would have been too young to remember, but that I wanted to share:

Tyler and Gpa were best-buds from the very beginning. Loren never hesitated to jump in to babysit or let Tyler tag along with whatever he was doing. One day when Tyler was around 3 or 4 years old, he and I were out running errands and had to stop at Lowe's. Chuck E. Cheese happened to be right next to Lowe's and Tyler asked excitedly, "Can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?!" I answered, no, we have many errands to run. "Please, can we go?" Again, no, we have too much else to do. He sat quiet for about 15 seconds, then asked, "Can I go to Grandpa's?" -- because he just KNEW Grandpa would have said yes! They shared lots of fun outings together as well as many meals at Waffle House. Many great memories!

How Does That Work

Shared by Taylor Frendt on October 27, 2020
Grandpa used to take me on field trips to different places to show me how things work. Because of him I now ask my husband daily how things work. My favorite outing was when he took me to the Kellogg's factory to see how all the cereal was made. He walked me through every display and answered my endless questions of how things worked. He even got one of the workers to come over during his shift to talk to us about the machine he was working on. He said hi to everyone we passed and put a smile on all of their faces. When we got to the end, he got me several different boxes of cereal that we sat down and ate before we left. He shared his curiosity and appreciation for the behind the scenes efforts of our every day materials. He helped to give me a true appreciation for every little thing in life. Every year, he would find a new topic to teach me about how something worked and I loved every second of it. The last trip we took was to the Spangler factory to see how the Dum Dums were made. Grandma and Tyler came along with us, which made it that much more special. We climbed onto the train to take a tour of the factory and right away he started messing with the tour guide. While having fun, he continued to share his curiosity  with us about how everything in that factory worked. He was even able to answer questions about other aspects of the factory that had nothing to do with suckers. Thank you Grandpa for sparking my curiosity to ask How Does That Work with everything I look at. You are truly something special :) I love you

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