A Lovely Song Sings Forever
  • 41 years old
  • Born on January 26, 1955 in Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on October 29, 1996 in Edina, Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created by Leanne for the purpose of always remembering a beautiful soul, my sister Lori. All are welcome to leave your own thoughts and memories about her and photos. Thanks for visiting.

Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2018
Another year without you. I often wonder how different my life would of been if you were still alive. The many times I needed you, like a hug or a call. Or for advice or just coffee. I envy those who still have their sisters. Sometimes I feel your presence which is good and often laughing at the silly things of life. We laughed a lot! Those are the memories I like to relive in my mind that recalls you, my sister.
Posted by Linda McGuire on 18th April 2018
I babysat for Lori's children when they lived in Rochester. She was always so beautiful and kind and was someone I truly admired. She touched so many lives with her gentle ways. I treasure her memory.
Posted by Mindy Duvernet on 30th October 2017
Lori, I miss you too. Our lives took different paths after high school. You warned me about mine and you were right. So sorry to hear how you suffered in your last days. It was so much fun knowing you and being with you. So easy to laugh and goof around and be creative. I loved the sailing up north. You were such a good friend and gentle soul. Forever an angle.
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2017
It has been 21 years ago when you took your life. Yesterday one of your daughters got married on the beach in Malibu, CA. The two are always smiling when they are together. You would be so very proud of her. Your other children are also doing very well. One is a artist who draws mathematical like art. And your son works with his father and is a former Marine. I so wish you could of lived to see your children become the wonderful adults they are today. I miss your company. Peace to your memory.
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2016
20 yrs since the passing of my sister. We talked about getting old together and sitting in rocking chairs chatting about our lives. Instead, she died Oct. 29th, 1996, unexpectedly at 41. We were similar but different. Close but far away. Always in each others hearts. She is missed by her family, children, and her many friends as well as me. My fondest memories is laughing together and sailing on Bay Lake, Mn. where we enjoyed the family cabin and were known as "the best sailors on the lake." We loved to own many bikini's and some we made, sew our first day of school dresses, and raid the refrigerator an hour after supper. I teased her relentlessly. She took it with grace until the day I got what I deserved!:) We looked sorta alike. However, she resembled more of Mom's side and I more of Dad's. Our hair color, skin and eye color were the same. She was smart in school and good grades came easy. I always struggled. And she made friends easily and many were also mine. She wanted to become a music therapist and I wanted to be a fashion designer. But life got in the way. Instead, she married first and I married last. She had three kids and I had one. We both moved out of Minnesota for awhile with our husbands. We both also returned to the state and stayed. My sister struggled with mental illness and the first sign of it that I recall was when she was 14. It was in her sudden loss of interest in the things that made her happy and laugh. It went undiagnosed because back then it was 1969 and little was known about depression. Her depression manifested itself through our days together as teenagers. By 1996 she had fought the illness for 27 years and could not go on. Take time to be with your siblings, your kids and your spouses and family because you "just never know" when the tide will change into loss.
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2014
Lori, This is the day I lost you and all those who loved you also lost you. I miss not growing old with you as we frequently talked about doing so in jest, of course, when we were young and carefree. Peace beautiful sister. Peace. Love Leanne
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 26th January 2014
Happy 59th Birthday Lori! If we could be together we could take that trip to Paris you wanted me to (and I didn't:( and as you stated back then "We could sit with hats on at an outdoor table drinking wine!" Oh would that really be fun now to celebrate !!! I so miss you as I get older. Happy Birthday!
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2013
Dear Sister, you are thought of today that marks 17 years ago of your death. My heart still has an empty spot, a sadness, an ache. I think of your kind heart and your soft presence in our family. I think of your struggle in life that you did not deserve. Had I have known more I would of understood you more. But you are gone, safe now in God's arms. Bless your memory. XO
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 27th January 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SISTER You would of been 58. I would take you to Sambo's restaurant for Brazilian fare and danced to the live music with you. We would of ordered a huge piece of cake where the singer would of serenaded you!!
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 29th October 2012
I remember you playing Jesus Joy of Man's Desire on dad's Steinway grand at home. You practiced it for several years. I always loved hearing you play. I remember when we both decided to try piecing each others ears by using a hot clean needle and a carrot on the other side! You screamed! Lovely sister and memories. XO
Posted by Leanne Ashley on 11th February 2012
The longer I am living the more I miss you. I miss not having you here to share my life and for me to hear about yours. I think of you and how you suffered. I feel deeply sad about how much you needed understanding and did not get enough of it. Everyday there is in my heart a calling to remember you. And I do remember your laugh, your silliness, your tears. Lja, your sister

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