Let the memory of Loretta be with us forever
  • 74 years old
  • Born on December 10, 1938 .
  • Passed away on June 14, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Loretta Gire 74 years old , born on December 10, 1938 and passed away on June 14, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Lavada Foster on 28th December 2018
Well Christmas has come and gone I made our candy but by myself Linda is gone to , these months are just getting harder for me I am saddened and lonely more then the year before NewYears is coming up nothing we’ll ever compare to the New Years we spent at Loretta’s Lounge I close my eyes and wish so hard that when I open them you will be sitting there beside me but sadly I open them and I am alone you are not there I look forward to the day when I do open my eyes and you are there with me , miss you deeply . La Vada
Posted by Lavada Foster on 10th December 2018
Happy Birthday Mother ! You are never forgot , I never stop missing you , everything reminds me of you , and nothing is the same , I love you so dearly.
Posted by Carol Smith on 10th December 2018
Happy Birthday Loretta..love you always Carol smith(webb)..i will always remember your great big BEAUTIFUL smile..i will always remember something you told me..You said no matter what, always smile.and I DO..THANK YOU ALWAYS FOR THOSE KIND SWEET WORDS..
Posted by Lavada Foster on 10th November 2018
Mom, I never stop thinking about you and I can still see your beautiful smile and can here your laugh , I see you in my dreams and i wish i could just sleep forever , I know you know how my life has changed and you are a big part in it , You gave me such a wonderful life and i never forget all the fun we had all the Mother Daughter talks the laughter , games , jokes, Even as a kid i remember watching you , it was like looking at a angle , people just flocked to you they wanted to know you just to be around you , even when those very ones shunned less fortunate, you would welcome the less fortunate with open arms Every time , I wanted to grow up and be just like you and i know the goodness inside me is you , waiting for the day that we will be together forever , I Love and Miss you so much Your Daughter La Vada xxxxooo
Posted by La Vada Foster on 10th December 2017
My Dear Mother, Happy Birthday ! Our Dearest friend Linda is now spending Birthdays with you , I will so much miss her here on earth ,
Posted by La Vada Foster on 15th June 2017
Mom , I feel like it was just last week that i seen your smile and i can still hear you call my name , I close my eyes and i can see you sitting in front of your computer , All the time we danced in the black light and all the times we turned off the lights swinging those light sticks around and rapping glow sticks around are heads , wrist , and lags , singing to the same songs on our CDs , you waking me up singing that made up song you would sing on the karoke machine , How you loved going to the casino and hated it when it was time to leave the last time we went you tried selling your wheelchairs all the way out the door , You were so funny , we laugh so much at all the , I dont think i can ever laugh like that again , I just cant wait wait to see you and do it all again . I Miss the part of me that you took when you left me , I know I will never be whole again till the time i see you face smiling at me again . Tears on my pillow till then . I LOVE YOU MOM XXXXXOOOOO
Posted by Linda Smith on 14th June 2017
Dearest Loretta: I love you and I MISS YOU more than you could ever i imagine. Always and forever your loving friend .....LINDA
Posted by Linda Smith on 17th May 2017
My dearest Loretta: I thought that as time past it would be easier to except you leaving us but it hasn't. I still miss you so much that it hurts and I feel like my heart is breaking. I know deep down that it was for the best in so many ways. I'm so thankful that you didn't have to experience the events that followed after your passing. I can't help but think ,t,hat you had an intuition of what was to be. BUT SELFISHLY I wish you were here and that I could have spent more time with you. There's a hole in my heart that will never be filled. You were my best friend, the mother I always wanted, my confadant and a person I respected and looked up to You had such a big heart and I don't think you truly knew how much you meant to some of us or how much we loved and appreciated you. You made such a difference in some of our lives. I know I've told you this before but I feel the need to tell you again THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me especially giving me a home to go to so many times. I will never forget all that you did for me and I will love and remember you until the day I die.......Sending you my love and kisses Always, LINDA
Posted by La Vada Foster on 14th May 2017
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM , NOTHING HERE IS THE SAME SINCE YOU BEEN GONE , I miss you every second of everyday, I loved my life with you here with me, now i dont think i can ever be happy again, I look forward to the day i see you again, until then i have my passed of you and me and all the fun, wonderful, goofy ,funny,serious times that we spent to look back and remember when life was so full of all the wonderful times that i will never have again,maybe someday,someway,somehow i will find a way to be happy again ! Iam sorry but mothers day will never be the same to me nor will any other day , I MISS MY MOM SO BADLY !!
Posted by La Vada Foster on 11th December 2016
Happy Birthday Mom !! Miss you so much wish you were here,
Posted by Joy Taylor on 30th November 2016
Loretta I know we dont know eachother well but I do know your daughter Lavada and you have done well raising her she is a great person and friend you would be proud. She loves and misses you so much I feel so sad for her I couldnt imagine being without my mother. But just know she is an incredible person so generous, helpful and considerrate, she is a spitting image of you even though your not here with us phsically your daughter has all your awesome qualities and as you shine uo there in heaven she shines down here for you always. Your forevered missed
Posted by La Vada Foster on 29th November 2016
Mom i miss you so much life will never be the same , this is not a happy time for me during the holidays its so hard as everything reminds me you are no longer here , I LOVE YOU MOM
Posted by Linda Smith on 14th June 2016
My dearest friend Loretta: I can't believe three years have passed already all of our lives have changed since your passing. Words cannot express how much your loved and missed. My heart aches when I think of you . I would give anything to be able to talk to you and hug you. I will never forget you and hope with all my heart that when my time comes that I will see you again. Rest in peace my beloved friend and know that I cherish. my memories of you
Posted by La Vada Foster on 5th March 2016
Mom, Anyone can leave you a message anytime now, you are here forever, You will always live inside me, I miss you everyday !!!! xxxxx<3<3<3ooooo Your Daughter La Vada xxxxx<3<3<3ooooo
Posted by Linda Smith on 13th June 2015
DEAR Loretta it seems like yesterday that you were here I still miss you so much.. I would give anything to be able to see and talk to you again. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART . We all miss you so much. Always Linda
Posted by La Vada Foster on 10th December 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM !!! I never new i could be so lonely and so empty in my heart , I just don't know how to go on , I feel like i am in a fog, my lips smile but my inside is sad , I laugh but i am crying inside, I try to be happy and strong like you and will continue to , I Love and Miss you more then words can say. your Daughter La Vada <3 <3
Posted by LINDA SMITH on 10th December 2014
TO my dearest friend LORETTA Today we celebrate your Birthday you may not physically be here but your presence is always felt . Words can not express what a loss my heart feels when I think of you. I keep thinking that with the passing of time that it won't hurt so much but it hasn't gotten any easier. I miss you sooooooooooooo much. I miss your words of encouragement your words of wisdom and the way you always made me feel good about myself. I just miss you being here.I know it was your time to leave us but I just wish you could have stayed a little longer. I will always miss you and I know that no one will ever be able to fill the empty space in my heart that you once filled.Thank you for being my friend and for always being there when I NEEDED YOU Love and kisses from your BESTEST FRIEND FOREVER.....Linda
Posted by La Vada Foster on 29th November 2014
Mom Its just not the same without you here . I will never feel the same , I miss you each and every sec of every day . missing you mom .
Posted by La Vada Foster on 18th September 2014
Mom I miss you so much every day I love you Your daughter LaVada
Posted by Cruz Villalobos on 15th June 2014
Strangest thing hapened friday nite Cristin Landry band leader for Shine band(house band at Sundowner) got to talkin about old day the band had not heard of Lorretta passing then a gal i have see seenat the VFW hall RRiverside before overheard something about Lorretta,s said thats where i know you from her name is MaryAnn better known as Garter Girl she still looks the same i told her a group of about 20 sometmes gets together last time at Winchester Inn with Rhonda who also plays once a month in Riverside VFW post9223 it was really strange to run into people the nite before Lorreta,s memorial date of course i informed them of the cite thank you Brandy for finding this it helps use all to keep this wonderful lady we all love in our hearts and memories. Bill Villalobos
Posted by Linda Smith on 14th June 2014
Posted by Joy Taylor on 5th January 2014
Oh my her smile could light up anything I'm sure heaven is very bright as for down here her daughter Lavada carries on her mothers legacy because she is the spitting image of Loretta. Her beautiful smile her beauty and most of all the biggest heart that cares for everyone always. Loretta you would be so proud shine bright in heaven your daughter shines bright on earth because she so much like you. Love.you Lavada
Posted by Billy Pratt on 5th January 2014
Loretta was a dear lady. I'll forever remember her beautiful smile. She was a warm, generous, classy lady who had the gift of hospitality. She always made you feel welcome and made time for everyone. She was an incredibly strong woman with an inspiring work ethic. I am thankful for the conversations that we shared. I know without a doubt that she is lighting up Heaven with that smile. My thoughts and prayers are with each member of the family on their deep loss. Blessings to you all.
Posted by La Vada Foster on 7th November 2013
Your favorite holidays are coming up . I am getting all your decorations out , putting everything up ! It just cant be the same without you there . I miss you mom so very much, I wish everyday i will wake up and you will be back her with me .
Posted by Ashley Foster on 31st October 2013
I miss u!!!!!!! I wiss we got more time with one another!!!!!!! I cant stop thinking about u!!!!!!! Even though we didnt get much time with eachother i miss n love u like i knew u always!!!! U will always be in my heart!!!! <3
Posted by La Vada Foster on 6th October 2013
Mother , I Miss your smile so much it hurts , My world will never be the same ! I Love you <3 xxxxxxxoooooo
Posted by La Vada Foster on 10th September 2013
MOM, I Miss you so much, I only wish I could have,and would have spent more time with you . Your daughter LaVada
Posted by Kim Baque on 18th August 2013
LaVada and Brandy. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. She was a very special woman to all that knew her. I know there is nothng that anyone can do to take away your pain but if you ever need a friend I am always here. Luv to you both and all the family.
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
Hello, i dunno if anyone read my last msg, is there anyone joining me here now in Lorettas memory?
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
My mom, LuLu, will be over to my house in a minute to join in your memorial.
Posted by Linda Smith on 7th July 2013
Im here Brandy
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
okay. This is LuLu. I'm here.
Posted by La Vada Foster on 7th July 2013
I am here !
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
Is someone going to lead the discussion? Is there a format? or are we all just sharing memories...that sort of thing?
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
Thank you guys for joining, and to everyone takin a moment but not able to be at a computer as well. I dont think very many people got the msg of date and time. So if you can please let us no if u were unaware of this moment of memory, we are considering trying again to b sure all are invited?? ty
Posted by La Vada Foster on 7th July 2013
Brandy will be posting something right now
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
All that are joining now is myself, lulu, Linda , mom Lavada, and aunt casilean
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
He llo others that just joined, sorry ill be patient.
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
I didn't know about it until just a little while ago. LuLu
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
Sry, yes we can all share moments as u feel. However i believe that u are allowed to leave a longer msg if u write it in her stories instead of here
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
And none of our family is even on. I think that i should figure out how to promote it better and try next sunday, since her ashes have not yet made it home.
Posted by Joy Taylor on 7th July 2013
I'm here Joy Taylor I just wanted to say you will be missed I really didn't know her well but did meet her twice and she was the sweetest women ever and had a smile that lit up a room and the beauty of an angel. Your family loved you so much and will miss u even more. But now u will live on through your daughter La Vada she is just like u with the biggest heart ever. You will be missed.
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
All u need to join and b able to leave msg is an email first last and password.. takes 3 seconds promise.. Please join
Posted by Cherie Klapp on 7th July 2013
I am here.
Posted by Joy Taylor on 7th July 2013
Love you Vada I'm here for you your a great friend. If you need anything at all just ask your mom was a great woman and so very beautiful and caring and just like her. Love ya lots girl Love Joy Taylor
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
This is LuLu. I just want to say that I am very grateful for the impact Loretta had on my life. She gave me a job when I was having a hard time and I don't think I would be where I am today without her.
Posted by Misty Vargas on 7th July 2013
Brandy, can you call me and let me know when you decide to reschedule?
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
Yes we will have to do this again
Posted by Cynthia Cross Waite on 7th July 2013
Saying a prayer for all of you. I will forever remember her beautiful smile and the warm welcome she would give no matter how long it had been since she last saw you. RIP beautiful lady.
Posted by Brandy Prats on 7th July 2013
I have added some pics. I invite u all to do the same, let us see the faces of the family of my family..

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