Let the memory of Lori be with us forever.
You are my angel forever and my mother for always. RIP mommy!!!
  • 49 years old
  • Born on September 2, 1961 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
  • Passed away on January 19, 2011 in Littleton, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lori Dahn, 49, born on September 2, 1961 and passed away on January 19, 2011. We will remember her forever. Rest in Peace Mommy. We all miss you and love you a lot!!

Posted by Ann Dahn on 15th January 2019
Auntie I miss you alot. I think about all the talks we had and how you helped me to understand certain things. You are my favorite auntie and miss you alot.. You would love my three kids. They are teenagers so you know how that goes. Lol. But they are so precious and gave me a purpose and reason in life. I remember wanting to take my life and you told me I dont know right now but when I'm older I will know what the reason and purpose is. And I see it. I have great kids and have changed my life around and cherish every day and every minute. Wishing you were here with us to enjoy it. But I know you are our guardian angel to keep us with the courage and strength you have. I love you and miss you but I know you are here in spirit. I love you auntie.. Love Anna Banana
Posted by Aahme Dahn on 22nd November 2018
Happy Thanksgiving Mother. I miss you. I wish you were here. I admire so many things about you. I have so many memories. Today,I thought about your courage. I don't remember you ever telling me you were scared. I don't remember you complaining and I don't remember you being sick because you never acted that way. I see your courage now! I am going through something similar and I'll tell you the truth I am scared. I never thought my life would turn out this way. I feel like I have so much to do and so little time but I'm not God( only He Knows). I never thought about consequences. That was a mistake. Everyday,I think about you. Today,I am thinking That I can only hope to be as courageous as you. You were a great mother and my best friend. You are loved and missed more than you could ever know. I love you! Aahme
Posted by Aahme Dahn on 25th October 2018
Mother, I think about you often. At times I have so much guilt,that it eats me up inside. I cry for you and wish you were here. You were my best friend. I wish I would have been a better daughter. I wish I wouldn't have been so angry and mean growing up. You would be so proud of the woman I have become. I have healed from my past,but you are the chapter I always have trouble with. I am writing a book called "The Letters". I've dedicated it to you. Writing the book has been a real challenge because it has stirred up so many memories about you. I can always hear Jesus saying". I forgive you daughter. But the problem is I don't forgive myself for the things I did or didn't do for you. I was so lost in my addiction, pain and trauma that I just couldn't love you or anybody the right way. I'm sorry. I was in denial when you got sick,it's as if I couldn't see you or I was looking through a different set of eyes. I never saw what everyone else saw. So when I look at your pictures now. It makes me break down because I didn't see that. How could I not?Mabe God was shielding me. But it makes me so sad and heartbroken. If I would have known you were so sick I would have went to the ends of the Earth to find a cure or help you get better. You know I would have. I just miss my best friend! I can't wait until you meet me in the clouds what a wonderful day that will be. I know you're waiting for me. Once I get done with my work here,I'll be there with you Grandma and Cedric. I love you always. Kiss Jesus for me. By the way I was always proud of you for overcoming all of your obstacles in life. Love always, Aahme
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 24th October 2018
MOM, I heard a song that you used to sing all the time for karaoke and it made me tear up and think of you. I miss you so much!!! Noah is 4 now and he reminds me of you with some of his mannerisms and he knows who you are because i show him your picture. I have a cute little urn with some of your ashes in it in my curio cabinet. I still have a locket with your ashes as well that i wear so that you're always with me. I love and miss you so much!!!! XOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 20th February 2014
I miss you sooooo much mom! I think about you always. There are many things that I wish you would've gotten to see/ experience and you went before your time. And although I cant bring you back I can say that I am proud and happy to be able to call you my mom. Thank you for allowing me to be able to know you, love you, miss you, and thank you for bringing me into this world. I cant wait to see you again in Heaven. I love you soooo much!! With Love, Jaidyn (Christina- Nina) XOXO <3
Posted by Bizzle Dizzle on 25th November 2013
Such a young soul and loving person. It is sad to think how evil people made your life hell. I miss you mom and I am happy that you are in a better place. I promise I wont be selfish and want you back to this hell on Earth. I love you so much and I have my regrets about how our relationship has been throughout the 28 years I had with you. But, YOU are loved more that you know. You will never be forgotten. You will always be in your childrens hearts. We didnt always show it, but we love you unconditionally.
Posted by Aahme Dahn on 24th November 2013
Mother, i had a dream about you lastnight...... how terrible it was to re-live loosing you all over again! you are loved and missed. Aahme
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 12th January 2013
I miss you mommy!!! In a week from today it will be 2 years since your passing. I need you now more than ever. I miss you SOOO much.
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 11th October 2012
Mom, sometimes I cant stop thinking about how much I absolutely miss you. I have the most amazing boyfriend named Reed. I wish you would have been able to meet him :( But he is everything I have ever wanted in a man. I know that you are in heaven looking down and seeing how good we are together but I REALLY miss you a LOT.
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 6th August 2012
Mom why did you have to leave our lives so soon? I miss you so much and we are in the times of our lives that we need you. I know you are in heaven and always with us no matter what, and that you are in our prayers, but i miss hugging you and being able to tell you how much I love you. RIP and I think about you always. Love your little Nina girl.
Posted by Jaidyn Dahn on 2nd August 2012
I love and miss you so much mommy. I know that you are in heaven and are proud of me and our family. I just wish that you could be here to see me now but GOD had a reason to take you away from us. I miss you. RIP

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