Those we love don't go away; they walk beside us every day.
  • 67 years old
  • Born on August 23, 1948 .
  • Passed away on April 20, 2016 in Brisbane, Australia.

Lorraine passed away on April 20, 2016, after a long battle with renal failure and all the associated health issues that come with it. She fought long and hard and bravely, but in the end she contracted peritonitis and simply could not fight her way out of it. The doctors who took care of her on her last night said that she went quickly and that she was in no pain.

Lorraine requested that there be no funeral; her ashes will be buried at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth, Western Australia, in the near future. 

All of us will feel her loss, but we can take some consolation in the knowledge that she no longer suffers and that she is at peace.

The following poem was found written in one of Lorraine's recent notebooks; I'm not sure where she heard it, but it obviously struck a chord with her and she wrote it down. I share it now with you, on her behalf.

May your spirit soar in freedom
From the pains that gripped so tight
May you find the peace you searched for
As you wandered alone in the night

May your tortured mind be clear and calm
And your tender heart be warm
You have no need for strength now
There will never be another storm

May the music of the angels 
Be the sweet sounds that you hear 
As you are rocked in heaven's cradle
May you never shed another tear 

Posted by Therese Carnie on 24th August 2018
Happy memories of Birthdays past. Always remembered. Love Therese.
Posted by Therese Carnie on 20th April 2018
Always remembered in so may ways.
Posted by Jennifer De Silva on 20th April 2018
Resting peacefully
Posted by Therese Carnie on 22nd August 2017
Dear Lorraine, Remembering you on your birthday, 23rd August - and all the Happy Birthdays we celebrated. Love Tee
Posted by Jennifer De Silva on 20th April 2017
Gone but not forgotten
Posted by Sweeny Keuneman on 20th April 2017
You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Stewart, Sweeny and Pambo
Posted by Therese Carnie on 20th April 2017
So many happy memories of friendship over the years. No more pain now, rest in peace. Tee
Posted by Jennifer De Silva on 23rd August 2016
Remembering Lorraine on her birthday
Posted by Sweeny Keuneman on 23rd August 2016
Lorraine, remembering you today with much love and knowing that you are being gently cradled forever. Happy birthday my friend.
Posted by Jocelyn Broughton on 23rd August 2016
The photo of Lorraine is the one I remember Lorraine by in Hong Kong - always had a laugh or two with her. Sad we never met up again
Posted by Ingrid Bullock on 23rd August 2016
I'm playing "Be Happy" ... it so reminds me of our friend/mother/daughter/sister, Lorraine - miss her cheeriness xx
Posted by Sweeny Keuneman on 22nd May 2016
We will remember fondly her unique sense of humour and her ability to laugh at just about everything including herself. We also admired her prowess with the written word and we looked forward to her long and informative emails. Despite her trials with her health, she maintained a positive outlook. May she rest in peace.
Posted by Ann Hubon on 21st May 2016
Thinking of you and Tara this morning Lorraine. Tara, it was wonderful to see the photos of your Mum. I especially love the ones taken at your wedding, she was so excited. A lovely lady now at rest. Annie
Posted by Jenny Warszawski on 21st May 2016
Grateful and moved that you were there at our children's wedding. I light a candle with a sweet memory of you
Posted by Arun Warszawski on 21st May 2016
Thinking of Lorraine and all who are with us now across the world.
Posted by Nicola Partridge on 19th May 2016
Will miss the music YouTube videos and subtitled film recommendations Lorraine sent to me. Wished we had lived closer to her and my children had had the opportunity to meet her - they would have loved you, Lorraine! Nic x
Posted by Jocelyn Broughton on 16th May 2016
Lorraine and I shared a fun flat in Hong Kong
Posted by Deborah Soper on 15th May 2016
Such beautiful photos such lovely memories thinking of you
Posted by Jennifer De Silva on 15th May 2016
She will always be remembered - she is now at rest. She was remembered by many at the Lindsay Past Pupils Association AGM on Saturday 7th May,
Posted by Therese Carnie on 15th May 2016
Lorraine's wacky sense of humour will always be what she is remembered for and her ability to laugh at everything, including herself. Miss you dearly.

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