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Thinking of you

Shared by Adam Wielebinski on May 4, 2019

Dear sweet Rach, 

Today me Adam Amanda Scott had a birthday dinner in you're memory you would of been 59.. We all miss you very much ..and love you very much . I want to give you 59 kisses and hugs xoxoxoxo . Can't sleep think of you night and day. I started writing this may 3rd at 11:55pm now past midnight so this might post on site may 4 .

Love you forever 


Shared by Adam Wielebinski on April 15, 2019

Dear sweet Rachel,

It is almost a month since I lost you and I miss you more everyday. We loved each other for 32 1/2 yrs , and all the memories I have of us I will never forget.

Since we met in 1986, it was love at first sight. We have 2 wonderful children who are proud to have you as a mom . And I am proud you were my wife..

Together we shared 32 Christmas, Easters,Thanksgivings,birthdays,vacations, mothers day, barbecues,family gatherings, camping,graduations, weddings,  baby showers , jackpots .

I'd give anything to turn back time and have you in my arms again and to love you another 32 years.  My heart is with you forever.     

Love Shugie.

Shared by Irene Lambiase on March 24, 2019

Rachel for as long as I’ve known you, you were always smiling, laughing and having fun. You always had a knack for decorating your house and it always had that welcoming feel. You were always creative, making beautiful crafts, cooking - I don’t think there is anyone who can make better spaghetti and meatballs, baking - such amazing cupcakes, brownies, pies, and cakes worthy of being on magazine covers. For the 30+ years I’ve known you, you were always a good wife to my brother and a wonderful mother. Your passion for taking care of your family and how much you loved them and all of us is something I will always remember about you. I was lucky to have you as my sister in law. I will miss your smile and your laugh and seeing you Rach. Xoxo

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