Let the memory of Lou be with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on June 2, 1929 .
  • Passed away on February 25, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Lou Epton 83 years old , born on June 2, 1929 and passed away on February 25, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Miriam Dawson on 27th February 2019
Dearest Cous, Well, I just had my 85th birthday and celebration with family. I couldn't help but recall all the great times at your table with Aunt Bernice, Betty Jane, et all and my 3 munchkins. More than ever I miss your humor and good sense at a time when everyone plays a victim. I am sure that your radio fans miss you terribly and I for one would give anything to hear just one more Aunt Tilly joke! Til we meet again, love and bear hugs.
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 26th February 2019
Hi poppa! Today is never a happy day for me. Knowing this is the day you left to go to Heaven still hurts. I know your happy and healthy. Nothing could ever beat that, but I miss you terribly. I can still hear you in my head and heart, but I want to be able to give you a hug. One day.. One day soon we will all be reunited. With the insanity going on in our Country, the world, the Lord's return should be immenate. What a glorious day that will be to see you and Momma again. I love you dad!!! more then you will ever know.
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 25th February 2019
Lou is remembered well as being a man ahead of his time and a man of strong compassion and conviction. That is a legacy any of his friends and family can be proud of.
Posted by William Epton on 17th August 2018
"will be forever missed in our hearts"
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 2nd June 2018
Happy Birthday Pappa. I love you and miss you. Hard to believe you have been home in Heaven for 5 years! Dad you would be so impressed with President Trump!! He is even going to talk to the North Korean pres this month.He is doing everything he said he would except some things are taking longer thanks to the liberals who are trying to trip him up on every corner. I KNOW you have a lot to say about his Presidency. I wish you were here to have gotten to share it with me. I love you so much. Hugs, Sheree
Posted by Miriam Dawson on 26th February 2018
Happy birthday dear cous, dear friend, Still missing your smile, your wisdom, and mostly your very priceless sense of humor!!! Hopefully youve found the right knob on your heavenly radio station and found conservative talk so that you can stay in the loop. Loving and missing you every day.
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 25th February 2018
Lou would’ve love the CPAC speech by Trump especially the story about the snake
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th February 2018
My dad was so special in so many ways. His love, his talent, his humor. ALL missed still. I can't believe you have been gone for 5 years. I can still hear you laugh. Still love the talks we would have. and great memories of fun things when I was young. Dad your presence is missed so much, but I know your "Home" and I could never wish you were back here in the painful body you had in the end. Just know there is a great void where you used to be and the only way it will be filled is when we hug again in Heaven. I am so glad you are still able to wake people up on earth to the logic of our Country. the rights and the very wrongs. I know you are up there wondering where a radio station is so you can add more talking points!! I love you and miss you dad! Love you. Squeeky (Sheree)
Posted by Judy Staples on 5th December 2017
Miss the quick thinking, soul speaking, of Lou Epton. I am a fan after he has passed - and he is still speaking.
Posted by Miriam Dawson on 22nd June 2017
Hi dearest cousin, sorry I missed your birthday! I hope you are still sharing your awesome humor with friends and fsmily. I am putting another candle on your birthday cake. Love and hugs. Always in my heart.
Posted by Tiffinee Epton on 5th June 2017
They say time does heal wounds, in a way yes they do but the human heart has other ideas. Your still very much missed and I find myself wondering "What would Lou do?". Well in a huge leap of faith on my end we are planning pod casts, vlogs, and other shows to keep the word out there and vision alive. 3 Different shows in the works, and here's where the what would Lou do come into it all, he would just do it. You know every time he would pull me onto the air for something I would shake the first 15 minutes. I dinno just why but I would. It wasn't until you told me that we were just having a conversation, then and only then I would calm down. I think the only reason we have yet to go on air is fear. I have not and I mean N O T done this without you. From production to direction to sales. You where there to fall on. You are kinda, So, Lou would continue and so shall I....no we.... it took a lot for me to write this. I just want to make you proud. Happy Birthday and well we had a party for you. Your fav, German Chocolate cake.
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 4th June 2017
Yes, Lou would be so happy to see Trump in office. Lou helped pave the way in free thinking for us to have a President like Trump. I'm free to talk to. 919-437-0001 --Jerry McGlothlinl
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 2nd June 2017
When I think of Lou, I think of better days. He did what he believed to be the right thing most of the time. Wish most of us could say that of ourselves today.
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 2nd June 2017
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dad. 88. wow. I wish you were here to celebrate it with us. Pop, you would be so proud of our President. He is a man of his word and it's so refreshing to have a President who not only cares about our Country but is actually working to fix it! I know you would be on the radio telling the "snowflakes" just how it is! ;-) I love you and miss you dad. sorry I haven't been here lately but I will do my best to come here often. Note to Jerry. I would love to call in one day. thank you for the offer. :-D Happy Birthday to the worlds greatest dad!!
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 26th February 2017
I miss Lou. He had the current day Trump vision for our country. He and a handful of other bold Americans actually did their part to pave the way for Trump to be President today. He was never afraid to interview my conservative guests. He was fearless. Hope his daughter Sher becomes a talks how host to carry on the tradition. We need more Goldwater Girls on the airwaves. Sher is welcome to call me at: 919-437-0001 or email jerry@specialguests.com to get on the air. Yes, Lou would have loved to have seen Trump as President. Perhaps he sees him with a better view!
Posted by Miriam Dawson on 26th February 2017
Hi there dear cousin, still missing you and your wonderful sense of humor. I can still hear your infectious laugh. I reached your age this year and only wish you had been here to share in the fun & memories, especially around the dinner table with your mom and sister Betty. We shared many an awesome fun filled meal. You would be so thrilled with the Trump presidency and hope you are enjoying all antics of the "snowflakes" . Much love and keep a place for me in your heart as I have in mine for you.
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th February 2017
I miss you dad!! I think about you all of the time and wish I could talk to you. laugh with you and talk about how the country has gotten so bad. Now with President Trump hopefully it will be better. I'm sure you would have been happy to have him be elected. There would have been so much to do and talk about it. You taught me well dad. I remember being a Goldwater girl and Never stopped having a love for the election process. Thank you for teaching me and teaching me right.!!! I just wish you were here to share this with.... I love and miss you dad!! Love Sher
Posted by Greg Patterson on 3rd June 2016
Lou...Everyone who heard you, or knew you... misses you...Lately ,many of the great ones you knew and interviewed are gone...Ted Gunderson, Fletcher Prouty, Aaron Russo,and countless others...a big reunion in heaven is forthcoming...The way our Republic is declining, you are in a much better place...God Bless You...
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 2nd June 2016
Lou Epton: A giant of a man. Miss you. Remember you well.
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 2nd June 2016
Happy Birthday to my Precious dad. A man of integrity, love, spirit, and so much knowledge. Thank you Dad for teaching me how to be a good American and love my country like you did. You are missed every day of my life. You touched so many people, its a blessing to know. I love you dad. I miss you with all of my heart. Give momma a kiss for me and tell her I love her as well. I don't know how I could have been blessed to have 2 fantastic parents!! Always loving you, Sherbear.
Posted by Stephen Ezra West - 'Dr E... on 9th May 2016
Lou, you were an awesome radio show host! So much gratitude for having my father and I on so many times over the past years! It's information the masses still have a great need to know - and don't! For all other family and friends of Lou, thanks for supporting him! Clarity University misses you!!!
Posted by Vin Suprynowicz on 31st March 2016
A lot of people are on the radio just to hear themselves talk. Lou was there to do just what it took to encourage his guests -- and the callers -- to do the talking. A real gentleman.
Posted by Miriam Dawson on 12th March 2016
Lou was my cousin on my dad's side of the family. We kept in touch over the years but we're never so close as when Aunt Bernice was alive. When I found out he had passed I felt a bright light go out. His sense of humor was amazing and usually had me rolling on the floor. I want his family to know I miss him too. It's good to know he was so loved by so many, myself included. I know he has a loving family in heaven as well. May God watch over you my dearest cousin.
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 25th February 2016
Hard to believe it's been 3 long years since the passing of Lou Epton. What a fine man who left many positive memories.
Posted by Greg Patterson on 25th February 2016
Miss you Lou...Listened to your show every night...See you in heaven...You fought the good fight ...We had a lot of fun...
Posted by John Carman on 25th February 2016
I was just thinking of Lou in the last couple of days and the interviews we did in Las Vegas. I lost another dear friend just last November named Rodney Stich and he also did interviews with Lou to help expose the corruption in the Government. We also lost another associate of Lou's named George Putnam, so I guess Lou will NOT be alone. There are plenty of other Great people to help Lou watch over us. I miss Lou and pray that he watches over us all and protects us. After all, Lou is very close to the Creator and he can make some really good recommendations. God bless!!!
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th February 2016
Hi papa. I wanted to come in today and verbalize how much I miss you. I think about you all of the time. I still laugh at things we used to laugh about, and just remember times when I was younger and things were great. I miss you so much. We all miss you. I know for a fact that you would be very vocal and involved with this years election. I even know who you would be rooting for to win. Joe and I are both on the same page as that. I know you would be as well. I miss your wisdom and input. I miss you calling me by my nickname you gave me. LOL. I just miss YOU. It's hard to believe its been 3 years. I know your in heaven and it seems like a blink of an eye but the selfish me wish's you were here still. I am sure you and momma are together and both praising the Lord. Can't get better then that. The bible says that you can't return to us, but it also says one day we will all be reunited. I look forward to that day and we will be together always. I love you dad with all of my heart. Love, Sher. ohhhh p.s. Louie still misses sharing YOUR snacks with him. LOL he told me that the other day. ;-)
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 21st June 2015
Hi Poppa. I wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers day". I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a big hug. Coming in here and seeing your smiling face always makes my heart feel better. I hope you can feel all the love in Heaven that is here for you. One day we will meet again and then I can hug you and thank you in person. I love you Dad. xoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 2nd June 2015
Lou was one of a kind, a free thinker and a person who waned to do the right thing and to help make the world a better place. And in many ways he did that.
Posted by John Carman on 2nd June 2015
Happy Birthday Lou !! I know you are around here watching over us all.I was just thinking of You and Las Vegas in the last 24 hours and then this friendly reminder confirmed it. I am so glad to have met you and to have interviewed with you and wished you were here much longer cause America needs people like you more than ever. We are all going thru so much lately, it is mind boggling. I need help too and it is not easy being a whistle-blower now. I have expanded my belief systems into areas most common folks will not be able to grasp. In any event, I know now that you are free of the burdens we have to go thru here and maybe you can do a little favor for us ALL? You are in all of our Hearts and Minds and THAT is really important.God bless you and your family. Love always to you and your Family., John Carman (6-2-15)
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 2nd June 2015
Happy Birthday to the best dad ever. I love and miss you so very much. I know you would have looked forward to and enjoyed your cake today. :-D I know your blessed in Heaven with no worries or concerns. That makes me happy though the void of your presence is felt daily. I love you. I also wanted to thank the wonderful individuals who knew you and loved you that post here. I don't know you guys personally but you sure knew my dad! He would be fighting for what is right still if he were here with us. He was stubborn and for all the right things. Thank you for your posts and tributes to dad. I hope you will continue to pop in whenever you feel like chatting with dad. God bless you and your families. Love, Sheree
Posted by John Carman on 25th February 2015
This is so weird, but not where the Lord is concerned. For the past 2-3 weeks I have been immersed in special "research" dealing with Jesus, sacred anointing oils, religious medals, etc which keep me occupied on these certain subjects for very long periods of time.It is like a little "obsession" that my Spirit is guiding me to. Just in the last 24 hours I was perplexed and thinking heavily on Las Vegas and then gradually towards some radio shows I did with Lou Epton.My Memory isn't as good as all that, but sometimes I surprise myself.(I'm 61 now and getting a little older) That was it !!! I was thinking of Lou just before his anniversary. WOW! Lou must be communicating something and I always keep my mind and Spirit "Open" to receive special messages from God and I have had a few. Lou was one of the best all time favorite radio talk show hosts I have ever dealt with or had the pleasure of talking to as only a few of the Masters like Lou and George Putnam were the best in the field and knew their subjects and how to do an interview. I do think of them all but remember the best of them with special love and consideration. If it wasn't for people like Lou, the "Messenger" could not be heard. I am trying my best to get the message out to everyone, but some can not hear. Lou knew the importance of the Message. I am up very late and thinking of YOU LOU!!! God Bless you and! I know you are getting this message and maybe you will give me a little "signal" to me or thru someone else you know to let me know you are okay and are surrounded by God's great Light of LOVE where you are. I Love you ! and thank you for what you do !!! ...John
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th February 2015
Hi Dad. :) Today is the 2nd anniversary of your home going. Hard to believe its been that long. I love coming in here to see your smiling face in the pictures. I do however hold on to Hebrews 11:1 and know without a doubt that I'll see you again one day. At least I know your happy, whole and enjoying our Lord. I love you with all of my heart and always will. Thank you for everything papa. Love you, Sheree
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 1st November 2014
Hi dad. :-) Its been awhile since I was here talking to you. I miss you! Today was Halloween. Lizzy went to a party at her friends. Can you believe she is old enough to do that? wow time flies. Louie and Will went out trick or treating with Joe, and then later with Tiff and Joe. They took them back to the Rosemont addy block. Not a lot of kids out this year but it was just about to rain so that might have had an effect. Rick put up the big blow up movie screen in the front yard and ran his Halloween cartoons. EVERYONE around here loved them. Its always fun. I was watching them for a bit also. but then came in to watch a Laker game. We needed your positive reinforcement to win... because they lost.. again. "sigh" oh well. maybe next time. LOL. Anyway Poppa. I wanted to let you know I love you and miss you. Love you always Sher
Posted by Greg Patterson on 31st October 2014
Been a while since I talked with you, Lou....waiting to see you in heaven...love ya...Greg Patterson...
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 14th June 2014
Happy Fathers Day dad, ( tomorrow) I dont know what each day will bring so I wanted to make sure that I was able to say happy dads day and to tell you that I love and miss you. This is the 2nd dads day that you have been gone and I cant believe how fast the time has flown by. I love you dad, Lynn
Posted by Chris Bly on 12th June 2014
To my friend lou and his family that I never got the chance to know.im very saddened to find out that u passed away.I had the honor and pleasure to work with lou at kxnt years ago when I was a young man starting out in the radio biz.lou was kind and gracious to me even when I screwed things up running the board for his show lol.over the years I have often thought about lou and the things he taught me.as what I call myself a radio junkie....lou's shows were some of the very best I ever listened to.not to mention educational.lou inspired me to get informed and opened my eyes to the world around me.my love for my country liberty and freedom I owe in large part to him.thank you lou for what u did for me...I will never forget u as long as I live....sincerely chris
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 2nd June 2014
Happy Birthday Dad, I sure wish you were here to hug and tell you happy Birthday and that I love you. I miss you dad and miss your funny humor and even your ornery ways at times. It is hard to believe that you have been away for as long as you have. Seems like yesterday when I came over and saw you. I love you dad, Lynn
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 1st June 2014
Hi Poppa. Before it gets busy and time gets away from me, I wanted to come in and let you know how much I love you. Also, this Monday is your Birthday. I can't believe this is the second birthday that you have been gone from us. I sure miss your silly whitt, and how you would make me laugh. I have your picture on my desk and love seeing your smiling face every day. I just wish I could give you a big hug. Happy Birthday on Monday dad and happy Fathers day too. I love you. Sher
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 30th May 2014
Hi dad, Thinking about you a lot lately and with fathers day coming up I think of you even more. We sure miss you, and really wish we still had you with us. Im planning on moving out of California and starting over again. It is to hard living here because the cost of living is to high and with Joe passing away here it makes it even harder. It was a toss up between vegas and colorado springs, but im leaning more to colorado lately because I loved it there and I have a friend that lives there that I am starting to close relationship with. Anyway dad, please know that you are very much loved and missed. Love as always, Lynn
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 4th May 2014
Hi Dad. I havent been here for a while, but it dosent mean that I dont think about you. I love you dad and miss you very much. Im doing ok I guess, just taking one day at a time and still missing Joe a lot. Im sure you see him often and one is just as ornery as the other. I have gone back to just using my maiden name of "Epton" because I never changed it to my married name of Sheldon. I finally got brave and went and got my driver license and stuff so now im legal again. lol I love you dad and I will write again soon. Lynn
Posted by John Carman on 3rd May 2014
I did a radio show with Lou back in 1995-1997 or so and wish he was still around. It is coming up on his anniversary and I just happen to hear his name. I also did some radio interviews with some other Great radio talk show leaders like George Putnam. I wish we had more and more great Patriots like Lou and others so we can educate the public. God bless you Lou and I hope you are watching over us all. We need all the help we can get. John Carman, former U.S. Customs, Secret Service, SDPD, etc.... www.customscorruption.com Love You Lou !!!
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 25th February 2014
Dad, It is hard to believe that tomorrow you will have been gone for a year already. Time sure goes fast anymore. I have a hard time keeping up. Im sure you know that my Joe is up there with you and momma and everyone else that has gone ahead of the rest of us still here on earth. I love you dad and miss you very much. I sure wish I could talk to you and get your advice but I know you can hear me and have your way of helping me. Love you a lot, Lynn
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 25th February 2014
They don't make talk show hosts like Lou anymore. He did a lot of good while here on this earth. May we all do likewise.
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th February 2014
Poppa. It's been a year today that you went "home" to Jesus. It's so hard to believe it's been that long. You are just as missed today as you were last year on this date. You are loved today just as much as you were before. We all miss you so very very much. As I sit here looking at your picture it hurts just as much as a year ago. I love you dad. Huge hugs!! Sher
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 1st January 2014
Dad, Wanted to say Happy New year to you and say that I love you and miss you very much. It has been a hard year and glad it is over. It is going to take me quite awhile to be ok with losing both you and Mark in the same year. It hurts like hell. Always know that you are loved and very much missed. Lynn
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas dad. This is the first Christmas that you have been away and getting to celebrate in Heaven. It must be amazing there! You are missed so much. I know you love Christmas. Always know your loved!! Please give Momma a big kiss for me. Make Mark feel at home too. I love you dad! Merry Christmas
Posted by Lynda Sheldon on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas Dad, I miss you very much, and I love you bunches. As you im sure know by now have another family member in Heaven with you now. Joe ( Mark) left me to be with you and mom last week. I miss him so much as I do both you and mom. I feel that my life will never be the same, and it all hurts so much. Please take care of each other for me and know you are loved very much. Lynn
Posted by Sheree Anderson on 1st December 2013
Thank you Jerry. :-) That was really appreciated.. and true! Dad had a huge presence and was never afraid to speak the truth. It's a shame more people are not like him these days. Sheree
Posted by Jerry McGlothlin on 30th November 2013
I still miss Lou. He was honest, feisty and represented the best of a generation with few people left from it who are as active as Lou was. He was a great radio host and a good friend.

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