"Carpe Diem: Seize the Day" - Louise
  • 81 years old
  • Born on July 7, 1932 in White Plains, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on October 7, 2013 in Laguna Niguel, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Louise Crandall, 81, born on July 7, 1932 and passed away on October 7, 2013. We will remember her forever. We encourage you to share your thoughts and photos!
Posted by Karen Thomas on 24th December 2018
Thinking of you Mom, On Christmas Eve. Always such a special time in our lives - growing up with you. Larry, Cheryl and I have great memories of all of us piling in the car in the wee hours of Christmas Eve morning, driving up Angeles Crest Hwy’s twisty roads, to make a campfire breakfast of hot coffee, with fried eggs and bacon (in Mimi’s cast iron skillet). You always taught us to truly appreciate the important things in life - carpe diem! And Merry Christmas!!!
Posted by Larry Crandall on 5th September 2018
In about a month it will be five years since your passing. I have remembered and relived your last days many times - the overpowering feelings of wanting to help and feeling powerless, of letting you go and letting God take over. I have remembered countless wonderful younger days and adventures as well. Cheryl, Karen and I were indeed blessed to have had you as our mother, and you provided the foundation upon which we have been stable and successful individuals. Today I listened to Rachmaninoff's Second Symphony, and as I do each time I hear that moving work, I thought of you. I thank the Lord for keeping your gentle spirit safe, and thank you for the love and light you brought into this world.
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 11th October 2017
Mom, I feel you so close all the time and I miss your full, radiant presence so much. I can’t believe you’ve been gone for four years now. I’m trying to do things down here that you’d be proud of...I’d SO love to see your smiling blue eyes one more time. Thank you for being the best mom and role model a girl could ever have.Your joyous heart, deep love, indomitable spirit and passion for life are always with me, guiding my way. Thank you, with all my heart, Cheryl
Posted by Larry Crandall on 7th October 2017
I've been thinking about you today and yesterday, the fourth year since your passing. You are missed and loved every day, and I am ever grateful to you. Xox mom - Lawrence
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 7th July 2017
Mom, It's hard to believe another year has flown by and it's your birthday. It is a beautiful day today - just the kind of day that you would love! I think of you so often and know that you would want all of us here to think with JOY on all the wonderful memories we've shared. So I do. I honor the part of me that misses you and I smile and feel SO MUCH love from the memories of loving you - and BEING loved by you. Thank you - for everything. Love always, Cheryl
Posted by Larry Crandall on 7th July 2017
Another Birthday already! You would have turned 85 today. I have prayed many times that you would find the father you lost at a tender age, and I hope that you and he are together commemorating this most important of days for you both. Sending love to you as always, and I feel your love for me as always. Happy Birthday mom.
Posted by Karen Thomas on 24th December 2016
Missing you Mom, on Christmas Eve! Love you always- xoxo
Posted by Karen Thomas on 7th October 2016
Mom - thinking of you today, missing and loving you... xox Karine
Posted by Karen Thomas on 8th July 2016
Love you so much, Mom, and thinking of you on your birthday. You have left such an amazing imprint on so many people's lives, and you are greatly missed.
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 7th July 2016
Thinking of you, Mom, with so much love and appreciation. Happy Birthday and we feel your love always, just like you said we would. Xox Cheryl
Posted by Larry Crandall on 7th July 2016
Happy Birthday Mom!
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 8th October 2015
Thinking of you, mom, today, with much love and appreciation. xox
Posted by Chris Hernandez on 7th October 2015
Lulu shaped my family in more ways than I can fully put words to. Because of her nearby location, Lulu was the predominant grandparent figure in my life who demonstrated her special touch for hospitality, support (in many ways), fun and wisdom. Though in her final years she was afflicted by memory loss, Lulu never seemed to forget to remind me how proud of me she was for the small things in my life. Through her encouragement of others and appreciation for beauty all around, she was a living reminder that little, ordinary things in daily life can be magnificent. Her courageous, driven, and positive perspective on life was contagious to all those who knew her and is among the qualities that I am reminded of as I think about her today. Lulu - thank you for the ways you've influenced myself, my family, and all who were privileged enough to know you! Your life and spirit lives on around me.
Posted by Karen Thomas on 8th July 2015
Happy Birthday Mom! I think of you often and love you always!
Posted by Larry Crandall on 7th July 2015
Happy Birthday mom -
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 7th July 2015
I love you, mom, and am thinking of you today, on your birthday. Thank you for everything. Xox
Posted by Laura Brugnoni on 8th October 2014
Dear Cheryl, I just viewed all the wonderful photos of your mom and especially loved the one of her so young and beautiful in her wedding gown talking to her grandmother --- and I loved the one of your lovely family with her. She lives on in you and your children and I am certain she is beaming from heaven with love and pride. This is a beautiful tribute page you have set up and you are wonderful and loving daughter. The apple didn't fall far from the tree! Thinking of you and sending love, Laura (Howansky) Brugnoni
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 8th October 2014
Mom, Thank you for being the best mom in the world. Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to your friends. You still inspire me and, I'm sure, many others. I miss you so much, but I feel you with me all the time, just like you said I would and I still see you sitting in the front row whenever I sing. I'm giving you a huge mental hug, until we meet again. xox Your little bird
Posted by Larry Crandall on 7th October 2014
Dearest mom, you passed one year ago to this very hour. I still deeply miss you. I also celebrate your life and how many lives you touched in so many ways! Sending you love this day and always.
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 7th July 2014
Happy Birthday, Mom. We are thinking of you today, with great love and appreciation. You are always in our hearts. xox forever
Posted by Michael Sarver on 23rd December 2013
Dear Larry and family, We are sadden to hear of Louise's passing, and want to offer our condolences to the entire Crandall family. I was fortunate to meet the entire Crandall family, and realized, years later, that she had a profound influence in all her children, and essentially everyone she knew. What an inspiration, full of life, love and happiness she always seemed to share with everyone. Thank you Louise, for inspiring those around you, and having a wonderful family. Our best, Michael/Margi Sarver
Posted by Thomas Paden on 29th October 2013
Hey Cuz, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your Mom was one of my Father's favorites. He had a special place in his heart for her. This is a lovely tribute to your Mom. Love ya, Your Cuz in TN
Posted by Jana Van Dyck on 19th October 2013
I remember when I first met your mom-I was so impressed by her Grace and beauty! Although it was a short blip of time that we shared-I feel impelled to stay in touch with the wonderful children she raised. Larry, Cheryl and Karen-I cherish the time spent with you guys-you are all very special people and I know your Mom is who made you that way. Heaven got someone special!
Posted by Martin Hernandez on 19th October 2013
Louise was always uplifting to those around her. She handled the challenges of life with courage, strength and grace. Louise did not shy away from difficult tasks but took them on without hesitation. She showed what belief and confidence can accomplish. Her great love for her family was mutual and we hold fast to her through the wonderful memories of that love.
Posted by Debra Cullen on 18th October 2013
Elegance, beauty, and such a loving heart shining through her eyes. Go with God, lovely lady.
Posted by Catherine Eklund Mares on 18th October 2013
Dear Lulu, I was truly blessed when you came into my life. The Light of the Lord shined in everything you did. You were a "Difference Maker", an angel on earth who was more that a mentor, best friend and mother to me...you taught me how to laugh. I will treasure my memories and honor you in my heart forever. God bless you dear friend and love always.
Posted by Chris Hernandez on 17th October 2013
Lulu, my favorite "money tree fairy" I've ever had! Always thinking of how you could brighten your friends' and family's day, I am so lucky to have experienced such an others-centered, loving, and sweet individual who I still experience daily through my mom. Thank you for shaping the life of our family just by being you! We love you!
Posted by Jessica Hernandez on 16th October 2013
I will always remember our day at Mission Viejo lake. It was a special day and celebration for my birthday as well as the first time Joeys parents and my parents met. We collected many leafs.. cherished memories. Lulu ur not physically here but ur in our hearts always... which is even more special. Heavens got a beautiful angel... Jessica
Posted by Mary Ring on 15th October 2013
Louise was my mentor and close friend for 44 years. She was an inspiration during our entire friendship. Louise filled her world with light and love for all to share. llegitimi non carborundum was one of her mantras. And she didn't. What a GREAT LADY! Louise will be missed and lovingly remembered.
Posted by Lynn Gabrielson on 14th October 2013
Dearest Cheryl and Family, "Louise was such a beautiful example of love and light to us all. On behalf of our entire spiritual community, please accept our most heartfelt sympathies. Our loving thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this most difficult time.Remember that we love and care about you."
Posted by Jane Berry on 14th October 2013
The word that best describes Louise is "grace". She truly was a gracious lady. She had a smile for everyone she met. She took obstacles in stride and didn't let them shake her. She didn't complain even in furstrating circumstances, and she was always beautifully dressed. She was a happy person who enjoyed life wherever it took her. A brave and courageous woman, she'll be missed.
Posted by Gretchen Cassady on 14th October 2013
Dear Cheryl and Family, I am so sorry to hear of Louise's passing. She was a true lady & carried herself with such grace. I remember how she would come every Sunday you sang at Spirit of Life. Always wearing a color coordinated hat, she would sit in the front row and would just beam when you sang, Cheryl! I know how you will miss her. Love, Gretchen
Posted by Karen Thomas on 14th October 2013
Mom; your energy, spontaneity,dedication, and love for life inspired me as I was growing up. You taught me to never give up, to always strive to be the best I could be, to inspire the same in others. You taught me to be confident, and to take risks.You instilled in me a love of nature & family, thru our many camping trips & adventures. I wish you peace, and love you always and forever. xox
Posted by Jeannie Gonzales on 14th October 2013
I will miss her smile and her way of cheering people up just by being there. My heart is sad.
Posted by Cathy Agne on 13th October 2013
I had the opportunity to meet, and spend time with Louise on several occasions during my friendship with her daughter, Cheryl. I remember her being a vital presence --- funny, bright, engaging, and kind. I recall one dinner we shared when she got avocados to ripen in a microwave. It must of been her unique gift, because I was unable to replicate. God's blessing to her family.
Posted by Joe Mulroy on 13th October 2013
Last week I started wondering how she was after not seeing her for a long time. I'm sorry to hear she'll no longer be brightening your performances with her cheerful presence and that your family must carry on without her at the top. I hope she finished her memoirs and was not in pain.
Posted by Laura Brugnoni on 13th October 2013
Dear Cheryl and family, I was so sorry to learn of your mother's passing. This is a beautiful tribute and in the many photos, I see her face in yours, Cheryl. May the love of family, friends and God see you through and bring you comfort and peace. A part of her remains here in you and your children.
Posted by Lori Del Padre on 13th October 2013
Dear sweet Cheryl, and family, Thank you for your light, love and honor that you have shown your dear sweet mom. We continue to pray for you as you go through this difficult time of mourning-- missing your mom--"The LORD is close to the broken hearted." Ps. 34:18... then remembering--interactions with your mom, and then rejoicing--that she is with Jesus! Ps 84:1,2
Posted by Lori Del Padre on 13th October 2013
cont. from message below...Ps. 84:1,2 "How lovely is your dwelling place. O LORD Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart, and my flesh cry out for the living God."
Posted by Lyn Pickell on 12th October 2013
i will never forget "Aunt Louise". My middle name is after Louise. I was so blessed to have Aunt Louise and her children in my life. Most of my all time favorite childhood memories are of these special people: at the beach, pool or playing charades. Aunt Louise was always so positive and filled with love. Our two families will remain forever friends!!
Posted by John Henri on 10th October 2013
Thank you Louise, for so many fun times and sharing so much great music. I always loved being together at Cheryl's performances, and NOBODY knew how to throw a great party like you did!
Posted by Chris Winn on 10th October 2013
Louise discovered joy in the rare, the right, and rarely in requisites. A soul ready to experience the newly created. Hers was and is a heart full, not of instruction, but invitation to the ecstasy of mystery. She soars to that for which she was created. We were blessed to experience great love from Louise and the family of her creation. With love, Chris and Andy
Posted by Chris Decker on 9th October 2013
Louise was like a second mother to me during my developing years as a teenager. She showed me that life can be full of adventures and it didn't take massive planning. There were times we'd all set off up US 1 to explore, with no destination in mind, only a shared experience with what mattered to her most, her family. As a single woman (at that time) she showed me courage and love for life.
Posted by Mike Goodrich on 9th October 2013
Louise always had a zest for life and a smile on her face. I enjoyed talking to her and hearing what she was up to. It is good to know that she is at peace now, and, I am sure, spreading her enthusiasm and good will in heaven.
Posted by Cheryl Hernandez on 8th October 2013
There are no adequate words to express the depth of love, loss and yes, joy, I feel at this time.So, Mom, I'll share a bit of the note I wrote last night after you passed." Beautiful Mom. I love you so much and I always will.I have so many wonderful memories to cherish of our time together.Thank you for your incredible love.Thank you God for my precious mother whose soul lives on forever".
Posted by Connie Cairo on 8th October 2013
Mrs. Crandall, you will always be someone dear to my heart. You prayed all those years when my son was fighting Leukemia. The little red head angel you gave me still hangs by my bedside and will stay there for all of my days. Your compassionate heart and prayers were always so greatly appreciated. Such a warm lovely lady who raised one of my dearest cherished friends, Cheryl.
Posted by Harlene Nichols-Goodrich on 8th October 2013
Dearest Crandall family - Your mom will, I know, be deeply missed. Whenever I think of her I think of her smile and the way her enthusiasm could light up a room. I loved her quirkiness - her joie de vivre. I was fortunate enough to be invited to one of her "angel" dinners which was celebrated with much love at her awesome & gorgeous table. I embrace you all with love. God bless.
Posted by Larry Crandall on 8th October 2013
I will always remember your spirit and zest for life, your commitment to helping others and family. I have so admired your courage in the face of life's challenges. You are truly an inspiration and are loved by so many. You are dearly missed, Mom. Be at Peace.

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