• 29 years old
  • Born on May 9, 1979 .
  • Passed away on November 15, 2008 .
This memorial site is for our beautiful Louise. Louise was born on Wednesday May 9th 1979 and on Saturday November 15th 2008, Louise's life was taken, at the age of just 29 years old. Louise, this is all for you, my darling sister. We miss you so very much. You are so very special. I miss you every 2nd of every day. You mean so much to me! I can't believe what has happened, I'd give anything to see you, to see your smile, to hear your voice, to hear your laugh, to hold you and tell you just how much I love you. I hope you like the poems: Poem 1: From the time that we were little, I knew you’d always be Not just a loving sister But a caring friend to me. A shoulder I could cry on, A helping hand in times of need, A cheerleader to lift me up, My angel in both word and deed. We told each other secrets; We giggled and we cried. We shared our joys and sorrows-- We were always side by side. We have a very special bond; I knew it from the start. Poem 2: Your ear to ear smile brought joy to us all As my sister you knew just what to say When I felt worthless you helped me stand tall Now you have gone, how I hated that day I feel my life has been torn apart You taught me how to be strong, loving and wise I know you live on, inside of my heart Though everyday a part of me dies But when I think of you it helps me go on So I thank you for all the love you have I still can't believe that you are now gone When you left you were so brave Not only were you my sister and friend But you always had a hand to lend I love you Lou, with all my heart and soul xxxxxxx
Posted by Jo Ward on 24th July 2009
I love you Lou, I miss you so much, my sister, my friend, my star xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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