Always on my Mind

Shared by Anne Mota on January 30, 2022
Jayson, I know that your spirit sees into my heart and is assured that your memory lives on inside of me. I know your spirit sees inside my mind and is assured I think of you so much, so often.  I love you and miss you terribly. You are now with the Father.  God bless you and keep you always.  

Love Mom

Shared by Kathryn Preston on January 30, 2022
Hi Jayson, So many friends & family contacted me this January 2022 & thru the year remembering you. Jayson so many people drew strength from you.  They enjoyed your laughter, compassion, music, your gifts of art & friendship. So many great qualities in you. Mark & Kendall are planning to be married this year. We will be sure to pay tribute to you at that time. I will always love & miss you. As always I will be happy for you that you are in Paradise. Heaven must be beautiful. Love n heavenly blessings

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