His Life

The Start

A year ago Dureing 2009 A guy named Trey1416 Decided To create a mafia family. He decided to make a powerful family, a family unlike no other. a family that stands together in the worst and in the best he decided to create The Luciano Mafia Family. He had trouble getting Members at first but he got an idea. Invite random people. so he did. and he invited almost everyone in mafia includeing JayLuciano. But jayluciano had a family. it was called Wisin Family so Jay Gladly declined the invite. and messaged Trey1416. he said "Hey ill join your family if i become underdon." So trey invited him and he became underdon. it was great for a few weeks but then trey invited jay one morning and said "You Shall become lucianos next Don for i have to go." And so it was. (Jay Truly became a well known don.) But he felt he needed more. so he invited someone by the name of HipHopPoet. and she became his consigliere The Luciano empire was strong! afterwords HipHopPoet (Eve) Decided to merge with serlino. and Don Jay decided it was a great idea. but as the months passed Jay felt he wanted more..he wanted luciano mafia family so he took down serlino and became Don Jay Luciano Once again. and the family got big...about 8 months later he met Costello Costello was lead by ToxicH3arts and Jay felt she was a good friend. they hanged out every morning. and as the time grew jay decided for costello to become lucinao propertie a merge. and they became a respected family but costello wanted more so they destroyed luciano and became costello once again. Luciano never became the same. But Greatly JayLuciano Recreated The family and is looking For power respect loyaty and No more merges but sadly 4 months laterwe decided to end it once