Posted by Rethea FOSTER on November 29, 2020
Dear Loving Friend Lucy, Catherine and I know you have claimed your inheritance in heaven. You have done Gods work through your love and generosity through out your life. You have a special place in our heart , as well as so many others. We will love and miss you forever Catherine Spitalieri Barker, and Rethea Foster in Alabama.
Posted by Rethea FOSTER on December 3, 2019
What a beautiful heart and positive spirit. We will cherish all the wonderful memories we had with this dear friend for so many years. We love you Lucy, Catherine Spitalieri and Rethea Foster from Alabama.
Posted by Lucy Geha on December 2, 2019
Where do I begin?? I was named after her, inherited her arms, her height, her legs, her bubbly personality . Now if I continue on this path I am guaranteed a long life with my family and friends beside me. This was a standing joke with us. She would say can you believe I'm 90, 91, 92, etc etc and I would say keep going. . The longer you go on, so will I . Everytime I called she would say when are you coming to visit me. And anytime she visited the first thing she would say is What do you have for me? She was more than an Aunt she was mother and a friend. I think what I'll miss most are the faces. The many faces of Lucy. If she didn't like something that was one face. If she didn't like you that was another face. Sooo many faces. Rest in peace beautiful one. You will be missed
Love Lulu
Posted by Linda Leary on December 2, 2019
Lucy was a kind, loving, and giving person. If you were her friend, she was a friend for life. There are so many fond memories I would not know where to begin. My mother and her were close friends and got to know Lucy as a young girl. We would see her 3 or 4 times a week because she lived around the corner. We would look forward to her visits. Lucy will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to her family! You had a Wonderful Mother in Lucy!

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