her Life

5 Months

It's been 5 months today since you passed. I miss you so much and so many questions still unanswered. I still find myself wanting to just pick up the phone and call you. Feeling lonely and missing you 2 feelings that do not work well together at all.
I can't remember saying that your celebration 0f life went really well.  Praise God and all those who helped make it so special. I love you Mom always always!!!

I'm sorry

Mom, I miss you so much. I still go to call you a lot. Different parts of the day and night I get this overwhelming feeling that I should call or did I forget to call. Its crazy but I think its you. Every day Mom. Hopefully Danny has spoken to Don about having your memorial there. I'm sorry its taking so long we didn't want to disrespect Don by going around him. I'm praying for August there are 3 Saturdays and 3 Sundays to choose from. I kept telling you to write your wishes down. Anyways the last thing I'm sorry for is not finishing the story of you (just below).

Its been hard I love you mucho mucho 

Mom's Start in Life

  My Mom (Lucy) was born 4-23-39 To Jose and Rose Ramirez. There were 17 children but they lost two early on.  Of the 15 remaining she was #12. (if anyone knows different and can elaborate please do). She was named Lucy Ramirez, no middle name. (I'ḿ not sure why most likely Grandma ran out of names after 9 daughters). 

There's a family tree on ancestry that has a good number of entries.  All of the children of Jose and Rose.. theres some help needed for the extended families of those children.     https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/tree/41180604/family

to be continued......