This tribute was added by Donna Jennings on November 22, 2019
Love & miss you sweet lady!
This tribute was added by Pam Maffei on November 21, 2019
Hi Mom been marathon watching Christmas movies these last few days. Reminded me about how much you loved to do that. There are so many. I miss you so much and when things happen I still go to the phone to call you. I still have your last message on there. I smile, I cry, I love you too!! mucho mucho!!
This tribute was added by Pam Maffei on October 31, 2019
Hi Mom just wanted to tell you that today more than any other day you've been on my mind. So just wanted to tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you. Just was thinking about the day I came to help you take down your tree. You shared some history on special ornaments and how you kept trying to get give them all to me. I think you knew that you probably wouldn't be here this Christmas with us. When it hit me this reality I went behind the tree and quietly cried. Damnit it hurt so bad.  I love you!!
This tribute was added by Pam Maffei on May 11, 2019
Mom... season finale tonight on Blue Bloods Jamie and Eddie getting hitched after all these years. Good match I think you would agree... Miss you. Don't think I am or was as ready as I thought to say good bye . I never will be and only let go because you were in so much pain. You stayed in pain to be with us cuz that's what you did and who you were. One more hug one more smile one more "mucho mucho" I dream I could have with you. Just thinking out loud and on paper ;)
This tribute was added by Pam Maffei on May 10, 2019
Hi Mom it's almost been 3 weeks since we lost you.. I know you not in pain now and that's all that counts.
This tribute was added by Pam Maffei on April 8, 2019
Morning Mom, I love you and miss you so. You were so good to us and loved us mucho mucho. When we said our goodbye and I said "mucho mucho"our special phrase you smiled and hugged me tighter. You'll be in my heart always. I will remember you when I laugh hard (we were told we laugh the same) and talk to you always. I promised we would be ok and we will. It's just a little hard right now and until things are settled with you I won't be ok. Love you and I'm on it. I Won't drop the ball God Bless you Always

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