Posted by Pamela Lewis on July 4, 2021
My dearest friend Lucy, the world has lost a beautiful light. Through many tears I have such great memories of our times together at LaGarita Ranch. You were always so welcoming to our family at the pool and to your cabin. You, Dean and the boys always treated us like family. I'll never forget when our girls went swimming and the pool chemicals tangled all their long hair on top of their head, you were there to patiently comb one head while I did the other. I remember the time you came to my rescue when one of the wait staff left their pen in a apron and there was ink all over our guest tablecloths and we had to hairspray all the ink marks out of all the tablecloths. I remember you and Dean and us always laughing over chicken spread over lentils... You always brought sunshine, a listening ear, a deeply caring heart, a contagious laugh. We are all better for have known you and loved you. Our hearts join in the deep heartfelt loss that Dean and Jeff and Andy and families are feeling these days. You will always have a very special place in my heart.
Posted by Nina Hays on June 27, 2021
Lucy was one of the sweetest most loving people I have ever met. She and Dean have been very close friends with my parents my whole life!I have so many childhood memories spending holidays at Lucy and Deans house running around with Andy and Jeff. She was always so nice. Lucy will always be in my heart!! I’m sending so much love to Dean, Jeff and Andy.
Posted by Cal Banning on June 25, 2021
Today, I once again looked at Lucy Harpers lovely Wedding Portrait. Wow! What beautiful Bride! I know a little something about Weddings, since I just gave one for our daughter Bailey. During all the unending work, I would take peek at Lucy's photo gallery, bridal portrait and reading all the sweet words for Lucy while I was folding pink linen reception napkins. On the morning of Bailey's Wedding, as my daughter and Cal entered the Chapel, sunlight flooding behind them. I instantly thought of Lucy in her dress, in 1969 taking her first steps down the aisle towards Dean. It's all the living that comes after that special day that makes the difference and what a life they lived and built together!
Lucy was the type of person that when she walked into a room, you just knew everything was going to be OK. We have a very large family and with that I often feel overwhelmed & overworked and I'm pretty sure I have overdue library books in the trunk of my car. Lucy would always say she thought I was doing just great! Don't you just love a person like that! It's like the scene in Bridget Jones Diary, where the handsome, sophisticated Mark Darcy tells the disheveled and awkward Bridget Jones that he loves her just the way she is. Lucy loved her family and friends like that. You were gold in her eyes. She appreciated the people in her life and visited about them with me often. I heard about friends from multiple states, children and grand children. You know, all the really important stuff.
I'm not sure how Cal and I made it here in this beautiful part of the world, with these fabulous people of our little community in Colorado. In looking for a place to retire, we could have ended up on some solitary dock by a lake or holding down a chair at a country club. That's not all bad, but we would have missed out greatly! We would have missed out on so many friendships and knowing Dean and the lovely Lucy Harper.
So here's to Lucy!! extraordinary wife, mother, grandmother, friend and beautiful bride.
With Love,
Lee Anne Banning


Posted by David Mayo on June 25, 2021
You will be missed Lucy. Your constant smile, innocent humor, and caring nature were a constant presence throughout our time together. You always opened your doors and invited me into your house and you were always attentive and quick to please. One of the last times we saw each other, you and Dean hosted my wife Darmin and me at your house in BV; you treated us like family. Sitting on your balcony watching over the Arkansas River Valley, we caught up on life's happenings over a glass of wine. It was peaceful and relaxing. I know you are resting in peace now. Thank you for the memories. Much love, David
Posted by Virginia Fuller on June 22, 2021
Lucy is our Special Sunshine! We are blessed with her generous loving friendship, cheerful smiles, laughter, bright spirit for 45 years, which we will treasure in our hearts forever.
Our Love to Dean, Jeff, Andy and families,
Ginny and Bob Fuller
Posted by Winnie Johnson on June 21, 2021
Dear Andy, Jeff and Dean
You all are in our thoughts and prayers. I have many happy memories of Lucy at our Gourmet Club's dinners and East HS events. Lucy will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her.
Posted by Ann Merrill on June 20, 2021
Lucy came into my Classic Aerobics class at PebbleCreek many years ago. She stood right in the front row. She always had the biggest smile on her face. Lucy was so very caring about everyone in the class. She was kind to everyone, generous and always appreciated a good workout! I will miss Lucy with all my heart ❤️
Sorry for your loss:-(
Ann Merrill
Posted by Fred Balmos on June 17, 2021
Lucy was a great friend and very special neighbor. Being with her was always a
warm and happy time. She loved hearing and telling stories along with the tall tails that were full of laughter. She brightened the room with her energy and smile and the occasional tequila shot. We miss you Lucy, very much.
Love and prayers to Dean and family....
              Love always Fred & Sharon...Jason & Christy
Posted by John Boudreaux on June 17, 2021
The world needs more people like Lucy Harper.  She made our entry into PebbleCreek enjoyable with her warmth and smile, her interest in what we were doing and her introductions to her friends. Regardless of the down times, Lucy was able to pick me up with her grace and understanding. It is such a shock to learn of her passing. She will be missed bigtime by many.
Posted by Jeannette McElroy on June 16, 2021
To Dean and family - I'm so sorry that you all have suffered this great loss. Please accept my deepest sympathy and love.

Posted by Dana Strongin on June 14, 2021
Although Lucy was petite in stature, her big personality always filled the room with laughter, enthusiasm and joy. She is sorely missed by many, but we were all very fortunate to have known her.
Posted by Mary Jo Fenoglio on June 14, 2021
Lucy.....a gentle, caring, thoughtful and loving person. Knowing Lucy was such a blessing to our lives. Playing pickleball without her will be so hard. She always scheduled our time on the courts so we could have that time together. Her smile when she greeted us just brought such joy. I will always think of her when we pick our lemons as we gave them to her and Dean so she could make Limoncello. The last time I saw Lucy was when she brought me a bottle before leaving for CO. I will always cherish the friendship we had. God needed an angel and he picked her.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Dean and family. We loved her and will miss her terribly.

Tom an MJ Fenoglio
Posted by Jason Balmos on June 14, 2021
I did not know Lucy for a very long time, but I am sincerely grateful for the privilege of her friendship. She was always an excellent hostess, and a person I enjoyed being around. She was one of a select few that my mother liked to spend time with whenever she visited. Simply put, she made the world a better place, and she will be missed. Rest in Peace Lucy, and thank you for everything. 
Posted by Emily Grotta on June 13, 2021
Lucy, you brought so much joy into the life of everyone you met that it's hard to believe the world without your smile, your energy, your pep and your love. John and I send love to Dean, Jeff, Andy and the rest of your family. May her memory always be a blessing in your lives.

Posted by Barb Mark Bruce on June 13, 2021
Words cannot fully express how very much Lucy meant to me. She was one of the kindest, most caring, giving, and most loving people I have ever known. She was such a generous soul, and had an amazing ability to make a person feel like they were special. It didn’t matter if a person was an extremely established talent, or if they were still “searching” for their “talent”...she made you feel like you mattered.

Lucy was one of the first friends I made at Pebble Creek. We met at a weight room orientation, that resulted in our going for coffee. It was the first of many coffees....and I’m not sure if either one of us ever used the weight room..... Lucy’s warm, and magnetic, personality soon drew many wonderful new friends to join us for coffee, and we became a phenomenal group of friends that met socially. Lucy got us together, and she was the glue that held us there.

Now, every time I enjoy a cup of coffee, or spend time, with those friends, attend a fitness class, or play pickleball (especially, when the score is 1 - 1 - 1), I will think of fondly.

Mark (who says that Lucy was one of his favorite people, ever!) and I, loved Lucy so much and will miss her terribly.

We pray for Dean, Jeff, Andy, and their families. May knowing how very, very, much she loved you (she told us often) bring you comfort and peace.

May you Rest In Peace, Lucy,

Mark and Barb
Posted by Kathy Luders on June 11, 2021
I first met Lucy through exercise classes at PebbleCreek. Her sweet spirit drew me into her immediately. Our friendship blossomed to include coffee after workouts, pickleball, many social gatherings and two very special unforgettable summer trips to The Harper's mountain home. I cannot imagine the world without you in it Lucy, but will cherish the memories and am honored to have known a remarkable lady. God smiled upon you and spared you of pain. All of our love and prayers to you Dean and your family.
Gary and Kathy Luders
Posted by Joe Hopkins on June 11, 2021
Lisa and I continue to be shocked by Lucy's untimely and unexpected passing. As neighbors part of the year in Goodyear, AZ we were well aware of her sterling qualities: Always upbeat, pleasant and fun to be with. We mourn her loss with Dean and other members of her family and friends in Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere.
Posted by Cal Banning on June 11, 2021
We moved to Game Trail in 2012 and it didn’t take long to realize how lucky we were to be here at this place and time. We quickly had the opportunity to meet Lucy and Dean at a number of neighborhood social events. Over these years, we became closer friends as a part of a wonderful group of neighbors. We had come to love Lucy and have truly been blessed to have had so many fun times together. We will forever remember that smile and her bright outlook on life! I can’t ever think of a time when she wasn’t such a fun, happy and sweet part of our gatherings. While we were heartbroken at the news of Lucy’s sudden passing, she will always be in our thoughts and those thoughts will always bring a smile.
Today Heaven is an even happier place!!
Cal & Lee Anne Banning
Posted by Barbara Spano on June 10, 2021
I first met Lucy when she was walking past our house over twelve years ago. She stopped to talk and we just seemed to hit it off. When she left she said,"You've got to get to know me. I'm a very nice person you know!" Then she smiled and laughed as she walked away. And it was so true. Lucy was a very, very nice person! I later ran into her again at the fitness center and it was the start of a wonderful friendship. I will always look at the front row right hand spot and see Lucy there. I'll hear her turn around after class and say, "Coffee?" Lucy was the kingpin of our coffee group and it just wasn't the same when she wasn't there (which was hardly ever, because if Lucy was in PebbleCreek she would always want to be at coffee). The friendships she developed there meant the world to her. She was warm, caring, funny and someone you could confide in and you knew she would keep it confidential if you asked her to. I thought of her as a very good friend and this year we seemed to get even closer. We walked Robson Circle together and there was never a hint that she wasn't feeling anything but great. She always, always said how happy she was with Dean and how lucky she was to be married to him. She truly loved her beautiful family. Lucy was so special and she will hold a place in my heart always!
Posted by William Skaer on June 10, 2021
My wife and I have known Dean and Lucy since college days. Needless to say, it was a terrible shock to hear of her sudden and unexpected passing.

There are no words to express the loss of someone so vital to her family as Lucy. Only the love and memories of her family can help heal the deep wounds.

Take care of yourself Dean.
Posted by Dean Harper on June 10, 2021
To my wonderful Lucy:
My days are touched by the joy you brought, My heart comforted by every moment we spent together (all 51+ years) and my soul lifted by the goodness and love I'll always know because of you.
(Adapted from a Hallmark card but I feel it fits.)
Posted by Taru Hays on June 10, 2021
Bill and I have known Lucy for over 50 years and never seen her angry or unhappy.she was always calm, collected,and willing to help. Lucy loved her family and friends and was there to help with what ever needed to be done.We will miss Lucy forever as we lost a good friend of long standing and a great human being.
With lots of love and great memories,
Bill and Taru♥️
Posted by Matt Branch on June 10, 2021
Lovely Lulu,

You carried so much light and connection with you. So caring about others' experiences. I didn't know you as well as I would have liked, and I'm so grateful for the time we had together. The world is a bit darker for your passing, but I hope we all can carry a bit of your light as we continue on our journeys. May you rest in peace always.
Posted by Henry Schmidt on June 10, 2021
I never had the privilege of meeting this wonderful lady but I am hopeful that
Dean and his family will understand my thoughts and prayer for you as you grieve.

Hank Schmidt
Posted by Dona Legarza on June 10, 2021
Oh lovely Lucy, Lucy, heart is torn in so many pieces, I don't know how I will ever recover from the loss of such a wonderful, joyful and loving  true friend. We had such a warm and wonderful friendship that does not come along very often, and I take comfort that our friendship was that and much more.  I will forever remember our long walks sharing our private thoughts and curing all the world's ills. Life has a way of taking the best of us and leaves wonderful memories to fill the void. You will always be close to my heart and deeply missed until the end of time. We will meet again and I look forward to seeing that sweet, sweet smile. Love you forever, my dearest friend. May God watch over the love of your life, Dean, and your wonderful sons, granddaughter and your family. May they have comfort in knowing that you were loved and will be missed by so many.
Posted by Donald Clark on June 10, 2021
We were privileged to have Lucy and Dean for neighbors in PEbbleCreek AZ. It was always a joy to encounter Lucy as she was going to play pickle ball, exercise, or just coming out to visit. She was so upbeat and happy. She would look for ways to help us. We are grateful to the Lord for knowing Lucy, and we continue to pray that Dean will somehow find peace and comfort.
Posted by Steve Sproul on June 10, 2021
Dean, I pray that the Good Lord helps you find a way to fill that hole of emptiness in your heart. 
Posted by Devon Schad on June 10, 2021
Andy and family,

May your mother’s memory be a blessing to us all. We know how incredible of a woman she was by the son she raised!


Devon, Kelli, Eliana and Ayla
Posted by bobbi young on June 10, 2021
Lucy's energy, joy and happiness - bursting out of that tiny body, was amazing and an inspiration. We feel so blessed to have had Lucy a part of our lives the last 5+ years in Pebble Creek and will miss her dearly. Sending our love and prayers to the Harper family,
Brad and Bobbi Young 
Posted by Dr. Conrad Nightingale on June 10, 2021
Dean, Family and Friends
Wish and Pray the days go better from this time forward as you remember the many special times you shared together. Nancy and I share you grief and only wish we had got to know Lucy on a more personal level. Blessings from Texas.
Posted by Maria Porter on June 9, 2021
Even though we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, the visits we had over the years will be fondly remembered by us. Lucy was so engaging and fun loving and a truly kind person. Beginning with Andy and Sarah's engagement, followed by their graduation, wedding, some holidays, we shared joyful occasion with special long lasting memories. She will be greatly missed by our families and gone too soon. Love and prayers to all.
Lance and Maria Porter
Posted by Rachel Gildea on June 9, 2021
I was blessed to have both Dean and Lucy as neighbors in Buena Vista, Co. They both were quick to make us feel welcome. Lucy was the perfect host when we had get togethers and made beautiful dinners that inspired me to be more creative. I loved sharing a glass of wine with her and just talking! Speaking of being inspired, immediately when I met Lucy, I knew she was a gentle soul, kind, funny, never speaking ill of anyone. Always positive, an encourager, even to me as I shared my own struggles at times when we’d go for walks down the trail. It is heartbreaking to lose such a bright beautiful light from amongst us, but I am sure she is looking down from heaven with all the love she’s always had for Dean and her family and friends. May you all be comforted with this emanating love. Prayers for Dean and the entire family.
Posted by Judie Varnum on June 9, 2021
I always looked forward to coming to Game Trail in the summer and spending time with Lucy. Lucy had a light in her smile and eyes that just made me feel happy. I never knew a more positive or kinder person. We had good times hiking, shopping, having a cup of coffee and much more. No matter the activity it would be special because of Lucy. She will be greatly missed by all that knew her.
Posted by Elizabeth Nasal on June 9, 2021
Lucy will truly be missed by all who knew her, she had an gentle and kind spirit that endeared her to people .She loved her family passionately
and truly enjoyed her Grandmother time .We never know when we will be called to Heaven
but God needed another Angel by his side . Unfortunately sooner that we would have wanted . Lucy will be watching over her family and she will always be with them . Love never dies .
The pictures of your life together were perfect .

Sending you comfort with all your happy memories together,
Joe & Bebby
Posted by Steve Rogers on June 9, 2021
I never got the opportunity to get to know Lucy very well, due to vet school and the separation that our life journeys imposed, but the times I did visit with her, I found her to be a sweet, fun, lovely young women. I remember well, your wedding and how pretty she was and as you know, you were a lucky man. May God be with you during this trying time!
Posted by Philip Guthrie on June 9, 2021
A wonderful lady who will be missed by all who knew her. The photos on the tribute page seem to capture everything we wanted to say but could not find words for. We were privileged to" double date" with Lucy and Dean on their first meeting, and have counted them as best friends ever since. Spending time with them in college, in California and at their home in Colorado are among our most cherished memories. Kind, loving, caring, joyful, spontaneous, none of these seem adequate, but all come to mind. We are forever grateful for the times we had together. Always in our heart. Phil and Linda 
Posted by Benton Snyder on June 9, 2021
Although we only met Lucy once at the twenty year class reunion, my wife enjoyed visiting with her a great deal.  My wife remembers her as being a very nice, sweet lady. They had the opportunity to visit for a couple of hours and has some very fond memories of Lucy.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Harper family.   Benton and Judy Snyder
Posted by Pallas Quist on June 9, 2021

Thank you for your immense generosity. You left a strong imprint on our family. We will always cherish Morrigan's summer camp experiences with you and Kate in Keystone - the word journals, the spa days, the swimming pool and the thunder cake. She was so lucky to spend that time with you, and she will always hold those happy childhood memories. Thank you for being a positive influence in our lives and in all of those lucky enough to know you.

With deep gratitude,
The Quists
Posted by Andy Harper on June 4, 2021
I love and miss you mom. I've never known anyone so kind, loving and supportive. Rest in peace.

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