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Win anyone over!

Shared by Lo Burgess on April 15, 2021
I remember going to my mother's shop and watching her work. The owners would let me run around, sweep hair and fold towels on a Saturday. While I am sure the work was to keep me out of trouble, I loved just listening and watching my mom be the light of the room. She always made everyone feel welcomed and could talk to anyone. The shops owner always told mom that she wanted to have my mom's work station right next to hers because she always made everyone  happy or laughing....This one time I came to visit my mother during her physical therapy for her knee replacement. I was told she was not in her room but still working I turned the corner, I could hear her from down the hallway. There was mom standing at the top of this make shift stair platform giving her "Thank you" speech as she was just elected President, to a room full of recovery patients laughing and smiling.  

So strong...a fierce role model.

Shared by Lo Burgess on April 11, 2021
While I have so much to share and say, endless words of emotions, today I just want to share how strong my mother was. She was so brave to come to a country where she knew no one but my dad. She raised all three of us practically at the same time as in years apart in age. When we settled into a rhythm of school, she went back to school to finish and find a career. I remember she even had an employer before she even finished getting her cosmetology license. Mom always took on as much as she could so we could have anything we needed. Her strength always came in the fashion of family first here and afar. One thing that she always showed me, was her selfless acts just to keep us all happy, even when we didn't know any better. I hope to be as strong as her some day. 

It's a Boy!

Shared by Kristy Burgess on April 12, 2021
One of my favorite memories with Ludy was telling her I was pregnant with my son, Nicklas!  I remember showing her the ultrasound photo and she looked at it- looked back at me- looked at it again- looked back at me and said "is it what it is?"  Haha - That was always our inside joke.  I can't really remember how it started, but whenever Lo, Ludy, Erik or I would open a gift and look at the box, we would always say, "is it what it is?" Anyway, I digress......I of course said, " is what it is!"  The smile and excitement on her face could have lit up a small neighborhood!  The genuine joy she had finding out she was going to have a grandson was really cool to see.  I remember her giving me a big hug and telling me all sorts of fun stories about motherhood.  It is a moment I will never forget!

Retirement Party!

Shared by Kristy Burgess on April 10, 2021
One of my favorite memories was your retirement party!  I remember singing the evening away with karaoke, lots of laughs and fun.  I remember all of the people that were there to celebrate you and I remember thinking of the impact you had on your colleagues and clients!  Not too long after your party, you and Steve packed up and moved to Arizona!  I am SO GLAD Erik and I were able to visit you in Arizona.  I remember your beautiful home and how excited Steve was to take us on a tour of the area!  We must have visited 5 casinos in a few hours!  It was great to see you both so relaxed and happy! Retirement definitely looked good on you!

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