My Cousin ❤️

Shared by Maureen Martinez on March 29, 2019

You where the cutest kid with big brown eyes and dimples. Had so much fun when you would come to the lake and hang out with us. Your hilarious stories you would tell us about camp Scully and Bim Chestnut. When my Dad would come home with a new movie for us to watch ad he usually did, and you would give the end of the movie away. The last time I saw you was around Christmas 5 years ago. Reminiscing about my Mom and how she called you " Loudie do" and the good memories we shared. You would tell us about your encounters with Uncle Nelson and how we would laugh. You would also tell us how he was your favorite Uncle and you thought you looked just like him. We let him think he did, ( yes there was a resemblance) but the older he got the more I would see Aunt Mary's face. Your hair and clothes were always impecably groomed and you always smelled good. Most of all he loved his family was loyal , loving , kind and so much fun to be around.  Love and miss you so much. ❤️


My boy

Shared by Mary Estrada on March 28, 2019

Luis had a heart of gold. I remember when he was born he came out ass backwards. He gave me a run for my money that was for sure but I loved him and I continue to love him and I hope people realize what a kind-hearted and loving person he really was.

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