My best friend Tito

Shared by Krystal Davis on March 29, 2019

I have so many memories of tito going back to when I was 17. We Were going to a concert and he bought us alcohol next thing we know we are pulled over. Tito is asked for a i.d he had like 5 different ones well let's say I tv didnt go well. I dated tit mko for 7 years and he stuck by my side through a lot of things he didnt need to and cld have turned his head the other way. I loved him and his son like he was my own treated him exactly how I treated my daughter. 

We dated for 7 years in that time we made so many memories.  We took the kids to the aquarium and faneuil hall, to the beach, my aunts house for cookouts and swimming at her pool. We dressed them up for Halloween and the park parties. Tito and I would go for rides In my explorer trying to get lost and find new places to eat or new places to find,we had our moments where we butt heads but who doesn't? Lots of time spent at the beach at night having deep conversation while smokinga bowl. I remember crystal clear the day we went and got each other names tattooed he was such a baby about how it hurt lol but he liked it he showed it off that he finally got a tattoo he never covered it, I'm sure it's because he didn't want to deal with the pain but he told me he liked it and he loved me I was his peoples  " your my peoples I love you sister" In that 7 years we learned so much about each other all the simple things like favorite movies together which there the same to this day M.I.B and the hangover movies. Eating Spanish food a couple times his family came to visit and 1 time his mom is yelling at me to eat fish off the bone and it was something I'd never done before and didnt know how to eat it so I just start picking the meat off and tito says save the fish eye for the end it's the best part. So I ended up eating the eyeball and he started to laugh his, he asked how did it taste? I was so mad that I are it and never had in his life! We had a  good 7 years together but everything must come to a end. Oops 1 more thing I made him. Cuddle and watch every single twilight DVD there was over  A weekend  poor  bastard lol

We didnt work out as a couple but he became my best friend he knew eeverything about me all Hope's, dreams,loses, he knew how to handle me at my worst. We either were together everyday or talked everyday. I'm lost without him the one good thing out of him passing is it brought me and maria his sons mother together and without her I'd be even more lost. I love you  Tito til we meet again fly high Love, Krystal 

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