The memory of Luke James will be with us forever here.....until I see you again in are a precious gift from God.....I love you and I miss you dearly little buddy.
  • 9 years old
  • Born on March 28, 2000 in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on October 29, 2009 in Arvada, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Luke James Spencer, 9, born on March 28, 2000 and passed away on October 29, 2009. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Sheila Brown on March 30, 2019
I missed writing your tribute on your actual birthday, but I thought about you ALL DAY!!
Mama had a terrible day that day! My car got wrecked, I found out your brother Anthony is back in jail again, and I had to go see the Periodontist, and found out I need $480 worth of oral surgery done. I was a wreck!!!
I am not a wreck so much anymore because you're gone though, because I know where you are!!! Heaven must be SO WONDERFUL, and I know that you're having a Glorious time with Jesus and our Loving Father, too!!! I bet you're snowboarding across the peaks of that place like none other! I knew you would get to be an expert one day....I just thought it would be down here in Colorado.
I sure do miss your brilliant smile that lit up the room! I miss our talks about Jesus, and how you always worried about your friends knowing about His Love, and going to Heaven, too.
I know that God threw a Great Party for you up there on your birthday to Celebrate the day He created Wonderful YOU!!! I hope you gave ice cream out to all the kids that came to your Amazing factory, too!!!
I love you buddy and I will see you when I get there!! It will be in the "blink of an eye", and then we will NEVER be separated again!!! ❤❤
Posted by Sheila Brown on October 29, 2018
Well Luke… has been 9 years since you left us so suddenly, and it never seems to get better. Event though I know you are with Jesus now, it still hurts to not have you with us sharing life down here. I will never forget your bold faith in Jesus that was always shared frequently while you were here, and your endless love for the lost and broken people you came into contact with!!! Thanks for continually prompting me to start that "Good News Club" at Fairmount Elementary School before you and Tyler kept that one going for 5 long years after you left!!! Your big brother is a United States Marine now!!! Although, I think you already knew that! Anthony lives back at home with us now, but I think you know that, too. :) You were the brightest light my life has ever seen, and I miss you terribly my little buddy. I will always talk about you....right up until the day that I step over into Paradise with you and Jesus!!! Give Grandma & Grandpa, Miss Kathy, Francine, Carson (Jayden's friend), Danny (my friend Linda's son), Kelly (my friend Debbie's son), Dan....and countless others I may have forgotten to mention a BIG HUG for me okay!!! I love and miss you so much, Luke!!!!! See you soon.....
Posted by Sheila Brown on March 28, 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Luke!!!! We all miss you so much done here in the earthly realm!!! It's hard to believe that you would be 18 years old today if you were still here!!! You will always be my little Lukie to me!! Your brother Tyler became a United States Marine last November!!! I am sure you looked down upon his graduation ceremony and SMILED HUGELY!!! I can see your sweet face wity that HUGE SMILE every day on my phone screen!!!
I love you son!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!! I will see you soon!!!! The day that we are reunited in God's Kingdom will be the most Awesome day EVER for me!!!
Posted by Sheila Brown on December 20, 2017
I updated your pictures here today, Luke! I love you and I miss you dearly little buddy!!!
Posted by Sheila Brown on October 29, 2017
Luke Buddy- we still miss you EVERY day!!!!! Your light still shines brightly in Heaven, but we sure do miss your smile and your pure heart to share the Gospel of Jesus down here!!! I know that you have been reunited with your beloved Delilah on October 16th when she left us here, and she was re-created in Heaven by Our Father God for your enjoyment once again!! That makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!! Give Grandma & Grandpa a BIG HUG for me okay!!! I love you little buddy......see you soon!!!!!!!
Posted by Shannon Smith on November 2, 2016
Dear Luke, I never knew you, but wanted you to know you have left footprints on my heart. I knew your Mom when she was your age, and as a mom, I know the heartache and misery is only cured with the beautiful memories you left behind. We sure could use more people like you down here, but you were needed for a higher purpose. Peace be to all who love you for they always will.
Posted by Bernadette Martinez on November 2, 2016
Hi Luke, Rest in Paradise buddy! I hope to meet you one day!
You have an amazing mom and she loves you very much!
Posted by Sheila Brown on October 29, 2016
My precious Luke..... it has been 7 years since you left us, and I think of you so often. I marvel in wonder at what you must be doing in your Heavenly home, and I know it is Amazing!!!! I have seen you a couple of times when you were snowboarding the massive snow white peaks of that glorious place!!! It always takes me back to our trip to Aspen in 2008, and how frustrated and sad you were that you were unable to snowboard......but you are now!!!
Posted by Renai Wiseman-Burton on March 30, 2016
Luke. I know your watching over your family. You are an angel.
Posted by Sheila Brown on March 28, 2016
Well, it's your birthday again today, Luke!!! You would be celebrating 16 years old!!! I often wonder what you look like in Heaven today!? You are just as cute as ever, I'm sure!!! ❤ We miss you very much down here in the physical realm, and I am sure you know that!! I have cried rivers of tears missing you, little buddy......but I try to stay focused on eternity, where we will be reunited again!! Thank You Jesus for that promise!!! Give Abba Daddy a big hug for your mom ok!!!
Love you so much.....until I see you again.....Mama ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Trisha Heldt-Brucker on March 28, 2016
Wow Luke , you would be 16
.well we know what your mom and dad would be doing.. - taking you and practicing driving..probably getting your license. I bet your glad in heaven you dont have to take any test anymore .im sure your you've already been
. Happy birthday Luke..phillip & Trish
Posted by Trisha Heldt-Brucker on November 5, 2015
I never had the opportunity to meet you Luke. Actually my husband and I met your your family months after you went to Heaven. Oh how we feel like we know you. Your, mom and dad, brother love you very much which I'm sure you are aware of. How much they miss you every minute of every day. I can't wait for the big reunion! Love, Phillip, Trish & Shawn ..
Posted by Sheila Brown on November 4, 2015
Luke, mama had a surgery on her shoulder on 10-29-15, which was 6 years to the day that you left us for your TRUE home in Heaven. It was a hard day to go under general anesthesia, as I lay there on that operating table, and thought of you on that date when my world was forever changed by our tragic, but temporary loss of you. I was in pretty bad pain all weekend, but Dad took me to Gunnison, and he took really good care of me for 4 days, as he waited on me hand and foot!! He helped me get dressed and showered, and he woke me up regularly to give me my pain medications, too. He is such a wonderful husband and father, as you know. We talked about you a lot, and how very much we miss you......and what you must be doing up there in that Wonderful Place!!! We visited, Crested Butte, The Blue Mesa and Taylor Resevoir, and Monarch Crest at the Continental Divide......all the mountains, forests, and canyons we saw were so spectacularly beautiful, but I bet it was NOTHING compared to the beauty that you have seen in Heaven!! We miss you so much little buddy.....and we are so happy that one day "in the blink of an eye", we will be reunited with you in our Heavenly home!!! Give Jesus a BIG HUG for us ok! Your brothers Tyler and Anthony are missing you, too!!!
Posted by Sheila Brown on March 28, 2015
15 years ago today, you made a grand entrance into our lives at Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado Luke James!! We were so excited for your arrival, and our lives were forever changed that wonderful morning!!! I taught you about the love of Jesus from a very young age, and you caught on so quickly! There were actually times in your young life, when I found the broken part of me feeling a little jealous of your love for Him.....but you taught me how to love deeper myself, as I watched your love for him in action. You always had a strong sense of right and wrong, and a charming way of keeping your own Mama accountable to the Holy God that you love so dear. I miss you all of the time, Luke......I think about you often, and I remember the legacy that your life left the world down here. You made everyone who ever met you smile!! You made some people mad, too.....with all of your innocent childlike preaching of the Gospel of Jesus....asking strangers everywhere we went if they knew the Jesus that you did.......and telling them how very much He loved them, too!!! I know that some of them will one day be personally thanking you in Heaven for sharing that with them!! It's not so bright and funny since you left, because, boy did you ever make us LAUGH!!! We just keep on going day by day.....longing for the day that we will all see you again!!! God's eternal promises keep me motivated to do good for others while I am here, and to remind people of you, and all you did that was so good!! I don't know the number of my days down here, nor do I know when Jesus is returning to catch up the ones that are here, who are waiting for that Glorious Day. I don't know how long I have until our reunion, since none of us knows when Jesus is going to appear in the clouds of Heaven to take us all home......but I will wait patiently.....and I will keep running the race to the finish! I will LOVE like every day is my last one here....just like you did, my precious son!! Until we meet again......and I get to see my Jesus face to face like you have......keep all of Heaven laughing with JOY until I get there!! Happy Birthday in Heaven Luke!!!!! I bet the party is HUGE!!!!
1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
"For the Lord Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord."
Posted by Sheila Brown on October 29, 2014
Luke, we all miss you so much buddy!! It has been hard not having you and your beautiful smile here, but we know that you are having the time of your eternal life up there!! Keep calling out your brother Anthony & Tyler's destiny from the Heavenly Realms!! See you real soon, little guy........Mama, Dad, Tyler & Anthony <3
Posted by Sheila Brown on March 29, 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE!!!! We sure do miss spending your birthday with you, but the celebration of the day that God created YOU must be AMAZING in Heaven!! We are waiting patiently for that glorious day when we are all reunited with you again! It will be as in the "blink of an eye" .....but we MISS YOU BUDDY! Say Hi to Jesus for me, ok!
I LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Mama
Posted by Sheila Brown on March 29, 2013
Sorry my tribute on your birthday was a day late, but I was not on the computer yesterday! I think of you every day buddy, and I can only imagine what you must be doing up in Heaven! I love you, son!!!!!! See you in the "blink of an eye"!! Say Hi to Grandma & Grandpa for me!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Mama :)
Posted by Sheila Brown on January 15, 2012
Luke was a beautiful gift from God that I treasured close to my heart for almost 10 years....and will into eternity. He blessed our family with such joy and laughter while he was here, and he will always be with us in spirit. He was the boldest little witness for our Savior Jesus that I have ever seen, and he told everyone about the wonderful love that God had for them. See you soon, buddy

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