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Miss you so much

March 1, 2021
Hi Daddy, know you are at peace and enjoying heaven with all the angels.  I miss you so very much and think about you all the time.  I know you still visit, let me know when you are around.
August 8, 2019
Happy birthday Daddy.  After all these years, it is still hard to believe you aren't with us here on earth.  Missing you terribly but know that you are full of peace walking down the streets of gold, visiting with Mom, Aunt Lena, Uncle Jack and so many other loved ones.  Please give Mom a big hug for me and tell her also how much I miss and love her as well.  RIP Daddy!!  Lots of love and hugs!!! xoxoxo
August 10, 2014

I think of Luke so often. I see someone that looks like him and stop look again. I know in my heart that he is well and happy and i'm so thankful for that. But here, we all wish he was available for a hug and one of his stories. I love you Luke, and I think of you so often, and I miss you. I hope you think of me once in a while.

Missing you today and everyday

December 29, 2013

Dear Daddy,

We are in the Christmas season and it is not the same without you physically in our presence.  Your spirit is here and I feel it all the time.  On Christmas day, as I do everyday, I though of you.  I remember the last Christmas we shared at Bubba's and when I gave you your house shoes you just cried.  You cried basically the entire afternoon.  You loved your family so much and maybe you were thinking about how much you would miss us, well we miss you.  

I can only imagine how wonderful things are in Heaven and I'm quite sure you are at great peace.  I know you visit and wish you would give me more signs of your visits more often.  I hope that I am living a life that makes you proud.  I am my fathers daughter and I love and miss my daddy very much. 

Your ever loving daughter,


Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

February 10, 2013

Honey Man....
We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary yesterday and I recalled our wedding day, Mike Pettit was our best man, we got married in Austin, Texas so that he would be our witness. You will always be the love of my life. I miss you every day that passes by. I will love you forever.


March 18, 2011

Luke. Gosh, there are so many facets to Luke. He had a tremendously tender heart, was opinionated, huggable, loving, and could fix or build just about anything to perfection, with pride that it was done right. He, I guess, loved everyone. If not, you never knew it unless you really ticked him off. He would tell family, friends, or  strangers "I love you" every time he saw them. I am certain he got some odd looks once in a while from strangers, but after a while, it was just accepted that this is what he was going to tell you. It really didn't mean that he agreed with what you were doing, or saying, and would argue with you until the sun went down, but when all was done, "I love you" is what he left saying. There were times when I just shook my head and walked off, and there were times I just wanted to hug him.

I loved hearing his stories and most of his jokes. He was funny, entertaining, and could imitate just about anyone. Luke was always neat as a pin and full of advice, whether you wanted it or not. When I think of Luke,  I see him sitting on his porch swing, asleep on the sofa supposedly watching television, at the kitchen table waiting for something wonderful that Brenda just whipped up, or helping her with her yard. He enjoyed making his wonderful brownies, fudge, and popcorn cakes and was always willing to share them.

If one of his kids or neighbors ever needed help with something, he was there. I don't think there was anything he wouldn't have done for me or my family, and I don't think there was anything I wouldn't have done for him. It is such a sad thing he had so many health problems. He was a people person, loved to go and do just about anything, be with his beloved Brenda, kids and grandkids, just take a drive, or visit those he enjoyed being around and telling his stories. Everything became a chore after a while, but still, he did what he could with some lever of comfort.

I do pray he is in Heaven, well in mind and body, happy and full of energy, doing what he enjoys doing, seeing and reminiscing with family and friends he once lost.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Luke was one of a kind, I loved him, and I truly miss him.


Our Time With Luke

February 27, 2011

Through time  we watch our children grow, our friends show the effects of time and the lucky ones get to witness the joy of watching grandchildren grow.  Luke, LOVED his grandchildren with his whole heart and sole!  He got that "Its the Gospel" raised eyebrows, wide-eyed, stern proud look when he would brag on his Grandchildren!  Renee', Rhonda, Desiree' and Bubba got a little less attention and consideration when the Grandchildren arrived.  He never loved his children less, its just that their "time" had pretty much taken a back seat to the light in his eyes for his Grandchildren!

In all this progression of time we sometimes forget time is taking its toll on us all.  Luke had been noticing the pitfalls of time in the past few years.  It was not a sudden"pink slip" in the mail, or headlines on Fox News!  No no, time was sneaky; it showed up gradually in Luke's mirror, in his hair, or the lack of it, and then his changing body.  Luke resisted the ravages of time by ignoring it, dismissing it and just flat refusing to acknowledge what time and illness were doing to him.  He felt insulted that time would have the audacity to affect him!  He usually "self-prescribed" a little ice cream, or maybe a bit of chocolate to make it better!

Luke had "appointments" with the effect of time.  Sometime he would sound discouraged and be teary-eyed when he talked about his age according to his birthday, or the way he felt on a particular day; but then, he would rally round and be ready to take on another day in good spirits!

A few days ago Luke acknowledged that the ravages of time and illness on his body was just an aggravation and he was frankly just fed up with the battle.  I offered him soup to make it better.  Silly me, I should have offered chocolate cake with ice cream, crushed almonds, whipped cream with a cherry on top!

This time we share now is Luke's reward.  His sickness removed, his shinny dancing shoes on, his full self fresh and eager to go on with his new adventure.  His time with his Family in heaven has begun and he will brag endlessly to the Heavenly Father and all that will listen about how precious, smart, beautiful, handsome, talented and on and on . . . that his Children and Grandchildren are . . . for all eternity!

In remembering our time with Luke I know each memory of him will bring a smile to your heart for his humor, his colorful stories, his mischief and great joy he shared in the love of his family and friends.

To Luke, as who knew Luke heard him say before parting, or ending a phone conversation . . . "I love you" . . . 

" I'm gonna call your Mama"

February 25, 2011

Luke Romero Sr. was an original.  I loved seeing him and listening to the latest colorful joke that he had to tell.

Growing up, I used to always ride my bike from Woodway court up Spring Pines Drive (without my mom knowing) to where Luke and Brenda lived.  The ride was up hill all the way.  I would always pass Lukes house and suddenly hear, "I'm gonna call your MaMa. "I knew I was in trouble.  I would immediately turn around and make a beeline through the neighbor's yards (The Hommells and The Dosiers) to get back home before Luke had the chance to go inside and call my mom.  I know Luke got a kick out of that now that I think about it.

I will forever miss you Luke, but never ever forget You.

Love you,


The Romero Family

February 25, 2011

What can I say about the Romero family?

Well, I've know Des and her family for practically my whole life. I was looking forward to our high school reunion this summer, but not as much as I was looking forward to seeing this family. I wanted to come to Oak Ridge, to the house 'right off the freeway', and see the home that I spent so much time laughing, eating, being silly, and just most of all, being loved. I knew that there was one place that I could still call home when I came to Spring. I was just assuming that the same family would ALL still be there.

Although Desiree lives there now and we are older than our parents were when I recall all of these wonderful memories, I wanted to come "home" and be with the entire clan. I'm so sorry that that opportunity has passed. Brenda will not be the same to me without Luke right there to tease her, to make her use her silly "baby" voices and to crack me up with her cute faces. Seeing her in June though will make me realize that we shouldn't wait so long to make the opportunities to be with the ones that love us the most. He won't be there pestering Desiree by telling her she can't go out, she has to stay home and that she is grounded. Bubba, I really, really wanted to meet your girls and to see your father's face as he adored your family. Luckily, you have these amazing pictures of his granddaughters with him, loving him and making him complete.

I have so many memories of Mr. Romero. He loved to make us laugh, scare us enough to make us cry, and make us all feel adored. Thank you for the scavenger hunts, hay rides, slumber parties, and for teasing and laughing with us as we made our way through childhood, adolescence and young adulthood...It was meaningful and kind and I thank you for being a part of my life.

Until we all meet again, will you tell Dad I miss him. Ya'll have some laughs and share some great jokes. Des and I will keep each other company, take care of your brides and look forward to the day that we are all together again in the kingdom of God.

I love you, A.


Daddy's Hands

February 24, 2011

Dear Daddy,

My life has certainly been an adventure with you as you held my little tiny hand when I was just a baby girl guiding me through the days safely and as the years went by your hands would grip even tighter to mine..years of laughter and tears I could always feel you close to me. You taught me so much Dad to crawl, walk, how to love, how to give and most of all how to believe in myself and give all Glory to God for the good and the bad times in my life.

We palyed together, we worked together and we prayed together and for all of that I am thankful you never let go of my hands. 

 The memories I carry in my heart are much to many to put in this letter I would have to write a book. 

Thank you Dad for my life with you, you will forever be in my heart with my hands in yours.

Thank you for the last conversation I had with you when you said to me.."Say your Rosary Baby and everything will be all right, I love you"

I love you too, Daddy.. I am going to miss you so much..



Honey..I will love you forever.

February 24, 2011


Dearest Honey Man…..Oh how I miss you. If only God would allow me an hour, a few precious minutes to touch you, hug you, to tell you I love you with all my heart.  Our life together has been an adventure, good times and some not so good. However, it was our life… I would not trade places with anyone in the world. You will always be in my heart and prayers. You kept me safe. I knew I was loved. I shall love you forever.

Letter to Heaven

February 24, 2011

My Dear God,

I know you're up there waiting for our beloved Pawpaw. Something you probably know, but need to think about, is that my Pawpaw needs alot of love, alot of friends and family, and alot of gumbo. I've been told by himself and others that my sisters and I are his pride and joy, that he worshipped the ground we walked on. And a few months ago, I thought he was just an old grump, but now, I realize that he is one of the most important people in my life. His death taught me to love what you have.

Pawpaw was loved by tones of people and tons of family. He was both my hero at times, and my patient. He was a wonderful man and a great dancer at that. Although he and my Mammaw argued, they were in love. We will all miss him.

If you don't mind, please make sure that you get this to him. We all love him. We'll all miss him, he's always here with us, and I'm very proud to call him my Pawpaw.

When I was a bit younger, maybe seven or eight, I told him that when he dies, I will recite this poem to him from one of my favorite books at this funeral.

I Love you Forever,

I Like you for Always,

As long as I'm Living,

My Pawpaw you'll be.

Forever Love,

Lexi <3

Proof . . . God does have a sense of humor!

February 24, 2011
08 The Soft Goodbye

Luke was given a colorful adjective dictionary.  He made good use of it in his life with his tales and stories.  You know you remember one of his stories!

What some do not know . . . "Lukie ", as I called him, was a tattle-tell!  Being friends of Lukie and Brenda's over four decades I have had lots of adventures with Lukie!  We shared summertime picnics with our children.  We had some very entertaining parties together (in our younger "party" days)!  We worked together and had a million laughs along the way.   We have went through personal crisis, family loss, celebrations and growing older together.  In growing older, Lukie would sometimes get "tiffed" by Brenda and call me to tell on her!  Once, after a lengthy tattling on Brenda, I asked Lukie;  "You do remember who you called"?  I don't have a bit of sympathy for you!  I reminded him how long we had known each other and that I did have a pretty good memory!  He asked if I didn't have any little bit of sympathy for him . . . I replied, not an ounce!  He began to chuckle and said "Yeah girl, I know I probably deserve it"!  I agreed!  

My last call to Lukie was Saturday.  He told me he was tired of hurting all the time and feeling bad . . . "I can't remember when I didn't hurt", he told me.

Lukie closed our conversation like he always did with anyone . . . I love you!

Right back at you Lukie . . . 

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