Shared by Laurie Taylor on March 22, 2020
Rip Mrs Parker I will never forget that you taught me how to make gravy I couldn’t get it to turn brown you to me I wasn’t letting the flour get brown enough every time I make gravy I think of you continue resting til we meet aga


Shared by Annye Watts on August 7, 2016

Loved Ms.Parker. One Of The Wallace Mothers~She, Ms.Anne(RIP), Ms.Barara Jean Dison(RIP), Ms.Jerry, Ms.Hughes, Grandma Irene Garfield(RIP), Ms.Kennedy(RIP), and Ms.Mattie Winfield. Always Have Good Advice. Would Feed Anybody. Loved Her Candy Store and Chicken. Always Had Something Nice To Say, and Was Very Pleasant To Be Around. One Of The Many People Who Helped Instill Structure In Myself and Others. I Really Hate I Libed Out Of State During Her Passing amd Funeral, but The Memories Will Never Die. RIP, Ms.Lula Mae Parker

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