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Shared by Blanca Rodriguez on March 20, 2021
She was the queen of "*GROVE ST.*"❤️

To my queen

Shared by Blanca Rodriguez on March 20, 2021
Mom I want to thank you for always being the best mom you was to me nd all your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews,and everyone else you was good too,you was always worried about others being good, before you was ,your heart was pure of Alot of love and when you seen me or the ones you love go thru something u always Made sure u was there til the never left anyone behind no matter who it was fam or not that's why I'm blessed cuz I ended up in your arms when I was 2months old and after that I was the luckiest girl for having the parents I had ,I still can't except the fact that your gone but knowing how strong you thought me to be gives me strength to continue with life me and your grandkids miss you dearly and will always miss you r.i.p my beautiful queen
Shared by Marisela Maldonado on March 20, 2021
You always yelling at me cause I didn’t come to visit you I miss you abuela Lucy Just last week I was walking on main st to the restaurant and I had to stop cause you appeared in corner of grove in your wheelchair yelling for Ary while you watched the Puerto Rican parade You were they only one who trusted me enough to drive you around the trips to the stores and restaurants in your vanYour memories will always be with me I’m sorry I wasn’t around more I’m sorry I was there for you Rest in paradise I love you abuela Lucy

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