My China doll
Lydia Grace Shearman
  • 6 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 1, 2008
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Jul 23, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Pinky promise. Never forget.

This memorial website was created in memory of our precious daughter, Lydia Grace Shearman. She loved princesses, enjoyed gymnastics and was very outgoing...but more than anything she was kind. Her favorite food was chicken wings, she loved going to Grandma Bonnie’s house to watch TV, she loved getting dressed up, swimming and drawing. She was a blessing to many people and loved to sing praises to Jesus.  We will remember her forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Annette Shearman on 1st November 2017

"Birthday Wishes
I wish you were here
I wish I could hold you and kiss you
I wish we would could be singing, eating chocolate cake and opening presents
I wish we were decorating the whole house
I wish you would be blowing out 9 candles
I wish you were dressed in your favorite shiny dress
I wish your friends were joining you for your celebration
I WISH wishes came true
I wish you the Happiest Birthday in Heaven.
I wish to see you soon!"

This tribute was added by Annette Shearman on 1st November 2017

"Birthday Wishes
I wish you were here
I wish I could hold you and kiss you
I wish we would could be singing, eating chocolate cake and opening presents
I wish we were decorating the whole house
I wish you would be blowing out 9 candles
I wish you were dressed in your favorite shiny dress
I wish your friends were joining you for your celebration
I WISH wishes came true
I wish you the Happiest Birthday in Heaven.
I wish to see you soon!"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Flynn on 20th August 2017

"Jeff and Annette, I just read Jeff's Facebook post about the purple balloon that came to your yard yesterday.  You don't often find balloons coming out of the sky.  A purple balloon. In your yard.  When you were both there.
I want to remember Lydia always.  But I think that here God was saying He remembers you.  So do I.  In remembering Lydia I think of you too.  Never forget we love you too."

This tribute was added by Mary Hobson on 23rd July 2017

"Thinking of you Lydia Grace...<3...Thinking of your Family...<3...May the Joy and Memories you shared provide Comfort and Peace...<3"

This tribute was added by Valerie Kittel on 23rd July 2017

"Praying for you today to be comforted by the Lord, friends, and family. We miss having you close, but know we never stop thinking of you.

Much love,

The Kittel family."

This tribute was added by Lisa Thompson on 23rd June 2017

"This is very beautiful.  She is a precious little girl."

This tribute was added by Valerie Kittel on 23rd June 2017

"Hi Annette and Jeff,
I think about you so much. I love you all.

Valerie Kittel"

This tribute was added by Kim Riek on 1st November 2016

"Happy Birthday Lydia.  Thinking of you today and everyday.  Forever missed and never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Mary Hobson on 1st November 2016

"Dear Lydia--In heaven, but still in our hearts. We LOVE You and MISS You!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY...<3"

This tribute was added by James Rager on 1st November 2016

"Happy 8th Birthday Lydia. It's still hard to believe you are gone, but we will never forget you. You are loved forever."

This tribute was added by Michael Kainaroi on 25th July 2016

""If ever there comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart, I will stay forever"
Think of you everyday!! Your smile, your amazing enthusiasm for life, your sweet heart and your beautiful eyes. Things will never be the same but we need to live life just like you. Kindness, love and a zest for life are great qualities to live by. Memories of you make me smile!! I hope we can keeping trying to smile and make you smile as you look down from heaven.

With Love Always,
The Kainarois"

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Flynn on 24th July 2016

"Dear Lydia, this marks the first anniversary of your presence with Jesus. I know you are beyond happy, but we are sad today missing your presence with us here. Loving my kiddos a little bit more today.  Through this year, the light of Jesus you left behind has prompted me to more patience, and greater love for my family.  You are a precious blessing. Praying your family receives great love and tenderness."

This tribute was added by Deidre Lambert on 23rd July 2016

"Been thinking of this cutie all week. Can't believe it is a year ago today that you were taken from us to join our heavenly Father. Always in my heart and mind. Praying for your sweet family today and always.  Miss you bunches.  <3 <3  miss that sweet smile and giggle oh and you teasing us all. But I especially miss those hugs! ((((((Hugs))))))"

This tribute was added by Kim Smith on 23rd July 2016

"Today it's been a year since you went to heaven.  Sometimes, it seems like yesterday that you were at my house playing with Remi, and other times it seems like it's been forever since I've seen you!  Today I was thinking about the journey you took to get here, to Johnstown, PA.  Your mommy and daddy waited so long for you.  The first time your mommy saw your picture, she fell in love with you and knew that you were made for their family!  You fit in perfectly, like a missing puzzle piece!  We don't understand God's plans all the time, but we know that God sent you here to touch so many peoples lives, and to bring people to him, and you are still doing that while you are in heaven!   Everyone misses you soooo much, especially your family, but we know that we will see you again, and will spend eternity all together...forever!!!  Love you!  Kim"

This tribute was added by Patricia Bowers on 23rd July 2016

"I have no words....God knows what's in my heart because I tell Him all the time.  Will always love you, miss you and NEVER, EVER forget you!  I "pinky promise"!!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Hobson on 23rd July 2016

"Can't believe that it has been one year since the "Tragic" Accident!!!  Time has passed, but the hearts that Love You still Mourn...<3  As BEAUTIFUL as a child you were here on earth, I'm sure you are one BEAUTIFUL ANGEL looking down on those you love.  The Sweet Memories you made here on Earth help us to deal with your loss.  You will ALWAYS be with us in our hearts...<3"

This tribute was added by James Rager on 23rd July 2016

"It's been 1 year since you've been gone, Lydia. We all miss you. R.I.P Lydia."

This tribute was added by Lisa Burkhart on 31st December 2015

"Remembering this New Years Eve of sweet Lydia's first posts from China. And all our excitement to finally meet this little girl whom we prayed for with her family so often!
Thanking the Lord for those "firsts" we got to see her do and to just blessing the Lord for allowing us the privilege to know Miss Lydia.
We pray often for you all Jeff, Annette, and Zach. Knowing the Lord will strengthen and comfort each of your hearts this coming year.
We are missing her so much and too look forward to the day of seeing Lydia again before the presence of our Lord!!
What a day that will be!!
And all because of what Christ did for us all!!
We love you all!"

This tribute was added by jill mcclurkin on 1st November 2015

"Today was Lydia's Birthday.  We lit lanterns tonight in memory of her life.  I could hear her saying "its just like tangled" with her sweet voice and vibrant smile.  She forever impacted our lives and the lives of my girls Reagan and Laurell.  She will never be forgotten.  We thank God for being able to be part of her life here on earth.  She truly was a gift."

This tribute was added by Kim Riek on 1st November 2015

"Happy 7th Birthday Lydia. This is your first birthday in heaven and my mom just joined you. Even though we miss you dearly, I know we will see you again.  Beautiful dedication service for the new wing at your church in your memory.  You are forever loved and will never be forgotten.  We love you!!!"

This tribute was added by Patricia Bowers on 1st November 2015

"Happy Birthday, dear Lydia!  It's not the same without you here to celebrate your special day....but we felt your spirit as the Christian Education Wing was dedicated in your memory and honor today at Faith Chapel.  I watched videos of you singing and was flooded by so many memories.  You're with the One who created you and how awesome is that!  I'm so honored to have spent these past few years with have touched me in so many ways.  Love you, friend, and will never, ever forget you.  "Pinky Promise"!!!"

This tribute was added by Kim Smith on 1st November 2015

"Today, on your birthday, Lydia, we will celebrate your life and all that you mean to us, and all that you tought us.  We miss you SO much, and love you SO much, and can't wait to be with you again!
                                                     We Love you!  Ryan, Kim, Brady,
                                                        Calli, Cassi & your buddy Remi"

This tribute was added by James Rager on 1st November 2015

"Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Lydia. You are sadly missed, but forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Patricia Bowers on 28th August 2015

"This smart, bubbly, dancing, caring, loving, giving child came into our lives uniquely chosen......she left it the same way.  I, for one, will never be the same.  I love you and miss you so much, Lydia.  I know that you're in the arms of your Heavenly Father looking down at us, grinning with that grin of yours.  I can't wait to see you again and know that, because of your witness here on earth, others have come to know the Lord and you'll be there to meet us one day!  I hope that you can't wait, because we sure can't!!!"

This tribute was added by Mary Hobson on 17th August 2015

"While on earth, we don't always know why things happen. We do know that a SPECIAL LITTLE GIRL was given to Jeff and Annette Shearman. Lets not forget Big Brother Zachery. They Loved her and took such Good Care of her. Grandparents and other Family provided more Care and Love. This made Lydia Grace the "Beautiful Blessing" she was to all she met. Just a child, but she brought Joy, Happiness, and Love to all she came in contact with.....The Lord took her home. This had to be Tough!!!  Knowing though that He is providing for her, hopefully gives you Peace. I pray that All the Special Memories you shared help you to deal with your loss. She is ALWAYS with you in your heart.  <3"

This tribute was added by Bonnie Berkebile on 16th August 2015

"Lydia was one of the sweetest girls I've ever known and she was one of my daughter, Alyssabeth's, best friends. Lydia would come over 3-4 times a week and play with Alyssabeth while the mommies and daddies walked the track. Every day Alyssabeth would ask me if it was a walking day because she couldn't wait to play with Lydia. Alyssabeth would sit on the deep freezer in the garage so she could see down the street for their van. Sometimes she would sit there for half an hour because she couldn't wait to see her. Alyssabeth attended Sunday night clubs with Lydia and would always want to go play at least two hours before church started. Lydia was so special to her and she misses her like crazy (and so do I). We love you Lydia with all our hearts and can't wait to see you again some day."

This tribute was added by Kim Riek on 13th August 2015

"Jeff and Annette,
I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that I am praying for you all.  May your memories of Lydia bring you joy and peace and know that someday you will be together again.

Take care
Susan Hambright (Kim Riek's sister)"

This tribute was added by Eileen Gray on 11th August 2015

"We will NEVER forget Lydia.  She was so full of joy and life. We were truly blessed to have known her and I'm sure she is asking Jesus a million questions!  RIP, dear Lydia.  We'll be seeing you again.  You are so very loved. Thank you for being a part of our lives.  Mike and Eileen Gray"

This tribute was added by Kim Smith on 11th August 2015

"Lydia will always hold a special place in my heart.  If I had to describe her in a single word, it would be "LOVE".  She loved everyone she met.  She loved the way that Jesus told us all to love..

John 13:34-35 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

I remember meeting Lydia for the first time and my girls and I taught her how to do a somersault.  I was amazed at how intelligent she was and how quickly she learned!  My girls loved her and thought of her like a little sister.  I was blessed to spend time with her and have memories of her when I watched her after school.  She loved to play Barbies with Remi, get icecream from the ranger BEFORE we ate dinner, and loved to eat lots of pistachios!   The memory I love the most is when she would walk in my house, she would run right to a photo album that I had and open it up to a picture of Ryan kissing me at the beach with the ocean in the backround.  She would just stare at that picture forever,  with a big smile on her face.  She loved "LOVE".  

I truly believe that God new that Lydia would only be on this earth for a short time, so He searched the whole world over for a family that would give this special little girl the most love, and would show her the love of Jesus, and that's why He picked the Shearman's to raise her.  In the short time that she was here, she was loved by so many, and she loved so many.    

Lydia, we love you and miss you so much!  We will see you again someday in Heaven!  

                                                  Kim Smith and Family"

This tribute was added by Aneesa Almaguer on 11th August 2015

"Ok really didn't know her but I always saw her when we had parent pick up and she would just play with everyone and be nice to the even though I didn't know her she was still like a friend rest in peace Lydia and your family are in prayers"

This tribute was added by Bridget Turner on 10th August 2015

"I believe God put Lydia on earth to show all that goodness can be.  She taught us the meaning of love and kindness. She was always happy, singing, dancing and telling her little stories that made us laugh. For someone her age it amazed me how giving and selfless she was. She would come to Cliptations and bring toys, books etc. she always shared them with other children, even showing them how the electronic games work.  I have many memories of Lydia, but one favorite. A little girl was at the salon with her father. Lydia was trying so hard to make friends, but the girl was painfully shy. I told Lydia to try the lollipops that we have in a can for children. Lydia got a big grin, she took the can over to the girl, who practically crawled through her father. Lydia asked her if she'd like a lollipop. The girl started crying. Bless her heart, Lydia looked devastated and said to me "what did I do?" I walked around the desk and hugged her and explained that she didn't do anything. So she didn't give up, she gave the lollipop to the father and set one of her books there and told him maybe she'll like this book to read its one of my favorites. Then she came back to me and started singing and dancing as always.  Before the shy little girl left she smiled at Lydia.  So we both felt better.  Keep them smiling up there, and keep shining little sunshine. Thank you for touching all of hearts with your beauty."

This tribute was added by Stacy Novak on 10th August 2015

"My family and I will always remember Lydia and the joy she brought to us!  On occasion she would come play with us after school, and when she was here our boys were so excited!  I always commented to Annette how easy-going Lydia was when she played with us.  Lydia lived like Jesus - and treated us all with love, patience, forgiveness, and touched the hearts of everyone she knew!  We miss you Lydia and know you are spreading joy in heaven!"

This tribute was added by Valerie Kittel on 10th August 2015

"Hi Annette, Jeff, and Zach,

What a beautiful memorial page for your precious Lydia. Our family loves you so deeply. You are on our hearts and in our prayers. My words right now just cant express how we have mourned her loss and how much we long to be there for you.

Valerie Kittel"

This tribute was added by GINA Warmer on 10th August 2015

"Lydia Grace Sherman is a special little lady to me. She was my little princess she was so beautiful and so full of love.  Her mom and Gram Bonnie always told me Gina Gina you spoil Lydia so much. They were right I loved doing it. She was like my own. I enjoyed seeing her all the time. When ever it was my Birthday she always sang to me. When ever I was feeling down all I had to do was see Lydia and my day brightened up. I loved the passion and love that she had for the lord. She was always singing songs. She was the sweetest and most kind little girl. I can remember all the times I  had with her and here FAMILY. I can remember going to football games to watch Zachary play and sitting with Lydia and her family I remember all the times at church from our ladies meeting and Christmas plays and songs performed. I always looked forward to those times. I can remember going out to there house to swim other for any other reason and Lydia always made you feel welcome and was so friendly and very helpful.  I remember going to the pumpkin patch and sitting with her on the hay ride. Durring our Master Club at church she would always come knocking on the door at the end of here class and I always would say to Annette It's Lydia at the door. She always would take me over to the prize container and always want me yo give her something . She always knew I would give it to her. I Remember when we would go somewhere and Annette would drive Lydia would asked me sometimes to sit in the back with her and watch movies. Lydia is y special little girl she always will be. I pray and think about you everyday. Lydia was a great friend to my son PRESTON and she was like a little sister to my daughter Cheyann they both love you and miss you so much. My prayers and thoughts are always with Annette Jeff and! Zachary. Thank you for sharing this special little girl. With us. I promise you she will never be forgotten"

This tribute was added by James Rager on 10th August 2015

"Tuesday the 21st I was going to Cliptations to get my haircut. Jeff, Annette, Zack and Lydia were there. Jeff and Zack got their hair cut and left. Stephanie braided Lydia's hair and she looked so cute. After I was finished, I noticed that Annette was still getting her hair done. I decided to stick around and keep Lydia company. We were running around the salon, as I was trying to catch her. She had a cape around her neck , calling herself Super Lydia. She was so cute. After running around, causing commotion, Annette and Stephanie put me in a timeout. This will stay with me forever. Lydia called me "Jimmy Cottonball"  when she saw me and I will never forget that. This is one of my memories of Lydia  
that I wanted to share. She will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Carmel Bowser on 10th August 2015

"What a blessing and joy it was to know Lydia Grace Shearman!  She was so easy to love. It was love at first sight for so many, myself and my husband included. We have so many fond memories of her... Shoe box shopping and packing, she loved that! Snow tubing what awesome fun watching her.  Junior church, her quietly listening to the stories answering the questions, her eyes lighting up when telling how Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again so that we could go to heaven someday to live with Him.  Her singing brought joy to so many!  The way she said "Fred" when he teased her.  The way she spun around in her beautiful dresses. Playing Bible games during Master Clubs, she was so smart and learned quickly. She amazed me how quickly she could put the Bible Sequence cards in order! She loved playing "Red Light, Green Light" . I can still see her smile and hear her laughter. She was kind to others, full of love, such a happy little girl.  Remembering her as a toddler enjoying singing and requesting often "Victory inJesus" during song time and singing it for the first time on stage.  I could go on and on. Lydia did a lot of living and loving in her short time here. She is so sadly missed and though we can't understand the "why's" we have the blessed hope of seeing her again and the comfort of knowing that Lydia is now with Jesus whom she loved.  She is making Him smile and loving on Him just like she did to so many of us. Thank you Annette,Jeff and Zach for sharing her with us. We are all truly blessed having her as part of our lives.  You are continually in our thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Elizabeth Flynn on 10th August 2015

"I feel so thankful that I was privileged to know Lydia while she was here on earth. She is a very special girl. I remember watching her sing in church with the other kids. She always knew the motions and belted out the songs, encouraging the others to sing out. The last time we saw her we came to her house for a meeting with Annette, and she was so welcoming and did her best to help my very shy two-year-old feel at home. It is hard to know what to say, the words often don't fully do justice to someone like Lydia. I will not forget her and the joy that lit up her life."

This tribute was added by Kim Riek on 8th August 2015

"Lydia was the sweetest little girl I knew. Any time I saw her she had a big smile and just loved life. I love the story of when she gave her great Grandma's necklace to a friend who lost their grandmother.  She once gave me a pin at my house because she wanted to give me a gift. She was a giver, kind and wanted everyone to be happy.  

It's our great loss with her passing but her gain into heaven for eternity.  Some day we will be together.

I kept asking Why, Lord.  I just didn't understand.  I wanted to share that in church at the funeral when Jeff spoke and asked, is there
anyone that hasn't accepted Jesus in their heart, would you pray along with me. At that moment, I felt a peace and said, Is this my answer?  Could there be one person who said that prayer and hasn't accepted Jesus??

Only God knows the plans for our lives and sometimes we don't understand them. We have to trust in Him and never lose faith.

Lydia Grace, you will always be remembered, never forgotten and forever missed.  You touched so many lives in so many ways.

Love you forever

Until we meet again!!!

Kim and Butch Riek"

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