Her Life

My very first bestfriend

we used to have so much fun together. Good wholesum fun. Nothing bad just good ol fun. I love u and i will always miss u forever lydia. i think of u everyday and if i ever have another baby and it's a girl she will recieve the name lydia in memory of u.  Your life was to short for me and i know that ur in a better place but i miss u and being around your family. i hope they are doing ok. I went to your funeral and i was one of the few who actually cried. i drive by your old church and throw up the peace sign and say i love u rest in peace Lydia. I remember that u never had a middle name and u use to make one up it use to be lynn......LLL! U were my very first best firend and i love u for that. I love u till forever lydia...i hope we meet again.