Let the memory of Lynda be with us forever
  • 47 years old
  • Born on April 3, 1956 .
  • Passed away on October 8, 2003 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Lynda Barker(Ross), 47, born on April 3, 1956 and passed away on October 8, 2003. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Joyce Blake on 8th October 2018
Hi Lynda, the years keep going by, but it does'nt get any easier, I miss you so much, if only I could see you one more time. I am just so thankful we were always so close, you were my best friend. I feel you around me sometimes, especially when I least expect it. You will always be in my heart, I hope you are doing everything you ever wanted to do in heaven. I know you are enjoying your journey. Till we meet again, I love you. xoxoxoxo
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2018
Happy Thanksgiving mom man 15 years have gone by and still miss you like crazy. Making one of your favorite candied yams. Miss all the craziness of having Thanksgiving with you. All the funny things that went on. Like the one year were barb was dancing and singing with the Turkey that is what i mean with all the craziness. Miss and love you so much
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2018
Another year, I was thinking today, you would be 62, and I bet you would be going to Rama to see a band, and do a little gambling on the slots. I know you loved it their. Remember the time we went and you wanted a stone, so we took one, LoL. we always did random, fun things. I miss you so much sometimes it hurts. I sure am looking forward to see you again, I know you will be one of my greeters. I love you forever, you were my best friend. xoxoxo Happy Birthday!!!
Posted by Joyce Blake on 9th October 2017
Hey Lynda, 14yrs. wow, it is hard to believe it has been that long. I miss you every single day, sometimes when I am feeling down, a John cougar, or Metallica, or so many songs we loved, Hey Alice Cooper, LoL You were taken from us way to young even though I know you are enjoying where you are, we down here on earth miss you, cant wait to see you again, I have dreams of you almost every week, it feels so real, until I wake up. The holdiays are the worst, we used to have such good times toghether, I guess now the kids are making there traditions, and memories for their kids. Love you forever. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2017
14 years have passed and it feels like just yesterday you we're taken from us so suddenly. I miss you every day. sometimes I wish you we're still here with us and to celebrate all the holiday's with as they are not the same. I love you and miss you xoxo
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2017
Happy Birthday Lynda, I had a dream last night with you Barb, and Mom in it, of course it was "CRAZY' I really miss you so much, words can't express. I feel you playing with my hair, I feel you around me all the time, sometimes you are really loud, LoL. trying to get my attention. We were all so close, there is no way we would'nt be still. Can't wait to see you on the other side, it truly is amazing is'nt it. xoxoxo Love Joyce
Posted by Alley Harrington on 3rd April 2017
Happy birthday mom another birthday without you here to celebrate with us all. We all miss you like crazy love and miss you hope you are having a blast today. Love you
Posted by Joyce Blake on 8th October 2016
It never really gets any easier, the years go by, and I always think of what we would be doing in the summer, going to the beach, and oh the memories of the cottage, and winter, skating, and especially this time of the year with Thanksgiving, we were always together, usually the whole family, it just is'nt the same without you here with us, I really wish you were here. (Pink Floyd wish you were here), I think of how much you would enjoy your Grandchildren, and to see how all the kids have grown up to be so awesome. I guess we will just have to wait to see you again on the other side. I sometimes think I feel you near me, you probably are, it gives me a nice warm feeling. Always loved you so much, a part of you is always with me. Love You Lynda. xoxoxoxo
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2016
Well it is that time of year again 13 years has passed and still miss you like crazy. It just is not the same with out you around all the craziness of thanksgiving alex's birthday and all the family gathering around your table and just enjoying the holiday season with you and all the funny and plain out crazy stories of grandma. The major sadness of you not being here is to see how big and fast you're grandkids are getting you would so be in love with Draken just wish him and Linda both had a chance to meet you. I will close by saying Happy thanksgiving mom love you to the moon and back. Love you daughter Al
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2016
Happy Birthday Lynda, I often wonder what our lives would be like if you were still here, I wish you were. From the nde I had, you are in a wonderful place, enjoy your day...love you forever. xoxoxo
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2016
I look outside and it is snowing, brings me back to 1975 when you were in labour with Adam, we lived together in Weston, and it was the worst snow storm of the year. The ambulance finally got through, and I ran out with you in my pj's. LoL I sure do miss you, sometimes it feels like it is'nt really real. We grew up together, we shared a bedroom all of our childhood, I remember all the fun times we had at the cottage, all the times you watched Ryan for me. You were the best Sister anyone could ever have, always trying to help others, so unselfish, so beautiful.
Posted by Alley Harrington on 3rd April 2016
Happy birthday mom hope you are enjoying your day with all those beautiful people you are with you're mom and dad and of course John Lennon. I hope you are enjoying a big birthday cake and blowing out the candles love and miss you so much
Posted by Joyce Blake on 8th October 2015
I was just thinking the other day how we would have been all together this wknd, we had so many laughs together. I miss you more some days than anything, what I would give to have you back. You were taken way to young, one thing though, is the awesome memories we made together for the years we did spend together. Remembering the wknd the turkey took a trip down the sidewalk, we sure did like to laugh. Or the time we were all waiting for the turkey to cook at Mom's and the look on our faces when we found out that the oven had not been turned on, I think you had a can of spaghetti that night...all these memories still hold a place in my heart, just like you do, forever. I sure miss you, hope you are looking down at us and laughing, will see you again in the next phase of life...love you Lynda xoxoxoxxo
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2015
hey mom you have been gone 12 years time has flown by i still miss you and love you more than anything it is still hard not having you around to see your smiling face and you to see all your grand children grow it seems like every year that passes it almost seems like a dream that i want to wake up from but i am not waking up from but it is not working and i so could use your advice on somethings but i can't love you so much but you live in my heart and in my mind
Posted by Alley Harrington on 21st August 2015
hey mom guess what I started a tattoo yea i know one that is afraid of needles but it is in memory of you and it is not finished yet but i figured you are alway in my thoughts and in my heart so the only way to share you with the world is to get a tattoo that not only symbolizes you but your grandchildren as well. I just wish that i could share you with the world in person. everyone misses you and you you were there for everyone you were their rock and i know that you would be proud of me
Posted by Alley Harrington on 3rd April 2015
I lay this flower for you as a token of a lovely mother,sister,grandmother and friend Happy Birthday mom I wish you were here to celebrate it with but you are probably having a great celebration with John Lennon, your mom, dad and likely even our old neighbor Lilly from Port McNichol I miss you so much I love you to the moon and back always in my heart always remembered not forgotten
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2015
Happy Birthday Lynda, I still can't believe you are not with us, I wonder some days what it would have been like to still have you in my life. You were always so friendly with people, and happy, you were hardly ever in a bad mood. You enjoyed life, I remember the days we had, especially at Balm Beach, as a child with you, and as an Adult, great memories. I keep you close to me, in my heart. Lynda I love you so much and miss you terribly, you will never be forgotten. Love Joyce xoxoxo
Posted by Joyce Blake on 8th October 2014
Hi Lynda, God I miss you so much some times, I often wonder where you are and what you are doing, I know you send me signs, sometimes I don't catch them, but yesterday I did, the butterfly was so pretty. Someday we will meet again, and then realize how close you always have been, you are in my heart, I love you. xoxoxoxox
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2014
Well mom it has been 11 long years i miss you every day the kids are growing up so fast you would just love them to pieces there is no words to express how much you left your mark and love on everyone Love you to the moon and beyond
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2014
Happy Birthday Lynda, I still miss you terribly, we were best friends, made some really great memories together. We shared the same bedroom growing up, it has been 10yrs, and I stil shake my head some days, and think, you were taken way to young. I know how spiritual you are, and I am sure you are watching over us all. That is because you always cared so much about people. You are always in my thoughts, it can just take a smell, a song, or a memory, I love you, xoxoxo Your Sister, and best friend. Joyce
Posted by Alley Harrington on 3rd April 2014
Happy birthday mom another year with out being able to celebrate with you and to see your smile I think about you all the time and miss you so much. Love you and at least you are able to celebrate your special day with grandma and grandpa and all our loved ones. Love and miss you tons
Posted by Alley Harrington on 8th October 2013
today marks 10 years that you have been gone and it is still as hard as what it was 10 years ago i miss and love you so much you are never forgotten we all miss you so much
Posted by Alley Harrington on 3rd April 2013
Happy birthday mom you are missed every day. I know that you are in a better place now love and miss you
Posted by Joyce Blake on 3rd April 2013
Happy Birthday Lynda, I miss you every day, I am so grateful that we were so close and had such great memories. I love you so much, I know you are where you can do and be anything you want. I got a glimpse a few years ago, it is really quite an amazing place isn't it...You are in my thoughts every day...will be with you again...xoxoxoxo
Posted by Alley Harrington on 9th October 2012
Every year you are missed as the years go by it has been a very long 9 years that you were taken from us
Posted by Joyce Blake on 16th April 2012
I don't think a day goes by, that I don't think about my sisters Lynda and Barb,,I miss them so much. They are in my dreams alot, they are always near me, I just have to call them, and they are there..I am grateful for all the wonderful memories we made together, all the fun we had..
Posted by Alley Harrington on 16th April 2012
I love and miss you every day this is one way I thought I could help in keeping your memory alive

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