Posted by mark mckay on February 14, 2013
happy vaentines day mom
Posted by mark mckay on January 1, 2012
Hey mom happy new years mom we love & miss u very much I hope you had a good new year because I did to a point well I ove you you very much again happy new years
Posted by mark mckay on December 27, 2011
Mom hello I am getting ready for the new year without you here with us all again I really miss you so much just that hurts then I think of all the good things we all use to do & that really hurts. Because we can't do that any more with you & I really that it is my fault. I just want you to come back to me and i know it's not going to happen so I live daily until we see each other again.
Posted by mark mckay on December 27, 2011
then we can catch up on everything that we are doing here & everything u have been doing up there with out me.
Posted by Ruby Warner on December 26, 2011
Well Christmas came and went. We had a nice Christmas and we went to Mark's on the 23rd for his christmas party, we had fun, but it would of been better if u was there. I want to say Happy New Year and tell gram and grandpa the same thing LOVE and MISS you.
Posted by mark mckay on December 25, 2011
Hello mom we had a good christmas atleast the best it could be with out you the kids had fun opening gifts I'm just sitting here right now thinking about you and how much I miss you. have the thoughts isn't enough it isn't like having you here to say merry christmas to face to face.I should have been there for you more and on that very horrible day for sure. Well merry christmas mom love u
Posted by Robert Rose on December 25, 2011
Hi my loveing and missed anut. I love u and always did and will.i miss u so much.o feel like when u passed away on me i went with u.and i know u jad a nice Christmas wih your mom and dad i love u and miss u
Posted by Barbara Sweet on December 24, 2011
Hello,Lynda well its Christmas Even and we all miss you,I remember all the time we had and the fun thing we did at Christmas on the farm we all got together at know you were love and miss.So again Merry Christmas. Your Sister-in-law ok. Barbara Sweet
Posted by mark mckay on December 22, 2011
Well mom we about to have our christmas party tomorrow, I wish u could be here with all of us so it could be like it was before. I know you are here but it isn't the same like when I would say mom come eat or just dish your plate up for you now I can't do either. We will have your candle burning tomorrow so you will be here but still you won't be. Merry christmas mom
Posted by Ruby Warner on December 11, 2011
Hi Aunt Lynda,
 We all miss you. Remember when you always came over to my house when Billy and Jamie was little, we had fun times, and I will always treasure those times. I miss you.
Posted by Ruby Warner on December 10, 2011
We love and miss you Aunt Lynda.
Posted by mark mckay on December 10, 2011
Hi mom it is getting harder to not to drink on this holiday I miss u very much you was always the one to tell how I was starting to be like you when you drank & now I really believe it but I haven't touched it has been 5 months three days since i had a drink I'm trying to change my ways.
Posted by mark mckay on December 8, 2011
Hello mom how are u doing today I am ok just thinking of you
Posted by Christa Mckay on December 8, 2011
we love and miss you and think of you all the time

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