Her Life

Lynne’ Mary Delatte

Lynne’ Mary Delatte was born first child on Monday, July 29th 1974 to Kerry Delatte and Karen Kliebert Delatte. 

Lynne was a graduate of Thibodaux High School. Lynne’ also held a license in cosmology from The Academy of Creative Hair Design. 

Lynne’ gave birth to her only child, Morghan Erika Brock, daughter of Barry Brock on February 21st 1996. 

Lynne’ was a full time stay at home mother to Morghan. She adored her daughter and enjoyed dressing her in beautiful dresses with cute matching hairbows. 

The truth is Lynne’ sadly suffered from depression. No one wants to discuss details nor do I  but it is my belief that these hurtful details can help someone else who may be suffering. I have made it my life’s mission to never let any of you forget Lynne’. Her life mattered it was cut short not because she ended her own life but because she was suffering with an untreated disease “DEPRESSION”. Depression is like any other terminal disease. People actually die from it. Nobody wants to die. People simply want their pain to end. Some of you (Catholics) May say if you kill yourself you are condemned straight to hell! Well I do not believe in hell. Before you disagree with me imagine this. We love our children! We love our children more than anything and no matter what they do we will love them. These are our children and even if they do something so unforgivable the whole town hates them.  We still love them! Would you abandon your child?  They are our children no matter what. They may do something that they will go to jail for. They deserve punishment but we still love them and we would still visit them. Now imagine god. He is the father. He created us. He loves us. If we can love our children no matter what how do you think god feels. You will have to repent your sins yes because you deserve punishment but you will never be abandoned by your father. 

It seems like when someone dies we go through stages of grief but as time goes by we go an extra day then a week before we know it we go months without talking about our loved ones. I refuse to let Lynne’s memory die with her. She was born on this earth for a reason and even though her life was way too short it her memory can still have purpose today. Remembering her and the pain she suffered can save someone else. We are all here to learn from one another. If this is a story to be told I am the one to tell it. I was the closest person to Lynne and she was me. We had different views, we argued, we fist fought but most of all we loved. It has been 20 years since Lynne’ took her life and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I talk out loud to her daily  I feel her presence when she is beside me. I am not so sad because I have made peace with our paths departure and I know we will be reunited again soon.