No Longer an Only Child

Shared by Jill Pitre on April 26, 2019

Some blessings are sent in disguise. 

I will never forget the day I was told Dylan was on his way. I was pulled aside by my mother on the back porch of the bar. She said Jill I have to tell you something. She looked very serious and my first thought was something is wrong. She proceeded to tell me that Karen was on antibiotics and they worked against her birth control. Karen is pregnant she said in a sad voice. I was ecstatic! Yay, a baby! My mother then in a very deep voice responded to me with “JILL she wasn’t trying to have a baby this is not something to be happy about.”. I of course said why? I was merely a teenager at the time and the cost of raising children meant nothing to me. Lynne was not as excited as I was. She was embarrassed to have her mother show up at her high school graduation. Those of you who knew Lynne remember that she was big on appearances. Dylan was born the next September and I still remember the red on Lynne’s  cheeks caused from her crying when we were in the waiting room waiting for his arrival. She was about to bea big sister and at that moment the shame of a pregnant mother at her high school graduation was a distant memory. 

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