It’s a line from one of our dad’s favorite John Prine songs, and it’s how we expected him to go. In the end, he didn’t make it to the porch, but he took his last breath at home, in the company of family, just after 4 o’clock on the afternoon of August 24, 2020.

He was born Mac Molen Ross on February 23, 1952 to Keith and Doris Taylor Ross in Vernal, Utah. He joined the family nine months after the tragic death of his 13-year-old brother Bryce. When Mac was nine, his brother Jake died at age 21. His oldest brother Terry died in 2000. As the last surviving member of this charming bunch of jazz lovers and joke tellers, he was ready to find and join them again.

Mac attended elementary through high school in Vernal. Smart but not studious, he was always borrowing pencils and paper from Sandra Hatch. He was a catcher on his little league team, and played football at Uintah High School with good friends Glen Downard, Derrell Stagg, and Levi Smuin (his future brother-in-law). He lettered not only in football but also in typing, which he tried to keep secret. As a gas station attendant at the Vernal Save-More, he worked for Kent McCurdy (another future brother-in-law).

On July 21, 1970, Mac married Marinda Murray, and finally collected on those in-laws. He gladly embraced Marinda’s parents, Penny and Rin, as well as her four brothers and four sisters — Meriel, Joe, Bob, Bill, Dave, Deanna, Saralyn, and Mary — as his own.

Mac and Marinda attended Snow College in Ephraim, where Mac acquired the study skills to equal his smarts. They both transferred to Utah State University in Logan, then moved to Chicago where Mac attended Northwestern University Dental School.

In 1979, Mac opened his dental practice in Moab with Marinda as his office manager, assistant, and indispensable partner. They ran the practice together for 20 years. Dr. Ross was known as an expert, kind, and gentle dentist who didn’t forget a name or a face, and who never refused treatment to anyone who couldn’t pay. Kelly Cather, Shirley Cather, and Diane Tangren were his trusted assistants and also his best friends. After retiring from dentistry, Mac and Marinda built and ran the Spanish Trail Shell gas station in Moab for 15 years, working side-by-side with their daughter Kelly and son Charles.

Mac was a Freemason and Past Master of La Sal Lodge #30. He was an El Kalah Shriner and Past President of the Arches Shrine Club. He was also a skilled carpenter and drafter, a pretty good golfer, and a prolific reader, often finishing a book a day, reading and smoking on the front porch in the hot sun. He went everywhere on his bike and was a friendly and familiar face for people all over Moab.

The greatest joy in his life was being a dad and grandpa. He loved and was immensely proud of his three kids — Mary (Derek), Kelly (Troy), and Charles — as well as his five kind, smart, athletic, and artistic grandkids — Maisie, Doris, Bryce, Cole, and Maria. He was also a beloved uncle to dozens of Murray family nieces and nephews.

Because Mac was usually on the front porch at the house on Opal and then on Palisade, it became a focal point for the family. Everyone, even the dogs and cats, wanted to sit outside for conversation, coffee, candy, or whatever Grandpa Mac was having. He had a magnetic personality and a warmth that could only be matched by the hottest of August afternoons. His family will gather privately to lay him to rest on his forever porch at Spanish Valley Cemetery in Moab. Thanks for everything, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Mac, Dr. Ross.

Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
A very touching memorial about your dad. A fantastic job writing it by your sister!

Sharing for Craig Carr
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
He was so loved in this community I am so sorry for your family’s loss.

Sharing for Chantelle Noyes
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
We're sure gonna miss him on the front porch. He loved to give Curtis hell about politics.

Sharing for Becky Wells
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
Such a beautiful eulogyMy heart aches for you and your family my dear friend. I am so very sorry. I so wish I had some advice for dealing with that deep and indescribable emptiness that I know and understand way too wellYour Dad was such a kind, caring, and charismatic man that always put smiles on the faces of others. He will be so missed. Much love, hugs, and continued prayers for you and yours.❤️

Sharing for Torrie Guerrero
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
So sorry!! He was the best. I have so many memories with your family. He took me in like I was one of his own. I’m gonna miss hearing “hey Reeho!”

Sharing for Maria Evans
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
Heartbreaking. Really going to miss running into him, and immediately brightening my day. He was really good at that.

Sharing for Steve Twitchell
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
I am so sorry for your loss. He was an amazing guy. I loved seeing him. He always brightened my day. Please let me know if I can do anything for you or your family.

Sharing for Courtney Williams
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
We’re gonna miss his chats and he would come by on his bike, whenever we work on a water repair.
He always asked how my dad was,
again so sorry...
thoughts and prayers for you and your family 
Moab will miss him

Sharing for Conrad Yanito
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
Kelly our hearts go out to you, Mary, Chuck, and your mom. We have so many memories of your dad. He was truly a nice guy that you could always talk to. So sorry for your family’s loss.

Sharing for Michael Hirschfeld
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
This was such a good eulogy.
He and I had so much fun working together. There were times when I could have pinched his head off, LOL, and sure times when he wanted to do the same to me. But he would always make me laugh and all would be forgotten. I have always been fond of your family and I will value your friendship.♥️
Hugs and kisses!

PS I wanted to tell you that I saw him do do many kind things for people and I know he had a very kind ❤️.

Sharing for Diane Tangren
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
I really enjoyed our conversations when I lived on Opal. He would stop on his bike daily and chat with me for hours it was such a blessing. I miss our conversations. Hugs to You and Troy. Love you guys

Sharing for Darrin Wells
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
My thoughts are with you and your family. I’ll miss him getting me to honk my horn when i drive by him in my Dumptruck!!

Sharing for Nugget Shupe
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
I first met Mac in 1981, after moving to Moab in August of that year I soon found myself in need of a dentist. Mac was the one everyone recommended, he remained my dentist until his retirement. Mac was surprised to learn I knew who John Prine was as not many people knew of him in those days, especially in Moab. Mac was the biggest John Prine fan I had ever met, he and John helped me through a very difficult time in my life and for that I will be forever grateful! Mac Ross was the special kind of human being that this big ol goofy world could use more of. I like to think Mac is getting to ask John Prine all those questions about his songs that we spent so much time wondering about. My deepest condolences to Marinda, Mary, Kelly and Charlie.

Sharing for Terry McGann
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
We were so sorry to hear of Mac's passing. We saw him recently and he was his usual happy, friendly self. Mac was truly a "nice guy."

Sharing for Rich and Connie Haycock
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
One if the nicest men I knew. He kept each of my kids with healthy teeth when they were growing up and none of them were afraid of the dentist. We grew to love the whole family and have cherished our continued friendship. I'll miss Mac's bright smile and friendly greeting. Much love to all the family.

Sharing for Claudia Page
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
When I think of your father I remember the time I took Gabe to his 1st dentist appointment. We rode bikes and as scared as he was we walked into Doctor Ross's office. Smiling as always, Mac looked at Gabe and said, "Hey buddy, how's it going?" Mac Ross always made everyone feel comfortable. He gave Gabe gas and proceeded to do the deal. Mac and I giggled as we watched this sweet 4 year old walk a little bit funny. Doctor Ross suggested Gabe and I sit for a minute before riding home. And we did. This is only one of the many wonderful memories I have of your Dad.

Sharing for Debbie Laurio
Posted by Monica Oldroyd on August 28, 2020
My condolences. Love you. He will be missed!
Posted by Mary Ross on August 27, 2020
We were very sad to hear of the passing of Doc. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the family.

Sharing for Dan & Ruby Robinson
Posted by Mary Ross on August 27, 2020
I'm so sorry to hear this! I absolutely loved Mac. He was the best dentist and friend. He never could remember my new last name so he just called me Murph. My condolences to Maranda and the family. I will miss talking to him!

Sharing for Kari "Murph" Huts
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 27, 2020
Your dad was a such a sweet man. He would come in every day to My grandmas store (Memory Lane) before she retired to see what new treasures she had. She would always save back the old cameras and any little antique item she had come in for that day. They became pretty close and my grandma used to ask about him often. I tried leaving that on his memorial you created but it wouldn’t let me. Thought I would share and send 

Sharing for Katherina Day
Posted by Roxie Brady on August 27, 2020
When I worked at the Gofer Store, right next to his dental office he would come in every day for coffee. When I had an infection in my tooth and my face was swollen he came over and got me and took me right to his office. He knew I was terrified because of a previous dentist. He was very gentle. He then said I understand now why you were so scared. That S.O.B. broke your jaw. We became very good friends after that. Laughed and joked with each other. I saw him last time I was in Moab sitting on the same bench we had our morning coffee at. He saw me and said ROCKET is that you? We had a great conversation. We laughed and he told me he loved me. I left with a huge smile on my face. I will always have fond memories of my friend.
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Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 31, 2020
Kelly Iam so sorry to hear about this news been out of town for few weeks . I will be praying for your family and you , in fact right now , Lord we just come to you right now lord Jesus we ask that you would be with Kelly and her family. Jesus we pray that in the days ahead you would give them comfort and a peace of all understanding. Lord our minds just ask why , why did we loose some one so early in life . Jesus fill that hole of missing Mac and encourage them today I pray in Jesus name. Amen Kelly give your mom and brother a hug for me . When things settle down I come see your mom . She still live down by Terry Stewart ,let me know love you guys

Sharing for Chad Nelson
Posted by Mary Hofhine on August 31, 2020
We are so sorry to hear of the loss of this gentle soul, we were good friends with your Dad and loved him. As our dentist, he took good care of our family and was and will always be our favorite dentist, something the entire family shares. After retirement, he was a friendly face that we encountered regularly and we will miss him. Love and Peace to you all. 
The Hofhine Family, Bill, Mary, Sean, Angie, Crissy, and Tessy.
Posted by Kelly Huseby on August 30, 2020
Cousin I am so sorry to hear of your dad. This is never ever easy. Please lean on me as someone who actually knows what it feels like. I’m here.

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Shared by Brittney Bohannon Melton on August 28, 2020
He named me Britter Critter. He was an awesome dentist! He told my Mom I had a very small mouth when he was working on me and she said, she begged to differ. Doc thought that was pretty funny. He kicked the gas up on me and I couldn't stop laughing so he gently touched my shoulder and said, well Britter Critter I think you have had enough of that.
He watched and cheered for us in softball and would always tell me I had a good game. He would joke with Bryce and Cole as if they were old men. 
He was quite a guy and I am so sad of his passing, I love the legacy he left behind, and see him in all of you! Love to the whole family. 


Shared by Monica Oldroyd on August 28, 2020
First of all remembering him as my Dentist. (He once came in on Christmas Eve to help me out when I was little) Such a great guy. His hands always had a smell of cigarette smoke and soap, that I still remember.
Secondly Kelly's Dad, letting us cruise the little jelly bean when we might or might not have been too young to drive... lol Telling us to be careful or to take it back a notch on Halloween.
Third, always seeing him outside of Shell or T adn H reading his paper.I always had to speak up so he could hear me say "Hello" and I always got a "Hey there Moniker, how are you doing" In his gruff low easy going voice.
My condolences. Love you. He will be missed!