Shared by Brittney Bohannon Melton on August 28, 2020
He named me Britter Critter. He was an awesome dentist! He told my Mom I had a very small mouth when he was working on me and she said, she begged to differ. Doc thought that was pretty funny. He kicked the gas up on me and I couldn't stop laughing so he gently touched my shoulder and said, well Britter Critter I think you have had enough of that.
He watched and cheered for us in softball and would always tell me I had a good game. He would joke with Bryce and Cole as if they were old men. 
He was quite a guy and I am so sad of his passing, I love the legacy he left behind, and see him in all of you! Love to the whole family. 


Shared by Monica Oldroyd on August 28, 2020
First of all remembering him as my Dentist. (He once came in on Christmas Eve to help me out when I was little) Such a great guy. His hands always had a smell of cigarette smoke and soap, that I still remember.
Secondly Kelly's Dad, letting us cruise the little jelly bean when we might or might not have been too young to drive... lol Telling us to be careful or to take it back a notch on Halloween.
Third, always seeing him outside of Shell or T adn H reading his paper.I always had to speak up so he could hear me say "Hello" and I always got a "Hey there Moniker, how are you doing" In his gruff low easy going voice.
My condolences. Love you. He will be missed!

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