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Shared by Marilyn Ditmore on April 10, 2016

Something I still laugh about today:

Mom has always been deathly scared of mice. I remember one time daddy was in the attic removing some dead mice. He had Mom standing in the closet holding a paper bag. She thought he was going to get the bag from her. But he didn’t. He dropped the dead mouse down in the bag while she was holding it. She screamed out “ Oh lawwww Pat”….and dropped the bag and ran. I could hear daddy laughing from the attic.



Shared by Marilyn Ditmore on April 10, 2016

Met and married the love of his life, Shirley Ann McGaha, in 1962. Left for the US Army soon afterwards. I was his first born and first Father's day present, being born on Father's day 1963. Daddy came home to Sweetwater in September 1963, first time to see me. Son, Kevin, was born in 1966. Then, fourteen years later in 1980, surprise, Shannon was born.

Shared by Marilyn Ditmore on April 10, 2016

When daddy was born, Papaw gave him the nickname, Pat. I think he was named after Papaw’s pool hall buddy. The name stuck with daddy. I think there are more people that call him Pat than by his birth name, Mack. Mom has always call him Pat.

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