Let the memory of Madam Alice be with us forever
  • 97 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1917 .
  • Passed away on March 11, 2014 .

Sweet is the remembrance of the righteous” Prov. 10:7

            We celebrate the life of a courageous and loving Mother in Israel, who was not afraid to stand up and care for orphaned children when there was absolutely no one, but the LORD, to help her! Her memory, her legacy of love and godliness, cum the fruits of her labor, live on. Madam Alice O. Olumolu, known to Reni and her siblings as “Moomi” (My Mom), was loving, kindhearted & hardworking.

            I was six months, and the youngest of six siblings, when our father passed and Moomi, (our paternal aunt) came to live with our mother, in order to support her raise us. When I was seven, my mother passed also, thus leaving Moomi to care for us all. She was only a petty trader, who travelled the neighboring towns and villages to buy and sell. However, we lived a happy and comfortable life. I remember travelling to some of those places with her as a kid, sometimes on foot. I slept in her bed for many years of my early life and ate in the same plate with her, until I felt too grown for them. J

            When I was seven years old, Moomi enrolled me in the Anglican Church Choir because she wanted me to grow in the knowledge and admonition of God. Of course, her action was part of the divine plan of God for my life, as the Lord kept me singing from that time until today. Praise God!

            I lived with Moomi all of my childhood and early adult life, until I got married. When I was in high school and living in the dormitory, I remember how she would prepare my favorite food and send to me. Every Sunday while in the dormitory, I usually stop by the house on my way to church, knowing she would have woken up early to prepare a sumptuous meal for me.

            Moomi gave me all the care, love and guidance any mother would give a daughter. I grew up knowing her as my mom and never doubted her love for me. She was very prayerful about who my future husband would be. Hence, her love and acceptance of my husband when he was wooing me was one of the signs the Lord used to give me the confidence to go ahead.

            Moomi was a devout Christian woman, who I remember would sit in the parlor (living room) reading her Yoruba Bible until age had affected her eyesight. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior long before passing on to glory. She told me in 2011 when I last saw her, that she was ready to go home! She fulfilled her purpose as a mother of many! Sweet Sleep Momo Morenike (Morenike’s mom), until we meet to part no more at the feet of Yeshua, the Christ, on the Resurrection Morning!

Morenike (Reni) Adebayo-Ige (Nee: Onaiyekan)

Posted by Lambe Tolufase on 7th January 2015
I remember when i was much younger my dad beat me with a scar on my body I went to okese and moomi saw the scar. She immediately went back home with me to warn my dad against such . '' Paulu tori olorun ma momo bewo to ma fe bi wo se lu omo ghin'' angrily. I was taken back to okese to be given fried ant ''lolowa'' smile
Posted by Lambe Tolufase on 7th January 2015
Moomi you will forever be remembered for the love you gave us all. Beautiful are you with your charming smile Continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty - Taiye and Lambe
Posted by Mike Ibidapo-Okunrinboye on 4th June 2014
Not every mothers are meant to be mother to the end. Some God merely used them as a channel through which to bring forth. "Moomi" as Reni would say, though We never had the opportunity to meet you physically. Nevertheless, my wife and I have gotten the opportunity to meet with you through your wonderful children. You were sent here for a purpose to fulfill God's mandates. Obviously, without question you did more than great. You have finished the assignment. As you continue the journey to the great beyond, may your legacy never die with you. All your children will surely fulfill destiny. Though you're dead but you will still be speaking. You are a mother loved by your children and many unmet sons and daughters across the globe that have heard of your story. We ask for your kind of heart and mind. Rest in peace MaMa. Adieu!!! Mike & Bisi Ibidapo.
Posted by Kayode Tolufase on 13th May 2014
Momo, You are such a loving and caring woman, I will forever miss your beautiful smile, soft spoken words and warm reception all the time my late brother,Segun Tolufase and I visited you. You were never tired of answering Segun's numerous questions about our family lineage, and your generous financial gift to us which was of great value. Momo, you live a fulfilled life and left a great legacy we shall forever cherish. R. I. P momo Okeke .
Posted by Pastor Abegunde on 10th May 2014
Though we did not know mama, we could see her handiwork in the life of Evangelist Reni.. Sweet indeed is your memory. We thank God for your life. Sleep on till the resurrection morning. Rev. and Mrs. Sam Abegunde
Posted by Dcn. Charles Adebayo on 10th May 2014
I pay my last respect to our dear mother ,who was too nice to us all I still remember her ever warm greetings and her soft spoken voice. She was never in a hurry and well articulated in her speech to make her point known to her audience I noticed that in her later years on mother~ earth ,her memory never failed her . Mama was loved by everybody in the neighbourhood as she was always sharing and giving to the people in line with the Testament biblical teaching We saw in her a picture of a caring Mother that represented the older generation in Oweland Kabba Kogi State Nigeria May the good Lord grant her eternal rest We shall ever miss your christ~like love to mankind Your passion for life~style evangelism is also worth mentioning in this piece. Rest in peace SHALOM
Posted by Mrs. Vicky Olorunfemi on 9th May 2014
Iye, I will forever cherish the memory of the first day I met you in the 70s when I was the Food Prefect in St. Monica’s College Kabba and your late daughter-in-law, Mama Olu, was the Head Cook. You showed me the love of a real mother that even during vacations, I had to stay few days sleeping at your back on the same bed, and you telling me stories. Even when the Telephone (Nitel land phone) was a luxury in Kabba, you were so cherished that your loving children installed one in your room showing their love daily. You were a wonderful mother, we became attached to each other that at the point of death, you could still recognize my voice (Vicky mi) you would say. Iye, I am happy for you, you reaped the fruit of your labor. Adieu Mama. Good night! Mrs V.A. Olorunfemi
Posted by Dr. (Mrs.) C. C. Kinrin (... on 9th May 2014
Iye mi, I write this tribute with great respect and in memory too, of my beloved Grand Mother, Madam Florence Omonale Obadu (Nee Owemidu), who was a bosom friend to Iye mi Okeke. Iye mi, you were love personified. You loved with all your heart till your last breath translated you to the bosom of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Thanks so much for giving every bit of you in great love and service to your children and others. Thanks so much for being there for everyone who needed to be cared for. Your memory and good works are shown all over the people you cared for. We shall continue to miss you, there is no doubt about the fact but we are consoled by the exemplary life you lived and the love you gave without reservation. Good night Iye mi. Dr (Mrs.) C. C. Kinrin (Nee Aworo)
Posted by Rev. Sr. Christiana Aroko... on 9th May 2014
Mama was a lovely woman, very meek, peaceful and never complained over her situation, rather was grateful for every small act shown to her or visit made to her. I learnt the virtue to being more grateful to God for every gift that He has given men, and to be more appreciative of them. May her gentle soul rest in peace. -Rev. Sr. Christiana Arokoyo
Posted by Mrs. Eunice Jolumo on 9th May 2014
Mama when I first met you in 1979 we bonded immediately and you became like a mother to me. You were always there to welcome me cheerfully whenever I visited the house, your warm smile and words of advise I will forever cherish. Mama I fondly remember you always called me Eunesi, and you would say: ‘I made this food especially for you, please eat’. Mama you made that sacrifice for me even when I sometime did not feel like eating. Adieu Mama until we meet to part no more. Eunice Jolumo
Posted by Joke Ayodele on 9th May 2014
Mama, we love you so much but God loves you most. We believe that you'd meet our Lord in the home yonder. Sun re o, Mama mi. -Joke Ayodele
Posted by S. A. Ologunla on 9th May 2014
O d’igba Mama oni’nu ire. K’e bami ki baba mi Ologunla. A o pade l’ese Jesu. Od’igba. -S.A. Ologunla
Posted by Mrs. Bimpe P. Francis-Ona... on 9th May 2014
TRIBUTE TO MY LOVING MOTHER-IN-LAW To everything in life there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven/A time to be born and a time to die…’ Eccl. 3: 1-2. (KJV) Iye mi, the memory of the times we spent together since I got married to one of your sons, Francis whom you lovingly call Sunday, will forever linger in my mind. Iye mi, you were so kind hearted, loving, caring and generous. Very accommodating, fair, and impartial in judgment. I will never forget stories you told me about my father-in-law whom I never met, as he died untimely in October 1969. You were apt in description and humorous. Your good spirit will live forever in our hearts and that of your grandchildren.. I will forever miss you. Sun Re O, Iye Mi! -‘Bimpe P. Francis-Onaiyekan
Posted by Mrs. Agnes Pita-Onaiyekan on 9th May 2014
My Momo, my wife, thank God for the lovely and peaceful life that you lived. May your gentle soul rest in peace, Amen. -Mrs. Agnes B. Pita-Onaiyekan
Posted by J M Baiyeshea on 9th May 2014
IN MEMORY OF LATE Mama Okeke Iye, as I use to call you, your days are ripe in this sinful world and you have finally passed on to glory, Halleluiah! During your hey days, you were very sincere and committed to church work. Your loving daughter Morenike was a very brilliant member of the choir of St Andrew’s Church in her secondary school days. Many times would you send Morenike with (Akara Papa) Fried guinea corn chips to me, saying, Oga Morenike, mu seun owo mi. As a good farmer, I would in return bring tubers of yam and cobs of maize to you. As old age came, you specifically requested to me to stop bringing food stuff to you. Instead, you told me to help pay your church tithe whch I did from 2002 to 2013. And anytime you saw me in your house, the first thing you asked was – ‘do you hear from Morenike?’ and ‘hope you don’t forget to pay my Church tithe. Mama, you took delight in all things concerning Morenike and her siblings. Morenike as well would, through phone calls, ask me of your well-being. For many years you could no more attend church service, but your name in the record of the church remains an indelible as a faithful member and committed tithe payer in the Ireti band. Sun re o, Iye Morenike Mama oni’ nu ire. CHIEF J.M BAIYESHEA. Long Term Choir Master of St. Andrew Church Kabba
Posted by Benjamin Ayo Toluhi on 9th May 2014
Mama Okeke, we thank God for the exemplary life you lived, the many lives you have touched while alive. We sincerely appreciate God’s hand in your life. You showed love, kindness and genuine smile to all of us. We will continue to celebrate the live you lived while on earth. For you, life challenges are rear opportunity to keep faith in God and in this you were not found wanting. If my memory will not be failing me, I can still recollect that you were one of great OWE women who got so committed to ‘’IWORO’’ music that we hardly realize that a day will come when none of the group will be around again. I guess you should be the last of the group. May your soul rest in peace. May God in His infinite mercies grant you eternal rest. Mama Okeke sun re o! Benjamin Ayo Toluhi
Posted by Paul M. Tolufase on 9th May 2014
I have always known the late Mrs. Okeke Molu as a senior sister, but my fondest memory of her was in 1937 when I absconded from home with my younger brother to study at Warri where our mother was waiting for us. In 1937, the late Mrs. Okeke Molu was at Ogidi, so we stopped by to see her. Also, her husband who was then a driver traveling from Lokoja to Ikare had stopped by to see his wife. During this journey my sister (Okeke) appealed to her husband to take us to Ikare free of charge, which he did. Such was the kind disposition of my late sister. Aunty Mi Okeke Mogi, Ogi mo kolo, Ogi ma gan, Omo amoko fona aru ba epipo, Omo alale fona aru ba epipo, Omo alale lokese… Sun re O – May your soul rest in peace (Amen). Chief P. M. Tolufase, Baba Ijo, Anglican Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, Kabba, Kogi State, Nigeria.
Posted by Tony Onaiyekan on 9th May 2014
Moomi! Moomi! Moomi! Beautiful in spirit, body, and soul, So full of love, so full of grace, so kind. We thank God who gave you to us. When in 1969 we lost Father You assumed the role of a father to us; When in 1976, we lost Mother You assumed fully the role of mother to us. When, for us, all seem lost And we felt so alone, and exposed, at times even afraid You were the father, and the mother who covered us, held and kept us together. You strengthened, assured, and guided us And you insisted that we live by those values that are unique to the Onaiyekans. See now how far we have come And how far we can still go Because you sustained us with love, with grace, with kindness. Moomi, for being there for us every time, we thank you, yesterday, today, and forever. Thank you, Moomi, thank you. Sun un re o..., at the bosom of your Lord. From all of us, your Children!!!
Posted by Reni Adebayo-Ige on 9th May 2014
“Sweet is the remembrance of the righteous” Prov. 10:7 I celebrate the life of a courageous, kindhearted and loving Mother in Israel, whose memory, legacy of godliness is well rooted in love! Moomi, you were destined from the foundation of the earth to mother me, and I could not have asked for a better Mother! Moomi, you taught me to dream and hope, while I slept behind you on the same bed. You showed me what it meant to give and to be kind to others, as I ate with you in the same plate. Your faith and sacrifice taught me commitment, as you made dinner for many years, while I went for choir practice. Your fear of God and love for Him as you sat reading your Bible in the parlor, guided my choices in life. Your hard work and resilience as you held my hand while we traveled on foot carrying various wares to sell in the neighboring communities Abihi, Aiyede-Opa, even as far, then, as Ole, Igbo, and Iluke, taught me perseverance and diligence. Your spiritual foresight and sensitivity caused you to enroll me in the church choir from age seven, giving me a solid start on my destined journey. Moomi, I can go on and on, but words fail me. Although, I may be short of words to express your love and care, my heart will never stop thinking and remembering your love and care. Thank God that you saw Christ before you saw death. Sweet sleep Moomi, until we meet to part no more at the feet of Yeshua, the Christ, on the Resurrection Morning! Morenike
Posted by Lambe Tolufase on 8th April 2014
Moomi you came, you saw and you conquered Words aren't enough to quantify and qualify your place in our world You keep our word rolling with tremendous Love and Care May the Road rise up to meet you May the Wind be always at your back May the Sun shine warm upon your face;the Rain falls soft upon your fields and until we meet again May God hold you in the palm of His hands Rest in the bosom of your of the Lord Taiye and Lambe Tolufase

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