Let the memory of Mama be with us forever and rest in perfect peace, in Jesus Name, Amen.
  • 97 years old
  • Born on November 25, 1917 in Uruagu - Akabo, Nnewi / Anambra, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 26, 2015 in Oraifite - Nkalafia (Irefi), Ekwusigo / Anambra, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Mama Nelly Esione 97 years old , born on November 25, 1917 and passed away on March 26, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Adaeze Onyekwena on 29th March 2017
Oh Mama o! You would have been a century old this year, but God knows best. This day marks the second anniversary of your exit but we are still celebrating you. Thanks for all you taught us, your children and grandchildren, we have so many fond memories of you. You are indeed dearly missed. Adieu Mama.. May the Good Lord keep blessing your generation and legacy you left behind.. Adieu
Posted by Nkiruka Akinwole on 26th March 2016
You left us exactly a year ago.. I miss you so much... ur phone calls... ur care and concern.. ur prayers and encouragement.. I miss u Mama..after ur burial.. I saw u.. looking very happy. Am glad u are happy where you are. Love you forever.
Posted by Jessica Chidimma on 25th June 2015
TRIBUTE TO MY GRANDMOTHER. (UGOMBA). It isn't often in our lives that we come across someone so special that we wish the person stays with us forever. Mama you were that kind of person. The news of your death came as a surprise to me. It made me devastated for days. Mama, you were a shining star, an example of what a grandmother can be; loving, compassionate, beautiful, determined, honest and intelligent. Even in pains, you had more courage and strength than anyone I know. You were very wise and no matter how old you got, you still had all the bulbs on the chandelier. Your memories are ever fresh in my mind. You were the best cook I ever knew and I learnt a lot of things from you. You always referred to me as Nwajiechi (mama ibolo's mother)... You were the best Grandmother that anyone could ever have and your great-grandchildren (nenyenwa, onyii and kamsi as you fondly called them) absolutely adore you. They know that they were loved and special because you always called to wish them Happy birthday and to pray for them. Mama I love you for your wisdom, your humour, tenderness and compassion, your understanding, your patience and your Love. You will be forever remembered. Rest in peace!!! Ifendu Chioma Blessing (Nee, Esione).
Posted by Jessica Chidimma on 21st June 2015
TRIBUTE TO THE ONLY GRANNY I EVER KNEW!!! Mama your death came as a shock to me. You were the matriarch of the family, a rock, an inspiration and a great teacher. You were all I ever wanted in a grand parent and I had the opportunity of spending some quality time with you. I always enjoyed your historic stories about the civil war, how you took care of your children and about memorable events that occurred in the family. You were always fun to be with and I enjoyed playing ludo and cards with you and liked to see your reaction when I won which was rare because you were so good at the game. Mama, I admire your generous and caring spirit. You were always willing to give despite how little. I still remember how you always gave me money to buy things in school when I was in secondary school. You always liked sharing and giving out your things... (Wrapper, slippers, biscuit...) You always made sure your grand kids were faring well. You always remembered our birthdays and always made sure you called us on phone to wish us happy birthday. I would always put my phone on speaker each time I called you so that my friends would hear the ending part of our discussion when you would always say "Thank you for calling" because I wanted them to know that my grandma understands and speaks English. Mama, Thank you for the gift of Love. You were always the strength of the family and I know that your place in heaven has a good view so that you can always watch over us. Mama like No other! You were one of a kind and you will always be in my heart. Rest in peace mama!!! Esione chidimma
Posted by Chisom Esione on 25th May 2015
TRIBUTE TO MY BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY GRAND MOTHER Mama was an epitome of beauty, she was a woman of good character and moral substance. How would I forget how she taught me how to speak the ibo language, how we often play ludo when I was much younger, it was her favourite game. I was opportune to be one of the last grand child to see mama in January when I went to visit her in Enugu. At 97, she still remembered me, my date and year of birth and every other little details about me, I felt so special and moved, I pleaded with her to please be alive till she's a 100 years but little did I know it would be the last time I would ever see her. Oh mama! How I am so grateful to have you as a grand mom, just like yesterday, your voice and face still so fresh in my memory. I would miss you and forever cherish you and your advice. May the good Lord grant you journey mercies to the beautiful world beyond. I will miss you, we would miss you. May you rest in the arms of the Almighty God. Amen
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 3rd May 2015
TRIBUTE TO MY AUNT NELLY NDIEGO ESIONE(NEE NWAKOR) Mama Esione, as we called her, was my Mother’s younger sister. They were daughters of DunuNwakor in AkaboEzem in Uruagu Nnewi. She lived with our mother, late Mrs. Pauline Ebeleonu Anene. She later got married to late Mr. Richard Esione who was a church teacher. They travelled to so many places for evangelism. She was the first Lady in Oraifite to be delivered of triplets that survived the heathen barbaric era in those days. Twins and triplets were killed by these heathens. Heathenism was very prevalent in most families in those days. My own mother also had twins that survived that era. All to the glory of God, my twin brothers and triplet cousins survived those dangerous days. During the Biafra war when many people returned home, the two sisters lived only a stone throw from each other. Anyone will envy the close relationship between two. Mama, it was sad news when I heard of your death, but it is precious in the site of the Lord for the death of a saint. “There is a time for everything, there is a season, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to tear down and a time to build; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance………..“ (Ecclesiastes 3:1-9 NIV). Mama, we thank God that at the age of 97 years, you were still with your whole senses. I visited you at Enugu with my younger sister and my brother’s wife in December of 2014 when I came back from the USA. You were very healthy and you kept us entertained with histories of olden days. Mama, we will miss you a lot, but we know that your passing is a glorious transition of a saint. Mama, you have fought the good fight to the end, you have kept the faith. May the Almighty God receive your gentle soul in perfect peace, Amen. JE IJE GI NKE OMA. Lady Beatrice Obioma Ufondu (OjembaEnweIlo)
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 3rd May 2015
TRIBUTE TO MY BELOVED MOTHER MRS NELLY NDIEGO ESIONE. For everything there is a season, a time for every matter under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted. A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to break down and a time to build up.A time to weep ,and a time to laugh. A time to mourn, and a time to dance. Death has struck my family yet again and again. It is believed that God made death to be blind, deaf, and dumb. God allowed death to wonder and feed on living things , be it young or old, poor or rich, big or small. There is no amount of crying or pleading that can change the heart of death. It goes without saying that we were born into this world to live and to die. At the age of 97, my beloved mother passed away and went to be with the Lord. To God be the glory .Mama lived an accomplished , fulfilled, glorified, and well- pleased life on earth. In her days Mama and Papa were blessed with the first Triplets in our country Nigeria. Elizabeth, Jonathan, and David. And altogether they had eight children, Elizabeth, Jonathan, David, Ernestina, Augusta, Chigbo, Chukwunonso, and Amalachukwu. My mother had twenty-four grand - children; and twenty- seven great- grand - children. I will tell you of mother and daddy who stood their ground as husband and wife and brought up and nurtured a family of eight children. They were missionaries, Catechist as they were called in those days. The only way and hope they had in their livelihood was their determination to trust God who called them. They brought up their children in hard times and with good education and bright futures . Mama was a mother to other children and grown- ups who were less fortunate. She never cooked food and reserved it only for her household. There were always less fortunate individuals who would join our family meals. My mother was a very devoted woman of God, she woke-up very early by 4.30 a.m., took her bath and attended morning prayers at the church, just the way they were doing it in their missionary years. She did that for the rest of her years before she finally left her residency /home to stay with her children. She never stopped rallying her family for prayers before going to bed every night. Mama never stopped watching out for her children's welfare even when she was living outside her home. She continued to monitor their wellbeing, giving them encouragement when they needed it. She was a very brave and courageous mother and I am very happy she persevered until the day she left this world. Mama did not like to border any person. When any of her children did anything that bordered her, she always tried to call the person to resolve the matter. She even continued to cry on their behalf, because she did not want God to punish any of her children for what anyone has brought to oneself. By the time Mama watched herself and understood she could no longer take care of herself, it was then that she started to ask her children to release her to go. She always told me that she knew it was my prayers that are holding her; of course because I like to be hearing her voice, whenever I called her on the phone. The whole privilege was given to me last on Mother's Day. We called her from America and wished her Happy Mother's Day, not even knowing that Mama would leave the next two days. Mama went to be with the Lord when my sister was laying her down on her bed. That was the death of a brave woman of God. I know that death is the end of natural life, and life after death is Victory over the fear of death. The fear of death has no ground in the life of someone who had accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior. And that was the area I made sure my mother did it correct when she was alive. Perfect love cast out fear because Victory and Triumph had swallowed up death. Jesus went down to hell and snatched away from the devil the key of the gate of hell, and liberated the saints of God, and transferred them into the Kingdom of God. My final thought to my Mom's tribute is concerning all of us who are still living; who are created by God Almighty. Are you prepared to meet your creator; do you know your tomorrow? No one knows when one will be called. Get yourself together, wake-up from your sleep, clean-up yourself. Call on the name of Jesus Christ; tell Him to forgive you your sin and to receive you into His Kingdom. He is The Alpha and The Omega. The Beginning and The End. Nobody will go to the Father except through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Make sure you know to whom you have given your life; The Lord Jesus Christ, or The Devil; The evil one. Jesus Christ will never force Himself into your life. He is waiting for every individual to invite Him into one’s life. Be clearly sure Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of your life. Are you lonely in your thoughts; why won't you come to The Lord Jesus Christ and partake of Hislove? He is the only way to God. By the way, I say Adieu to my beloved mother, until I meet you again in that glorious day of resurrection where we shall all gather together in the presence of Jesus, in jubilation; where you are now resting in perfect peace: and never to hurt again. Your daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Okoma Esione Offoh.
Posted by Uju Ekwenibe on 8th April 2015
Dearest Mama, O Mama o! As we celebrate your life and sadly say goodbye to you; I thank God for giving you a long and quality life, good health, strength, sound mind and for just creating you. We can never have another Mama Oraifite. I will always remember you as a very clean, strong and opinionated Lady. I will miss your presence at Enugu, our conversations whenever I visited and also watching my mother (Augusta) take care of you in your last days with every attention. I clearly remember our last discussions, when I told you that I wanted live as long as you did. I am glad we laughed a lot that day. We love you Mama but God loves you more. Rest in peace, on the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. With love from your grand daughter, Engr. Mrs. Uju Emelugo Ekwenibe

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